Harry bit his lip, knowing he was being a bit of a coward.

He was also surprisingly okay with that - he acknowledged with a flash of silent amusement that possibly prolonged exposure to Severus had strengthened his own Slytherin side.

Harry ducked sideways, the speed of his walk increasing to a slightly-less-than-dignified scramble as he avoided the woman who had been trying - with rather depressing success - to corner him.

All things considered, he was pretty sure he was also okay with Severus' influence on him, as well, whatever form it might have taken.

Although he did feel quite silly putting such effort into avoiding one woman - one mostly harmless woman, at that. He hadn't put this much effort into evading anyone since the War, and at times even then he hadn't worried about it to this degree.

Slipping warily into their hotel room, Harry collided with his lover, relaxing into the lean arms that came around him automatically.

He began to laugh at the idea that he was more afraid of the Ministry of Magic's Employment Recruiter - utterly inappropriate behaviour on her part or not - than he had been of the Death-Eaters he had fought so hard, for so long.


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