by me, Dark Moon

Disclaimers: Due to the fact that Cardcaptors already has an owner, which is not me, I have no rights to them. But all the original characters are mine.

Author's Note: Hello all you readers out there. This is a special late Christmas present for everyone who's been reading 'Another Chance at Love' and reviewing about it. What's so special about it? Well there's more than one commercial, which stars everyone that was in 'Another Chance' even the evil Storm (bum bum bummmmm). Each month or whenever I get an idea for a commercial, I will post another section. If you have any ideas, let me know and I'll ask the others if they like it.

Yue: Your giving them the power to select what we do? What are you nutz!

DM: I never said I was sane.

Clow: At least Yue's going first.

DM: Well, actually....You're up Clow-chan.

Clow: What!! But I'm not in....oh wait, yes I am.

DM: See I want Yue's commercial to be the choice of the reviewers. I'll put the list up and everyone but Yue get's to choose what he's advertising.

Yue: That's not fair.

Riana: Life's not fair dear.

Sakura: I'm sure they won't come up with anything terrible. DM would probably make you shirtless. *thinks for a minute* Oh come on, DM why give Yue to the reviewers.

DM: Look guys this is taking too much time and Tomoyo needs Clow in makeup.

Clow: O_O Makeup!!!!!!!

Vic-um Character #1: Clow

Clow walks on screen wearing his dark blue sorcerer robes and looking like he'd rather be anywhere but where he was right now.

"Okay Clow, sell it to me." Dark Moon says off stage.

With a sigh, he puts a smile on his face and addresses the watchers.

"Hey there, friends. Have you ever cooked without lighting a fire? Created magical creatures with only snips of paper and your own imagination? Well now you can with Clow's book of Magic. That's right Clow's book of Magic. It's-"

"CUT!! Clow baby, honey, sweetheart. It was great, really, but I need fantastic, brilliant, awe inspiring. Try it again." Dark Moon motions everyone to be silent and counts down.

"Three, two, one. ACTION!"

"Need a hobby? Want something to do in your spare time? Then order Clow's book of Magic and within six to eight weeks-"

"Cut! Clow-chan what was that? Six to eight weeks?! You're a sorcerer, I would expect my book to come a little earlier than that."

"How's a week?" Clow said, folding his arms in front of him and glaring at DM, who grins sheepishly and sits down.

"Sounds good to me. Makeup!" Tomoyo runs on stage with a large powder puff and smacks Clow in the face. Tomoyo rushes off and Clow stands there, shocked.

"Beautiful. Ready, action."

Sigh, "I bet your sitting at home bored out of your mind. Nothing to do around the house except watch television. Well now you can have loads of fun with Clow's Book of Magic. Just dial the 800 number below."

"We don't have that kind of money. Spell it out." Dark Moon whispers.

"I mean just dial 1-800-Spell-Book. Why the extra numbers-" Dark Moon runs on screen and glomps Clow.

"Because I say so. And cut. That was excellent people. Yue, you can stop filming now. Yue, I said put the camera down. Yue don't you run away from me, get back here." Dark Moon reluctantly let's Clow go and chases after the running Guardian.

"Who's up next." Clow asks, standing next to Riana and Sakura, all three watching Yue escape DM.

"If DM gets her way....Yue." Riana replied.

"I'd like to see what she has in store for him." Eriol said, from the sound room.

"What ever it is, I bet it'll be much worse because of this." Li commented.

"I wonder if I'll get to design his costume?" Tomoyo sighs while the others sweatdrop.

~Da End~

DM: I make a pretty good director if I say so.

Yue: That sucked. No offense Clow.

Clow: None taken.

DM: It was my first commercial, what did you expect. Oh and just because I used Clow-chan this time doesn't mean he can't be used in another commercial for all you Clow fans out there.

Clow: I thought as much. -_-v

Sakura: If anyone's wondering, I'm a pro at skating. Just in case you needed an idea for a commercial start. *flashes V sign*

DM: So how was that. Review please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!