A/N : Some parts of the story are based on an experience mixed with fantasy. So, it still IS fiction.
I will make this a story that holds short Dawn/Spike moments.

I exclaim that I don't own any rights however since I still used Dawn and Spike.

I decide to be in my own perfect world.
Where nobody can see me. Or at least where I think that nobody can see me.

Damn, you're not in front of the television, Dawn. It's not like you can only see him, but he can't see you.

But can't keep my eyes of him. Maybe I want to deny that he can see me.
I'm there. Right next to him.

I take an annoyed sip of my wine. He's blabbering about poetry again. He doesn't do anything else lately.
Like it's back to William. No Spike.
And as I think he will never stop I look at him. Adore him. Like a lot of the ladies do. All the slayer ladies. They just loooove Spike. Or William. However you want to put it.

Then as I take another sip, his eyes focus on me.
He smiles. It was that smile that I fell in love with that I only get so very rarely. All I can do is smile back. Like he didn't caught me looking. But I feel that a blush creeps upon my face.
I only do hope that my eyes do not betray me. If they will, I'll mock myself. Like I always do. I'll just go: 'little Dawnie has a crush on the big bad. Big bad's beautiful'

And as our little 'meeting' is over he places a hand on mine. Those naughty eyes. They tell me that he knows.
"Bye niblet" he says gently and then he stands up and goes.

He's leaving me.
Shaking on my legs.
Weak in my knees.
He gives me bits.
But never enough.