AN: From Creepy to Lady. This is the first chapter. I didn't want to post this yet, I wanted to wait, but I thought "Ok I'll post this and see how it goes" if this goes well, I'll keep going. If not I'll wait and post the rest latter. So yeah. Oh BTW I got this idea from an anime/manga called "Wall Flower" so if you've seen/read it you'll see some similarities. But it isn't copy right since I changed it a lot and made it my own. Hope you like.

Trent's POV

It was a dream come true. Me and all my friends going to the same school. Only problem, we had no place to live. So we went house hunting. We wanted something beautiful and luxurious at a reasonable price. We finally found a place and are on our way to have an interview with the owner now.

The house is beautiful, large, and perfect. It's like a mini mansion, everything we are looking for. We all walked in very excited and confident to meet the owner. Cody was the first to enter the large French doors. He's the smallest of us, but he is just as popular with the ladies. We all are. Geoff is a party kind of guy. He's an ok guy. Then you have Duncan the bad guy. He's been in trouble a couple of time. Sometimes with the law, sometimes with the girls. Me? I don't really go down that road. Sure I flirt, and dated. But not as much as these guys.

The house is bigger on the inside than the outside. Marble everywhere and Persian rugs, fine china and paintings everywhere. "Right this way." A butler said leading us to a room in the far right. Inside were 2 velvet couches and a coffee table and fine china and tea set for us.

"Sit boys" the owner said. She had puffy curly hair, a pink dress and beautiful jewelry. "So you're interested in my home?" she asked sipping her tea.

"Yes miss." I said smiling at her.

"Ok. It's all yours." she said putting her tea down.

"Seriously???" we all asked jumping out of the couch.

"And rent free." She said with a smile. We all jumped up and started a victory dance. "BUT…" she said. We all sat down and let her finish. "My daughter will be staying with you and……" she said but was cut off by Duncan.

"We understand miss. Your daughter is safe with us. Nothing will happen to her." he reassured.

"Thank you but let me finish." She said with a stern face. Duncan sunk into the chair. "I want you to turn her into a proper lady. She has been threw some trauma and keeps to herself. But with our social stature I cant have her like that. So I need you four to make her into a lady. If you do the rent is free." We all smile and agree and she looked annoyed. "Stop interrupting me. If you fail, your rent shall be tripled." She said.

"TRIPPELED???" we all screamed in unison.

"Tippled. But it can't be that hard. 4 beautiful guys can make her lady like. She'll see your faces and change. I can feel it." Then we turned to each other.

"Should we do it?" I asked.

"Hell yeah. Make a girl girly? With our looks? Consider it done." Duncan said.

"A girl in the house sounds like a fun time." Cody said.

"We can do this." Geoff said. Then we turned back and accepter her offer.

"Lovely. My daughter will arrive tomorrow. I'll check in on you all once in a while. To make sure she is turning into a lady." she said before exiting the room and house.

We all cheered and settled in leaving her room untouched. It was across the hall from mine and next to Duncan and Cody's. I can't wait to meet her and see what we are up against.


We woke up early and got the house ready. We picked roses for her and ordered food of all kinds. "Get washed up guys. Our project will be arriving soon." I called stepping out of the shower.

"We would if you didn't take so long to shower." Duncan said pushing me out of the way and walking into the bathroom we all must share.

"A huge house and only 2 bathrooms?" I mumbled getting dressed in a normal outfit. As soon as I was dressed we heard the doorbell. "SHE'S HERE!!!" I yelled running to the front door to greet her.

Everyone had a big smile and waiting for her. The door slowly creaked open and we were all taken back.

She was as pale as a ghost, her eyes covered by her short black and blue hair, baggy, raggedy clothes and a creepy doll in her hands. Is this what we must make into a lady?

"Are you the daughter?" Geoff asked. She lifted her head but not to far. Then she looked back at her feet and walked in ignoring us.

"Hi I'm Cody. I am very excited to meet you." He said offering her his hand. She looked at it as if she didn't know what to do and walked forward and past the small boy.

"Hey girl. I'm Geoff, and I am very please to have you here." he asked handing her a rose. She looked at him and I guess he saw her face. He froze and withered away like a ghost.

"I'm Duncan. I'm here to show you a good time." He said blocking her way. I can see a slight blush growing on her cheeks giving her slight color. Then she ducked under his arm and walked faster to her room.

"Hello pretty. I'm…." I said introducing myself but was cut short.

"I understand I must live with you four and I'll make myself clear. Don bother me, don't talk to me, and what ever you do don't lie to me." She said before opening her door.

"I never lie." I said grabbing her hand. I slowly brought it to my lips. But she screamed and slapped me.

"DON'T TOUCH ME! STAY AWAY FROM ME. LEAVE ME ALONE!" she yelled before she slammed her door close and putting a sign up that read 'Gwen's room. KEEP OUT…Or else."

"At least we know her name." Geoff said reading the sign.

"I got this." Duncan said opening the door and entering. We all pressed our ears to the wall to listen. We didn't hear anything until……

"STAY AWAY FROM ME. DEMON. DEMON DEMON….." Then Duncan came out with cuts on his arms and slap marks on his face.

"How'd it go?" Cody laughed.

"Something is wrong with her. every time I talk to a girl like that they melt. She freaked out and hit me." He said with a scold. "She'll be harder than we thought." He said before leaving.

I waited outside her door for a little then I opened it and looked inside. She was sitting on her bed talking to her doll.

"Why has she done this to me?" she cried. "Why?" she said before she broke down crying. I opened the light and she screamed and hid under her bed.

"Dinner is ready. Would you like to join us? We are not that bad." I said with my trade mark smile. She peeked her eyes out from under the bed and looked at me. I think….I cant tell, her hair is too long.

"No. Let me be. Please." She said hiding completely.

"Ok." I said leaving. I entered the dinning room and everyone was looking for her. "Let her breath, give her time to warm up to us." I said setting a tray for her. I set it outside her door and knocked on her door. "Diners outside by your door. But we'd love for you to join us next time." I said before retiring to my room. We'll work on lady liking her tomorrow weather she wants to or not. What is her problem anyway?