Here's the meme: Listen to a random song, the radio, or put your iPod on shuffle. Write whatever the song inspires you to.

First song: Royksopp – What Else Is There

Lavi was walking quietly through the city. It was night, the signs were blinking, the lamps were lit, flashing white, red, green... Cars were driving, people were talking, life was running, and it was October, so the air was chilling.

Lavi's boots hit the concrete with hushed thud. Bump, bump, bump. He tried to walk the same beat as the song on his mp3-player. Tried to concentrate on the rhythm and melody, because if he focused enough, maybe he could close out the noise of the city night that surrounded him.

So many cars, he thought. So much pollution. He wrinkled his nose. The humans were destroying the very planet they lived and depended on. Don't get him wrong, Lavi loved the humans. After all, what'd he do if there were no humans?

His attention was drawn to a discotheque he was walking by. The doors were open, spilling loud music, cigarette smoke and drunken kids out on the cold sidewalk. All the beautiful young people, dancing, sprawling arms and legs and jewellery everywhere. The uncontrolled laughter and smoke dispersing into thin air. So much pollution.

How can something so beautiful be so evil? Lavi mused.

But it wasn't like he could change anything anyway, so he kept trotting the concrete, bump, bump, bump, heading for his unknown destination.


The sun was slowly rising. So slow, it almost looked like it was too tired to get up to another day.

Lavi was still walking. His feet were sore, his fingers freezing. He stopped at the top of a bridge, pausing his steps, turning off his mp3.

Almost no people were seen, and except for the occasional sound of a bird chirping or a car speeding off into the distance, there was complete silence. A lazy wind blew his hair out of his face, and Lavi turned towards the sun.

And then it hit him. He almost gasped. Almost.

The view of the city was astounding. Half the sun was now hovering over the town's buildings. The sky as high and cloudless, the air so chilly and clear it painted the skyscrapers blue. The sun blessed the streets with sunrays and hard edged shadows. Everything was so calm. So in balance. It was like time stood still, and the concrete jungle was sleeping.

Lavi stood there for several minutes, taking in the morning city.

How can something so evil be so beautiful?

He didn't look for an answer. It wasn't supposed to be answered. And there was nothing he could do about it, he could just observe.

Oh yes, he enjoyed observing humans. He loved this clueless world. After all, what else is there?

Author's Rant:

I think im gonna do 1 of these song drabbles each day. It's been a reeeeeeeeally long time since i wrote. Like, years. But i want to start again. Critique always appreciated.

Disclaimer: Characters are from D. Gray-Man which is copyright Hoshino Katsura

November 18, 2009