"Young Love"
Toni Ferraro
All Sonic characters copyrighted to SEGA
Fiona copyrighted to Archie
I've written lots and lots of Sonic fanfiction... but honestly, this is my very FIRST SegaSonic fic.
It's based some time after Sonic Adventure 2, and has an Archie character, but only a minor one who was only in two issues (but will always be my favorite).


Robotnik paced around his workshop in deep thought.

"Damn... My plans were fooled again. I almost had it, if it weren't for the Biolizard! And it seems Shadow and Rouge weren't all they seemed to be..."

He gave a deep sigh. "Out of all the schemes I ever thought up, Chaos and Shadow seemed like the perfect avatars to world conquest. And they both turn against me. I'm starting to run out of ideas..."

Robotnik looked into his moniter. He could see Sonic racing around for what seemed to be no apparent reason... until Amy made the scene, making kissy faces at him.

"That pink brat... she doesn't know when to give up, does she?"

Robotnik then made an amused sound, "Hmm... Perhaps I should try the old 'hero must save girlfriend' routine and force Sonic to give up the Chaos Emeralds?"

He then saw Sonic shouting at Amy, trying to push her away form him as she tried to land forward on him, trying to steal a kiss.

"Nah. Wouldn't work."

Robotnik then eyed something. Tails was in the background, shouting something at the two. He then shook his head and said something else. The moniter gave no sounds, but Robotnik managed to lipread, "Glad I don't have a girlfriend..."

Robotnik smirked at this, "Maybe it's time my little foxboy grew up..."


"Wrench." Sonic handed the tool to his friend.

Tails made a few adjustments to the Tornado 2, then handed it back, "Crankshaft."

"Crankshaft," Sonic repeated, handing him the engine part, "So Tails, what exactly are you doing this time?"

"Well, I'm re-designing the engine so when the Tornado 2 turns into the Cyclone, it can move faster than it use to. Not only that, when in plane mode, the Tornado 2 will fly sharper than it already does!"

"Ah..." Sonic couldn't understand how one kid could manage to even build a plane form scratch, let alone be able to make as many adjustments to it as an adult mechanic could be allowed naturally. But if anyone could do it, he knew good old Tails could.

Just as Tails was about to call what he needed next, he and Sonic whipped their heads around to the sound of someone shrieking.


From high on the hill, the duo could clearly see Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic hovering on the grounds of Mystic Ruins below, a claw hanging out from the front as if trying to reach for something.

They got over the edge for a closer look, suprised at what they saw. In front of that chasing claw was a young, red-furred burnette vixen.

"What's that egghead doing this time?! Chasing that poor kid like prey!"

"Come on, Sonic!" Tails shouted, taking into the air, "We better save her!"

Sonic nodded, and took off, grinding down the stairs on the hill.

"Heads up ugly!" was all Robotnik heard before he suddenly got whacked into from the side. He glanced over and there was Sonic, kneeling from a spin, a sneaky grin spread across his face.

"I figured you'd come..." the human growled.

The young vixen stopped to look back after noticing her pursuer had stopped chasing. At that moment, Tails grabbed her hand and flew her out of the scene.

"Dargh!! There goes my prey!" Robotnik whined.

Sonic went into another spin, "And that's the last you'll see of her!" He dashed into a blue streak in front of the Egg-O-Matic and sliced off the claw.

"No!" Robotnik cried.

"Yes!" Sonic retorted, picking up the claw and then tossing it out into the ocean.

Seeing that the girl was now in the hands of his enemies, Robotnik decided it was time to retreat. "We will meet again! Be sure of that!" he called, turning the hovercraft around and flying off.

Sonic watched and waited until he was out of sight. Then he scratched his head, wondering. "What's Eggman want with that girl anyway?"

He decided to go straight to the horse's mouth and zipped back up the hill to Tails' workshop.

"Say, kid, are you oka--"

Sonic was cut short by the suprise he saw at the workshop... the girl was hugging Tails feircely!

"My hero!" she cooed, cuddling his face while Tails just stood there blushing.

"Uh... Tails?" Sonic didn't even knew Tails had a thing for girls!

Tails looked over suprised, "Oh! Sonic!" He gently nudged the girl off, "This is Fiona. Fiona, this is Sonic, my best friend."

"Not to mention the backbone of the rescue operation..." Sonic mumbled as he walked up.

Fiona nodded to Sonic, "Hello. Thank you for helping Tails to save me."

Sonic sighed, "Yeah, no problem. Listen, why was Eggman after you like that?"

Fiona shrugged, "I don't know! I was minding my own business, and suddenly, this crazy man comes after me with a claw! Like I was some kind of prize in a claw game or something!"

Sonic rubbed his chin, "That's strange... What's Eggman planning?"

"Do you think we better sneak into his base to find out?" asked Tails.

Sonic nodded, "Yeah, definatley." He turned to the red fox, "Fiona, there's a girl named Amy in Station Square. Stay with her until we come back."

"Aw, but I wanna come!"

Sonic scowled, "That last thing we need now is 'Girl Power!' attitude from you! If Eggman's after you, you need to be watched! Now go!"

Fiona hung her head and sighed.

"Come on, Fiona," spoke Tails, smiling, "I wouldn't want anything to happen to a pretty girl like you."

Fiona blushed at this. "Well... allright." And with that, Fiona turned and started down the hill.

Sonic turned to Tails. "Okay, let's go!"

Tails sighed as they came up to the Tornado. "Sonic, don't you think you kinda hurt her there?"

"Tails, I just want to protect her. I know she has a thing for you!" He winked at the young fox, "And actually, I think it's time you started dating!"

"Dating?!" Tails cried, blushing, "No way! Don't even think about it." He embarassly climbed into the pilot's seat as Sonic hopped into the back.

"Well, either way, it's time we got to the bottom of this... or that girl isn't gonna love to see her fisrt date."

"Rodger!" Tails called, turning on the engines.

Just before the plane took off, a red figure sneaked in from behind and made her way into the trunkspace. In her ear, there was an earpeice with a dark voice on the other line speaking, "You know what to do."

"Yes, master."