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Reneey: Because we got bored and Lyn is obsessed with Jacob Black again since the New Moon movie is coming out right before her birthday.

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Reneey: … Well you shut up!

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Chapter One – Topsy Turvy

"I still say Jacob should have been the main character," Lyndotia Elumo said as she and her best friend, Reneey Umbra, waited outside the movie theater at 11:59.

Lyn, at 5'9", was pretty much the tallest person in the line mostly comprised of obsessive fangirls of Twilight and her four-inch stiletto heels didn't really help that. Reneey, at 5' even, was one of the shortest despite her three-inch gold platforms.

"Edward sucks! The shapeshifters act more like vampires than he does!" Reneey complained as she stood. "Besides, we're only here to see hot guys with no shirts on!"

"Mm… Taylor Lautner is a yummy Jacob," Lyn said with a wink and a crooked grin. "And for once, one of the hot actors is actually my age! There should be a hallelujah chorus for that!"

Lyn was 17, a Tennessee-born country girl whose Southern drawl seemed out of place in Philadelphia. However, she had come specifically for the purpose of seeing New Moon at midnight with her best friend.

Reneey giggled. "I love Seth's actor; he's all cute and Alice and Jasper are hot… basically everybody but Edward and Bella."

Lyn snickered. "Dude, Robert Pattinson couldn't even lose his gut for the movie. Taylor Lautner put on 30 pounds of muscle to fit the role. Not hard to tell who the more dedicated actor is… Not to mention the sexiest."

"Here you are," said a smiling woman in a theater uniform as she handed Lyn and Reneey tickets for the midnight showing. Lyn took the ticket then blinked as the woman walked away. "Uh… lady? Don't you want my money for this?"

"Dude, Lyn! If she doesn't want money, then we'll just go," Reneey whispered to Lyn as she dragged her off.

"Wh – hey!" Lyn objected. "But – oh, fine, whatever! If they ask, I'll pay later."

"Or we could save that money for skirts!" Reneey squealed.

Lyn twitched. "What is your obsession with skirts?" Then she snickered and added, "Not that I'm much better when it comes to boots… But at least I bargain hunt! I mean, two pairs of black leather boots for $50 isn't a bad price."

"Three skirts for forty bucks isn't bad either! Mine are all under fifteen bucks!" Reneey complained.

So they gave the worker their tickets; he smiled and pointed the way to the theater – number 14 of the Neshaminy Mall.

Two hours later, the movie was over but Lyn and Reneey were still in the theater. Lyn was still rambling about Taylor Lautner being hot while Reneey was searching under every seat with a frantic look on her face. Finally Lyn ran out of references from the movie to talk about and noticed what her friend was doing.

"Uh… Rea? What are you doing? Everybody else is gone…"

"But I dropped Larry!" Reneey complained.

Lyn groaned. "You and that eyeliner pen! For the ten thousandth time, it's just a piece of makeup! You can get another one!"

"Larry is special!" Reneey snapped. "Now help me find him!"

Lyn sighed heavily and knelt down in the dark. "Fine, but if I get gum on my new boots, I'm gonna kill you."

"Hey, kill the gum!" Reneey objected.

"The gum isn't alive, Reneey, therefore it can't be dead."

"Ow! Get off my foot!"

"I'm not on your foot!"

"Well, something's on my foot!"

"Then shove it off!"

Reneey did and Lyn promptly went flying backwards and hit her head on something hard. Shaking her head and trying to blink away those black shiny things that pop up in front of your eyes, she said slowly, "Okay… It may have been me…"

Reneey snickered and Lyn glared and then she realized that it was much darker than it should be inside a movie theater. Had they turned the screen off? Blinking, she looked over her shoulder and realized she hadn't hit her head on a seat at all but a tree trunk. How the heck had she gotten outside?!

"Uh… Rea? Do you remember leaving the movie theater?"

Reneey stared. "Movie theater?"

Lyn twitched. "Don't tell me you forgot where you were again."

"I know exactly where I am," Reneey snapped in an uncharacteristically cold way. Well, uncharacteristic for her while she was talking to Lyn, anyway.

Lyn stared. "You do? How?"

Reneey rolled her dark eyes. "I have my ways. You know my name but you don't know that?"

That was when Lyn really started to get concerned. "What do you mean? Of course I know your name, I'm your best friend."

Reneey laughed. And it wasn't her usual amused giggle but a disbelieving sort of half laugh, half snort. "Right. Who are you anyway?"

"… Okay, Rea, not funny anymore," Lyn said with a crease between her eyebrows. But as her green eyes searched her friend's dark brown ones, she had to admit that something was… off. That expression wasn't like Reneey at all.

"And why the hell are you calling me Rea?" Reneey went on, still in that half accusing, half suspicious tone.

Lyn considered the options here. Reneey wasn't that good of a liar. Well, to most people, maybe, but not to Lyn. Then again, Lyn might as well have had an internal lie detector/prophecy machine in her head for the way she read people and likely outcomes so that might have just been her. Regardless, Reneey was not lying.

Something about Reneey WAS very different. Her eyes, her voice, even the way she was standing were all more independent and self-assured than Lyn had ever known her friend to act before.

Then there was the fact that they were suddenly in the middle of nowhere and Reneey claimed to know where they were but Lyn did not. Reneey had a horrendous sense of direction; Lyn was the hillbilly with the internal compass that pointed toward safety even when she had never been somewhere before.

And the fact of the matter was, right now that internal compass was pulling her away from Reneey as hard as it could. There was something about the normally happily random and crazy fifteen-year-old that had set off nine out of ten warning bells in Lyn's head. She was too cool and aloof; almost calculating. And Reneey never thought about anything before she acted.

Lyn was just considering the option that she might be having some sort of schizophrenic breakdown when a low growl suddenly slid from between Reneey's teeth. A shudder ran down the black-haired girl's spine and she hissed, "You should have listened when I told you to go away…"

Now Lyn's feet were screaming at her to move but she held her ground, shifting them only slightly to a more braced stance, preparing for some sort of attack or lunge. She was a trained fighter; she wasn't afraid of confrontation and she definitely wasn't afraid of Reneey, the girl so very untrained and undisciplined that Lyn had once pinned her to the floor by putting a copy of the CQ Researcher on her back.

Reneey's hands clenched into fists and a shock ran through Lyn's system as she felt the energy rolling off Reneey's skin like electricity. It didn't make sense; even Lyn's sensei who had taught her to sense and manipulate ki energy had never produced anything like this.

"Reneey, are you… How are you doing that?"

"Hm? You can feel it coming?" Reneey growled out, her voice becoming rougher and lower as she spoke. Then her teeth suddenly glinted much whiter and sharper than they had been only a minute before as she grinned and added, "That's unusual for a human. You must be very aware… You'll make a powerful sister."

Then it all clicked in Lyn's mind. Reneey could not be doing this because she did not have the training. She was in the middle of who knew where in the dark and had no idea how she got there. So there was only one logical conclusion.

Without even thinking about it, Lyn shifted her weight back into a deeper, more aggressive stance, her green eyes narrowing into slits. "Who are you, where have you brought me, and what have you done with Reneey?"

"Your friend is gone," said a low male voice from somewhere Lyn couldn't see. "And if you don't stay very, very still and let me deal with her, she'll make you like her, too."

Lyn tensed, adrenalin pounding through her veins as her body went into high alert at the sound of another voice she didn't know, but Reneey let out a growl that was more animal than human and her face wrinkled into a scowl. Except the scowl didn't go away – it only deepened, carving lines into her face until it too took on a wild, animalistic look.

"Jasper, no!" a high voice trilled and Lyn caught the flurry of movement out of the corner of her eye just in time to see a tall blond man and a petite, dark-haired woman appear seemingly out of nowhere. The woman's hand was on the man's arm like she was restraining him and the moonlight refracted off their skin, making it seem to glow.

Lyn took a step away from them at the same time as both their eyes flicked toward her. They were dark but Lyn couldn't make out a color in the dim light. Of course, she didn't really need to; between the voices and the pale skin and the name she had just heard, there was no doubt.

It was only when her head started spinning that Lyn realized she had forgotten to breathe. Once she had breath again, the next step was to find her voice.

In typical Lyn fashion, it was more accusing and suspicious than afraid as she asked in a voice that sounded rough and too deep to be effeminate in comparison with the pale woman's, "Who are you?"

"I'm Alice," the pale woman said with a faint smile. It looked too strained to be very real, though, and her grip didn't loosen on the man's arm. "And this is Jasper. What's your name?"

"Lyn, but who cares? What the heck is going on here? How did we even get here and what's wrong with Reneey?"

"Must be her first transformation," Jasper muttered under his breath, not quite low enough that Lyn couldn't hear. "She'll be unstable – you know she'll kill the girl if we don't stop her."

"Actually, I don't know anything," Alice responded in an almost irritated-sounding voice. "That's why you can't – I can't see it and you can't fight it alone!"

"Would you stop arguing with each other and tell me what the heck's going on!" Lyn half yelled, still tensed as if to fight even though she was becoming more and more sure by the second that she had absolutely zero chance if it came to that. Not that she wouldn't try anyway, of course. But the facts were that, however whatever this was had happened, those were Alice and Jasper because they had moved far too fast for normal people and whatever was happening to Reneey, Alice was afraid.

Then Lyn looked back at Reneey and understood why. Reneey wasn't just acting weird. Her hands were curling into clawed paws, hair spreading across her body, her mouth elongating into a snout. It looked like a much slower and more painful process than the way the shapeshifters in the Twilight books had changed so that left only one conclusion.

Somehow, they had wound up in some adaptation of Twilight. Reneey was a werewolf. And Jasper currently wanted to kill her.

If it wasn't for the fact that it kind of felt like the world had just been turned upside down, Lyn might have laughed at the irony that this was just the sort of luck she had always had anyway.