"Hey! Are you going to answer me sea-weed head?!" Alice's anger grew the more she woke up so Gilbert just shook his head.

"I had a…great….teacher." He said coldly, hoping that would put Alice's curiosity at rest. Fortunately it did, but even through the door Gilbert could feel Break's right eye appraising him. He looked over his shoulder, and Alice's eyes were looking at him levelly.

"Go back to sleep." He ordered again, standing slowly and holstering his gun. Alice, for once, seemed to understand that Gilbert didn't want to talk. She closed her eyes and rested her cheek back in Oz's blonde hair as Gilbert slipped soundlessly out the door and into the hall of the Rainsworth home. It was dark, all of the lamps having been extinguished for the night.

Gilbert had been snuck up on enough to know that all he had to do was wait in the darkness for the voice to come.

"Great, hm?" Break just giggled obscenely. "You flatter me."

"Ch." Was Gilbert's only reply as he exited the building in a flurry of his duster. He couldn't handle his 'teacher' tonight.


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