I stare out of the window
It's another boring history class

I can't get Spike's words out of my head.
I'm a bad boy, luv

Bad boy indeed!

"How can he ever make me want him more?"
It falls silent in the classroom.

"What was that miss Summers? Anything you would like to share with us?" Mr Jones asks.

"N-no" I stutter.

"Oh, I insist miss Summers"

I rise. What am I supposed to say?

Then the uncomfortable silence is disrupted by a strange scenario.
Spike is running into the classroom with his brown blanket over his head.

"What the…?" Mr Jones begins.

"Right kiddo's. Here's some education from Spike" He starts, pulling down the sun screen.

"Would you explain yourself mr… Spike? Why are you disturbing my classroom?" Mr Jones says strictly.

"Let me finish" Spike insisted.
"History kiddo's: It's in the past. Grab your bags and have some fun , cause there's absolutely no bloody point in whining and whining about it all over again"

There's cheers coming from the classroom now and I laugh. My classmates start packing their bags and dripping out

"What do you think your doing?" Mr Jones spits with fury now.

"Oh you know.. you honest education" He winks at me.
"Come on, pet" He wraps his arm around my shoulder. "Let's get some ice-cream"