By that kawaii chibi Dark Moon

Author's note:
Chibi Li: Oh no. You're not dwessing me up.

Chibi DM: But you'll be such a cute snuggles!

Chibi Li: Use Yue or Cwow. Dey make tha best babies.

Chibi DM: Come on Li. I'll give you a lollypop.

Chibi Seth: I wanna lolly.

All the chibi's: Me too.

Storm: DM are you being good?

CDM: *gives him big chibi eyes* Of course.

CLi: Alwight, but I wan' my lolly first.

*CDM hands CLi a sucker and turns him toward the changing room*

All the chibi's: Where's my lolly?

Character # (Eh I lost count)-Chibi Li

"DM are you sure about dis?" asked chibi Li, hiding behind the scenes.

"Of course. Now Action!" she called, cuddling up to her newly captured chibi hotties.

Li comes falling out of the sky in a porcupine costume and lands with an 'oof' on his butt. The well placed towels right in front of him.

"Hey who moved the towels. That hurt." Li said, small tears forming in his eyes.

"Oops, sorry 'bout that. I musta got the co-co-cordinates wrong." Chibi Heero said, then walked up on the stage and moved them to were Li was still sprawled on the ground.

"Okay now that that's cleared up let's start again." Li got up with Heero's help and went back to get into place.


Li came out of the sky again and landed on the towels, then rolled right off the towels to the floor.

"Try it again. Action!"

He rolled off again.
And again.
And again.
And again.

"Cut! Li you're supposed to stay on the towels dude. And we still have several more animals to do before we get to the end. Now could you please not roll off this time." Chibi DM asked, hands on hips.

"It's not my fault and every time I fall I hear laughing. Someone set me up." Li whined.

"I was laughing. You just look so cute when your eyes get big after you fall off." DM told him.

"I don't think it's so funny. Can we pwease just do the end of the commercial?" Li said, giving DM HUGE chibi eyes.

"Must...resist. Can't....give" Chibi DM stuttered but the eyes were too much and with a frustrated sigh gave in.

"Fine, but you have to do the Macarena when this is over."


Li gave an excited shout and ran to get into the snuggles the bear costume. DM smiled evilly as she rushed to the towels and placed another banana peel into the soft folds.

"Injustice!" Chibi Wufei shouted.

"Aw go slay a dragon." Chibi DM stuck her tongue out and went back to her directors seat.

"I'm weady!" Li called out.

"Alrighty then. Action!"

Li floated from the sky, using a towel as a parachute. He landed gracefully on the towels and managed to stay on. DM looked at him in shock, and checked her supply of banana peels. Li continued with the commercial.

"I make towels snuggley soft." then he giggled, causing Chibi Meilin to melt into a puddle of chibi goo and Storm to go 'awww'.

"And that's a wrap. Darnnit he should have fallen off." DM growled, then went over to the towels and began searching for the banana peel.

"Hey Onna!" Chibi Wufei called out, said object in his hand.

"Why you little...I'll get you!" DM ran after Wufei, an evil glint in her eyes.


Chibi Li: I hope I don't have ta do the Mac-macawena now.

Chibi Clow: You'll have to do it, just not now.

Chibi Li: -_-v I figered as much.

(They both watch as Wufei runs by with DM hot on his heels.)

Chibi DM: Get back here you justice loving freak!

Chibi Wufei: At least I'm not a baka onna!