Titles: Gilbert Get Your Gun

Series: Pandora Hearts

Length: Prologue, 2 short chapters, Epilogue

Pairing: Break/Raven (Gilbert)

Warnings: Lime-y goodness (Heavy petting), guns, and flash backs

Summary: "How exactly did you get so good with that thing?" Gilbert remembers just exactly how he came to be such a good shot.

A/N: Standard disclaimers apply. Mmmm~, although Gilbert and Oz clearly belong together I always found myself wondering what would happen in Oz's absence, Break being Break and all. XD This is based on the anime-verse.

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Gilbert slowly ran a cloth over the grip of his pistol, his golden eyes focused on the pieces in front of him. A clean gun is an accurate gun, after all, and Gilbert couldn't afford to be inaccurate with as much trouble as Oz tended to get himself into.

A fire crackled to his left, warming the sleeping bodies of Alice, Sharon, and Oz all piled onto a couch with Break nearby after a long night of laughter and stories. It was refreshing to have seen some smiling, and even the ever weary Gilbert had managed some hearty laughter. But tomorrow it would all be gone, and it would be back to the mission again.

As he began to reassemble to pistol, the metallic clicking sounds reassuring despite their deadly connotation, Break's voice floated to his ears from across the room.

"You've become quite attached to that toy." Break said in that sing-song manner that had always and would always unsettle Gilbert's nerves. Before Gilbert could aim his pistol into Break's good eye, as he often had the hearty desire to do, the odd man's breath was ghosting over his neck. Gilbert could practically hear the lascivious grin in the other's voice.

"You must have had a great teacher." He purred.

Gilbert whipped around, face a furious red. "Che---You…!"

But Break was already slipping out the door, and Alice was beginning to stir. Gilbert, now trembling with rage, turned around and set back to work on his gun, though the metallic clicking was far less efficient as his hands had now started to shake.

Another voice reached him from the general area of the couch. "Oi…Sea-weed head." beckoned Alice, only grating on his nerves more with that ridiculous nickname.

"Go back to sleep." Gilbert ordered with quiet forcefulness. Oz was leaning on Alice's shoulder. If she talked too much, he would wake.

"How exactly did you get so good with that thing?" She asked her voice still low. Clearly she was still mostly asleep and had only awakened with the minor commotion that Break had caused.

Gilbert looked down at his gun, grimacing in a foul fashion. He knew exactly how he'd become so good, but there was no way in hell he was going to share that with Alice.