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Summary: Murders have been ongoing for a few years now and no one has been able to catch the one committing them. Sasuke, a well known detective, has been put on the case since he has solved every case he has had. Though this case seems to be a bit more difficult to fathom when a potential suspect, a red-head, is friends with a cheery blonde artist.

Warning: This is Yaoi (boyxboy), Gore, Death scenes, Lemon eventually.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, but maybe someday I will find someone who looks like Sasuke and Naruto and I will make them my slaves! Muwahahaha! *gets put in a straight jacket and taken away*

Chapter 1

A small boy ran through the woods, tears running down his chubby cheeks. Angry shouts could be heard not far behind him and a choked sob passed his full pink lips. The voices were closer now as he ran as fast as his little legs could carry him. He couldn't stop the memories resurfacing and more tears blurred his vision. The poor boy had watched in horror as his parents were murdered right in front of him. The three men came barging into their home during supper caching the family off guard.

One man had held him making him watch as the other two struggled with the boy's parents. When his mother and father were detained and tied up is when the worst thing possible started to happen. The men started to torture the boy's parents, slicing here and there. Blood drenched their clothes dripping to the floor, painting the white tile a dark red. Little blue eyes widened in fear as his parents cried out in pain causing the men to laugh aloud.

The child screamed, begged, and pleaded the men to let his mother and father go, but the men just laughed louder. One man dug the knife into the boys' father's stomach dragging it down as if to dissect him. The father cried out in pain blood pouring to the floor in small streams. The boy's mother screamed and cried begging them to stop and the other man backhanded her to shut her up.

The little blonde boy stared at his father with wide eyes, tears streaming down his face. Just as his father made eye contact to reassure him that he was fine the man slit his throat. The boy cried as his father's eyes dimmed and his form slumped forward. The child was then forced to watch his mother as she was raped several times and beaten to death. Somehow during that time he escaped the man's hold and ran.

The blonde boy kept running only to trip on a root. The men had finally caught up, as one held him the other brought out the knife with a sadistic grin. He cut the boys face leaving deep scars. "It hurts!" The blonde sobbed and whimpered. The men laughed and beat the poor child and left him for dead, or so they thought.

14 years later

A young blonde man around the age of 22 woke to someone knocking on his door. He grumbled as he rolled out of bed slowly walking to the door. "I'm coming." he said as he blinked the sleep from his eyes. The blonde opened the door with a yawn. "Naruto, if you don't hurry we're going to miss your art show." A man with brown hair pulled back in a high ponytail and soft brown eyes with a scar across his nose stood with an annoyed expression.

"Good morning to you too, Iruka-sensei." Naruto mumbled and walked back into his apartment leaving the door open for the brunette. The blonde took a quick shower and got dressed then walked out into his living room were Iruka waited. "Okay, I'm ready let's go!" Naruto shouted cheerfully, grabbing his jacket and keys. He locked the door as he and Iruka walked out.

After the art show

"I'm starving! Ah, Iruka-sensei will you buy me some ramen?" Naruto's grin stretched from ear to ear giving him the appearance of a fox, with his whisker-like scars. If you looked long enough you could make out small fangs, though they were natural that made him look more fox-like. Iruka looked up from the paperwork he was doing with a small glare. "Naruto, you just ate 20 minutes ago. Besides you have money you can buy your own ramen." The brunette said as he went back to work. The blonde pouted and grumbled something along the lines of 'cheapskate'.

There was a quick sharp knock on the door out front. Naruto blinked and looked at Iruka, who shrugged his shoulders neither had been expecting anyone. The blonde peeked around the corner to see who it was only to gasp and run towards the door. Naruto flung the door open and leapt on the unexpected red-head with a squeal. "Uncle Kyuubi!! When did you get back? Are you going to stay this time? Who brought you here?" The clingy blonde was pushed off and fell to the ground on his butt. "Ow! Asshole, you didn't have to do that I was just happy to see you!" Naruto growled.

"Good to see you are well, kit. I see you are still girly looking, what with that small body and all. You even sound like one squealing like that. Have you no balls at all?" Kyuubi, a tall man with waist length blazing red hair pulled back in a low ponytail and green emerald eyes, said in an amused tone. The blonde glared and his lip curled and the comment. "I'm not girly, bastard!" A small almost faint snort came from off to the side and Naruto swiftly turned to the other person. His eyes widened and then he jumped up and ran to the person squealing once again. "Gaara!!" Just as the blonde was about to tackle the other red-head, Gaara stepped to the side causing Naruto to fall face first onto the sidewalk. "Gaara, you're so m-mean. I-I just… wanted a h-hug since I h-haven't seen you in awhile… but you just doge m-me like I'm n-nothing i-important." The blonde sniffed and looked up with tears in his eyes.

Both red-heads shifted uncomfortably not sure of what to do or say, just when Gaara was about to give in to the blonde a brunette stepped out of the building and whacked Naruto upside the head. "Naruto, if you drop the act I'll buy you some ramen." The blonde pouted up at the man, then smiled tears gone and stood up. "Okay! Let's go get ramen!" Naruto happily pranced back through the door to grab his things. Iruka shook his head and turned to the two men standing there. "Kyuubi-san, Gaara-kun it's good to see you, how have you been?" Both greeted Iruka and Kyuubi started a small conversation with the brunette 'till the blonde came out and locked the door. They all left to grab a bite to eat not even noticing they were being watch by black calculating eyes.

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