I know that this story line has been done before with other authors, and done well, but I decided to try my hand at writing a "Friends With Benefits" kind of story for Bones and Booth. In terms of time frame I am placing the start of this at the end of the first season after the season finale. This will be a four chapter story, with the first chapter being the setup. I felt like writing a smutty story to get away from the daily grind of work and seriousness. Hope you all enjoy this one. Gregg.

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"Well why don't you call one of your usual guys that like a good Booty Call every now and again," Angela suggested with a smile. She'd seen the signs that lately Bren was getting restless and needing a bit of fun between the sheets with a good looking guy, so the fact that Bren had come to her frustrated and venting that frustration was hardly a surprise.

Bones snorted in continued frustration. "I called all of them and no one was available," she admitted. She had about seven guys who she could call on to satisfy her urges with a one night, no strings encounter at her place, but when she'd called each of them, in order of her preference, four were not in town, and the two others already had plans over the next couple of weeks. One was in a new relationship and was not available period. It had been a few months since she'd last been with a man and the constant arousal she was feeling due to being around her incredible sexy partner was getting on her nerves. It was to the point that she would become wet when she heard her cell phone ring and his name would light up on the screen letting her know who was calling.

"You could always dress up real slutty, go to a bar and pick up a good looking guy," Angela suggested, knowing that while Bren was not averse to doing just that on occasion for a bit of fun, and variety, she was not one to do so very often at all as she preferred someone who she knew and had been out with before. It was also not the safest thing for a girl to do these days with all the disease and really sick bastards out there who wanted to hurt people. Angela herself was careful in her sex life and only went looking for a good time from a guy in a bar when she couldn't find anyone else and she was really wanting a night of hot sex.

"No," Bren said firmly. She just was not interested in picking up some nameless guy for a night. "I could always call an escort," she sighed. She'd done that a few times in the past year and a half since she started working with Booth when she wanted a fun night where she was in complete control.

"Pay for sex?" Angela shook her head. "You're a hot woman who could have any guy you wanted, Bren," she complained. "You of all people don't have to be paying for a guy."

Bren laughed at the humorous hypocrisy what Angela had said. "It's not like I haven't done so before," she pointed out. "You have, too, Angela."

"That's beside the point, Sweetie," Angela dismissed the jab and the fact that she had hired an escort on extremely rare occasions. Then an idea hit her and she smiled wickedly. "How about hooking up with that HOT FBI STUD MUFFIN of yours?"

"Booth?" Bren asked in disbelief. "I don't think so, Ange. He's not interested in me like that, and besides, we're partners."

"So?" Angela replied. "Who says you can't be 'Friends With Benefits'? And as for not interested? You're really missing the signs, Sweetie. That man would walk through fire for you, and is so jealous whenever you date anyone." She didn't add that she was pretty damn sure that Booth, as observant as he was, and considering how well he was able to read Brennan, knew full well that almost all dates that Bren went on, on the infrequent occasions that she went on a date, ended in sex. Not all dates, but most of them.

"He is not," Bren denied, even though she had noted his rather jealous tendencies. It ordinarily frustrated her, but deep inside she found it somewhat endearing, though she had no idea why. If anyone else had behaved like he had on those occasions she would have been extremely angry.

"You can deny it all you want, Sweetie, but you and I both know you want one thing for this weekend and that's to get laid," Angela said in blunt terms. "No one's going to think any less of you for that, but why would you want to pay a high end gigolo a couple of thousand dollars to spend the night screwing you senseless when you can have, on a regular basis, that awesomely studly partner of yours with just a little alteration in your friendship?"

"Somehow I don't think Booth is so little," Bren smiled at the thought of Booth naked and hard for her.

Angela laughed. Bren could be extremely witty and funny when she wanted to be, and was willing to let the walls down a bit. She had to admit that Bren was most likely right about how "endowed" a certain FBI agent was. There was no way such a virtual Adonis could be anything other than well endowed in Angela's opinion. Maybe she should ask him if he would be willing to pose au naturale for a sketch or painting sometime. That would definitely be a keeper piece to be hung on the wall of her apartment, or better yet her bedroom wall. A woman couldn't get too much of a good thing, after all, and Booth was some serious eye candy, especially if he was showing off the goods. If nothing else it sure would be hilarious to see the look on his face if she asked him to pose nude for her.

"You know what I mean, Bren," Angela said, still laughing.

"I don't know, Ange," Bren hemmed and hawed. "I'll have to think about it. I trust Booth, and it would really hurt me if we tried something like this and it didn't work out. He's important to me."

Angela could understand that. Bren had always been very clinical and detached from everything, including her good friends. That was until one Special Agent Seeley Booth waltzed in and from that moment on Bren had been slowly, but surely, changing. She was beginning to appreciate the real world, and she really cared about what Booth thought about her and her work. It was not uncommon for her to wait to make her views known on some aspect of a case until Booth had had a chance to give an opinion. Angela was also privy to the fact that Bren had asked Booth to look over the file of her parents disappearance and see if he could tell her anything that was missing in the investigation and how good a job the FBI had done on it. That had spoken volumes as to the level of trust the Bren had in Booth, as well as how much his friendship meant to her. Bren may not show it, but she practically worshiped the ground Booth walked on, and he was no better in the reverse.

"Ask him, Sweetie," Angela said with a smile. "He won't think any less of you, and you may be surprised. He may just take you up on your suggestion. Think of the night you'd have if that happened."

Bren bit her lower lip in consternation. "Maybe I will," she murmured as she left Angela's office.

By 9:30 that morning Bones had made up her mind to ask Booth. She'd spent an hour thinking about the mind blowing night she'd have if Booth agreed and that had clinched it for her. Hire a gigolo when she could have Seeley Booth? There was no comparison in her opinion. Seeley Booth was the winner, definitely. And if he said no, then she could always call the escort service she had utilized in the past and arrange for a suitable man to come by and spend the night satisfying her needs. As Booth would say it was a win/win for her either way. That was the direction her thoughts had take her when she arrived at Booth's office at the Hoover Building at 10:00. She figured that she may as well find out if he was interested now, and then make her plans for the night accordingly.

"Hey, Bones," Booth said as he saw his partner, and best friend, coming into his office. He was surprised as they didn't have a case at the moment, and he had only talked to her the evening before. "What's up?" he asked.

"I don't know what that means," Bones said instantly. She hated that she was so inept at simple colloquialisms, but at least Booth was patient with her and always willing to tell her what things mean. It was one of the reasons she has always been so drawn to him.

Booth chuckled. "It means what do you need?" he told her. "Not that I'm not glad to see you, but I'm up to my ass in paperwork and Cullen wants it done ASAP."

"I want to have sex with you tonight," she told him bluntly and with no preamble once he had told her what the phrase meant.

Booth's thumb snapped the pencil he was holding as the words came out of her mouth, and he was sure that his blood pressure and heart rate went dangerously high as his eyes bugged out at the person seated in front of him. "Excuse me?" he managed to croak out, not quite sure that he had heard her right. There was no way she had said she wanted to have sex with him. If he'd been drinking anything at that moment it would have been sprayed all over the paperwork he'd been slaving over all morning.

Bones was a bit amused, as she knew that her statement would have a pretty serious effect on him. She watched as he got up and went to the door of his office, closing it and then come back to sit down behind his desk again. When she saw that he was back with her, she said it again. "I want to have sex with you tonight," she repeated.

Booth almost pinched himself to see if he was dreaming. It had to be a dream, didn't it? He'd fantasized about being with Bones ever since he'd met her, and had come to the conclusion some time back that he was very much in love with her, but to actually hear her say she wanted to have sex with him was rather a dramatic shift in things. "You want to have sex with me?" he asked carefully. He was well aware of her views on sex, and the casual nature of those views. He had trouble with them, but he was not the kind of person to judge someone on their honest views, and he had to admit he was no saint in the sex department, either. Something told him that she was not proposing a relationship, and he had to understand just what she was proposing. "Exactly what are we talking about here?" he questioned. He was a lot calmer than he would ever have imagined himself being if something like this were to ever happen, and it was a fucking miracle he hadn't had a stroke when she said what she'd said.

Bones took the fact that he hadn't ended the conversation peremptorily as a good sign. He may not agree in the end, but he was willing to listen. Maybe her logical way of doing things was influencing him? No. It was more than likely the fact that he was one of the very few people who took the time to actually listen to her and gave her a chance to express herself on personal subjects. "I'd like us to be Friends With Benefits," she informed him directly. She didn't elaborate, but she was certain he would know the term. He was very up on colloquial jargon.

That stroke was beginning to work its way to a reality, but Booth didn't want to offend Bones, or make her think that she couldn't talk with him about anything important, and if she was here in his office talking to him about that, then Bones must think it was important. Taking a deep breath, he asked his next question, all the while inside he was a complete wreck. "What brought this on, Bones?" he asked her. He prayed that no one would knock on his office door, or call his office or cell phone needing him for anything. He was in no condition to be of much use at the moment. Most guys he knew would be doing a happy dance and shouting for joy if some woman as incredible as Bones asked them to be a no strings fuck buddy, but he had too much respect for her to simply acquiesce without knowing what the Hell was going on. Even knowing that she had a number of men who she could call for the proverbial Booty Call (and he was still working on finding out who those schmucks were so he could make sure that they were up to snuff in his opinion), he was too principled to agree to any kind of arrangements like that unless there was some exclusivity involved, even though it was only sex, not a relationship.

Bones decided to be completely honest. "Do you have any idea how arousing you are to a woman, Booth?" she asked. Before he could answer she continued. "You are, you know. Just the sight of you is enough to arouse most women, but if you include your voice, the ease at which you move, your concern for others, and your intelligence you are a powerful aphrodisiac all in itself. I have always been a very sexual woman, Booth, and have no troubles with arranging a night of pleasure with a man if I want to satisfy my sexual urges and desires, but I am around you almost every day, even when we don't have cases. Even Angela has commented on how arousing you are by mentioning that a few times she's actually had to change her panties after you've come to let us know about a case."

Booth turned a bit red at that comment. Bones was the only person he knew who could make him blush so easily. "I think she was exaggerating, Bones," he suggested. On the inside, though, he was strutting to beat all Hell. She had, in a rather clinical way, told him he was one hot stud.

"I don't believe so, as I have, a number of times, had to do the same thing," she informed him with no hint of embarrassment.

Booth squelched the image that danced in his head of Bones stripping down to nothing and putting on a fresh pair of panties. He just knew that he would be spending more time than usual in confession that week, and he would be listening to all kinds of shit about being a pervert from his priest. What the Hell did Father Mitch expect? Guys were all perverts when it came to the likes of Bones, for crying out loud! Not cruel, demented perverts, per se, though there were some of those worthless pieces of shit out there, but perverts nonetheless. It was a Natural Law, or something, he was sure. It had to be. He refocused his attention on Bones when he noticed that she was looking at him as if she were examining a very interesting bone or something.

"Uh, Bones, why are you looking at me like that?" he asked with a gulp.

"You were thinking about me changing my panties and what I look like naked, and aroused," Bones observed calmly. She may not show it often, but she was not nearly as clueless as many thought. Pop culture and colloquialisms aside, she was very observant.

"Can we get back to the issue at hand?" he backpedaled hastily.

"You know I normally take care of my sexual needs by calling someone who I have been with before to spend a night taking care of those needs, or I go on a date with someone interesting," she stated. At his nod, she continued. "I haven't had a sexual encounter in several months. Being around you has been getting more and more difficult. I had hoped to call someone and have them meet me at my place tonight, but no one is available. I was talking with Angela and when I mentioned possibly calling an escort, she suggested the whole Friends With Benefits idea."

"Call an ESCORT???" Booth blurted. "Prostitution is illegal, Bones!" He didn't add in his personal views on the subject since he knew that she would shoot him down in a second and he wouldn't have any leverage left.

"It's not like I haven't done so in the past, Booth," she pointed out logically. "It allows me to have a safe encounter where I can be in control of the situation. The service I go through to hire a male escort is very well run with impeccable standards. I've never agreed with the notion that prostitution, in general, should be illegal, at least not in the escort sense, despite my occasional anger at the female escort business."

Booth was going to have a chat with Angela about keeping her ideas to herself, though at least it was, for the moment, keeping Bones from paying for a sexual encounter. "Go on," he said, running his hands through his hair.

"After I talked with Angela I thought about what she said and I agreed," she went on. "I believe that we have a strong enough friendship to add a sexual component to it, and it would not harm our professional relationship, either. It would also have the benefit of reducing the sexual tension between us ourselves without relying on other men or women to do so."

Booth had to admit she had a logical argument in favor of the whole idea, but he had one question, and then if she said what he thought she would, then he would agree with one proviso. He still couldn't believe how bizarre this whole conversation was, and he also couldn't fathom the fact that he was still here and coherent and not in a hospital recovering from a massive stroke.

"And if I don't agree?" he asked.

"Then I'm going to call the escort service and arrange for an escort for tonight," Bones stated matter of factly. It was true, but she also wanted to give Booth some prodding to do what she was certain they both wanted. She was unsure of the more long term implications of this whole idea, but the more she thought of being sexually involved with Booth, the more she began to realize that it was a very good thing. The lack of an entangling relationship at this stage also was to her benefit, as she was also certain that while she was very ready for a sexual relationship, she wasn't ready for something more intimate, she supposed was the right word.

Booth did and didn't feel as if he was backed into a corner. Bones knew full well how to push his buttons, and casually admitting that she would call a gigolo to satisfy her was something that she knew that he would be extremely reluctant to allow to happen if he could prevent it. She was also well aware, and how could she not be, that he really was enamored with her and would like to take things between them to a higher level. Would it be compromising his principles so much if he acquiesced in this whole Friends With Benefits idea? If it were any other woman he would say it did, but not with Bones. He did the one thing that he could do in this situation, and he hoped that he wouldn't regret it in the long run. He could already hear Father Mitch doling out some serious penance when he went to confession on Sunday.

"Alright, Bones," he told her. When her eyes lit up in surprise, and also happiness he was pleased to note, he held up a hand. "There's a condition, though."

Bones had an inkling of what he was going to say, and she was willing to agree since it was Booth that was at the heart of this whole agreement. Somewhere in the last year and a half she had been thinking in terms of a long term commitment with him if their friendship were ever to develop into something more. While her views on the subject of monogamy had not changed, she knew that Booth was the one that could make such a situation work for her, and not make her feel as if she were violating her principles in some fashion.

"I'm listening," she told him.

"If we do this, then however long this ends up lasting, we are exclusive, Bones," he told her. "That means no dating other people, and no satisfying urges with anyone else. If you can agree to that, then I agree to give it a try."

Bones nodded. Why would she want to date anyone when she used dates, in most instances, to satisfy those very urges? He'd given the very caveat she had been expecting from him. "Agreed," she replied.

Booth almost reached stroke levels again when she agreed. He'd thought she would balk at his condition, or at the very least wish to discuss the matter. Now it was a done deal. "Good," he managed to say in a normal tone of voice.

Without any further need for discussion, Bones stood up and smiled down on her new "Friend With Benefits". "I need to get back to the Jeffersonian," she told him. "So? My place at 7?" she asked.

Booth had to smile at how focused Bones was, despite how nervous he actually was. "Sounds good," he told her. "I'll bring takeout."

He watched as she opened the door and walked out of his office. He settled back in his chair and exhaled a huge breath. This had to be in the top one or two weirdest things to ever happen to him at work in his life. Looking at the paperwork he still had left to plow through he wanted to scream. Damn it! How the Hell was he supposed to concentrate on that when all he was thinking about now was the fact that he was going to be having sex with Bones that very night? Granted it would be nice to end the long drought since his breaking things off with Tessa, but did Bones have to bring this up in the morning when he had work to do? Shaking his head he pulled the next file over to him and opened it up. This was going to be a long day.

A/N: As I mentioned above this will be a four part story. The great thing is I have the whole story already written out and will be posting the chapters every other day. I hope that this first chapter, the setup, was a good one. The smut and naughtiness will be in the next chapter when Booth arrives at Bones' apartment. Gregg.

A/N2: I had a difficult time coming up with a plausible number of men that Bones could have on call for dealing with her urges. On the one hand it seems a bit excessive to have more than say ten, though she was a different person that first season, and before she met Booth, so maybe it would fit. On the other hand, she herself was the one who mentioned having guys she could call on and that definitely implies more than one or two. I decided to come out somewhere in between and give the number as seven. For those that find even that to be unrealistic, I apologize and hope that it doesn't take away form the fun of the story as a whole. Gregg.

A/N3: I realize that some may balk at the idea of Bones having hired escorts, but considering her views of sex that we know of during the first season, it does not seem so outlandish that she herself would have engaged in hiring male escorts to deal with her urges as it would give her a modicum of control over how her urges are dealt with. I also think she would be one who, when it came to sex, would make the distinction between a crime and a victimless crime, which is how prostitution is labeled by many. That doesn't mean she would approve of how all prostitution is engaged in, or how many escort services are run and managed. I hope that by using this activity as a way of developing the story it does not offend anyone. Gregg.