"Young Love"
Toni Ferraro
All Sonic characters copyrighted to SEGA
Fiona copyrighted to Archie
I've written lots and lots of Sonic fanfiction... but honestly, this is my very FIRST SegaSonic fic.
It's based some time after Sonic Adventure 2, and has an Archie character, but only a minor one who was only in two issues (but will always be my favorite).

All there was left of Fiona was the sizzling body with a hole in her chest... as if it were punctured rather than blown up.

Sonic stared over at the body. The hole was now making small sparks, and there were nuts and screws around her.

"Fiona... She was a..."

"A robot?" Robotnik finished, a sly grin on his face, "Good detective work."

"Fiona..." Tails murmured, "She was a robot... she wasn't real... but she... had feelings..."

Sonic scowled up at Robotnik, "What's the deal, Eggman?" he demanded.

Robotnik leaned casually on his control panel, "Oh, just the usual 'boyfriend must get girlfriend' routine. Fiona was going to be Tails' damsel in distress, so that you could hand over the Chaos Emeralds in exchange for her life. But who would of guessed she would learn the oh-so-goody lifestyle of love and care that the good guys celebrate non stop?"

Sonic growled, "You're amazing, Eggman... Tricking us with a fake person to steal our emeralds is one thing, but playing with Tails' emotions like that??"

He looked over to Tails, still being held by the bot, but hardly noticing anymore as he remembered Fiona. "And I cared for her too..." he said to himself.

Robotnik shrugged, "Oh well. Better to have love and lost than not love at all."

Sonic stepped forward, "I guess your plans are smokes now, Eggman! Now that I know them, there's no way I'll let you get away with this!"

Robotnik faced Sonic, angrily, "You're more simple minded that I ever imagined! Who needs Fiona when I sitll have your little sidekick in my hands!" He pointed to Tails, who still kept remembering Fiona to even notice much of what was happening.

Sonic looked over, suddenly remembering. There had to be a way to get Tails.

He looked over to the Tornado 2, the vehicle that often helped them search for the emeralds.

"Wish I could help, Eggman," said Sonic, "But you do remember that the Chaos Emeralds were scattered back to those special zones after the Eclispe Cannon was destroyed."

Robotnik growled, "You're always theiving those emeralds before I could. Go out and get them!"

Sonic gave a heaping sigh, "Well I guess I have no choice here." He looked over to Tails, "Do you mind if I borrow the Tornado 2, Tails?"

Tails glanced up, upon hearing his name, "What? Oh, sure..."

Sonic walked over and hopped into the cockpit. "You have 24 hours to retreive them, Sonic," rasped Robotnik, "Or else you're buddy's barbecued."

Converting it to Cyclone-Mode, Sonic reluctantly walked the Tornado 2 out of the room.

Robotnik smiled as soon as he was gone. "Now all we have to do is wait. You better pray your hero comes back in time to save you, foxboy."

Tails only hummed a response as the two bots turned the other direction.

"Take him to the dungeon cell," Robotnik ordered, as he turned and walked off the other direction as well.

But he whipped right back around after hearing the sound of explosions.

There was Sonic, at the controls of the Tornado 2, the Volken Cannon prevoiusly fired. Across the room lay two smoking guard bots with Tails rubbing his head from the explosions. The hedgehog deviously looked over at the doctor. "Sike!"

Robotnik growled, "What do you think you're doing this time??"

"Tails, get over here! Quick!"

Tails stood up and raced over to Sonic. "Sonic, the emeralds!"

"Emeralds?" said Robotnik.

"Take the emeralds and go, Tails!" said Sonic, "I'll take Eggman!"

But Tails only shook his head. "No Sonic..."

Sonic looked down, almost suprised. Tails never disobeyed him before. "What?"

"I'll take Eggman."

"But Tails--"

"Sonic," Tails responded, sounding more firm, "Not only is the Tornado 2 mine, but Fiona..." He looked to the ground, "She was..."

Sonic nodded, "I understand." He hopped out of the cockpit and in front of Tails, placing a hand on his shoulder, "Just do me a favor and take care of yourself. I don't want to lose you like you lost Fiona."

Tails smiled, "Right!"

And Tails hovered himself into the cockpit, Sonic reached into the trunk and took out...

"The Chaos Emeralds?!" Robotnik cried, "They were in that plane the entire time??" He growled, "Why didn't Fiona tell me??"

"I guess she wasn't programmed to do that," Sonic snived, "And you called ME simple??"

As he was about to run, Tails called, "Wait, Sonic!"

"What is it??"

Tails looked down at Sonic, sincere eyes almost with tears, "Please take Fiona with you. I want to make sure she's safe, even if... she's..."

Sonic nodded, "If you say so." He ran up to Fiona, placed her lifeless body on his shoulder, and sped out with the emeralds.

Robotnik looked about to chase him, but the familiar Volken Cannon got in his face. "You're not going anywhere, Eggman!" Tails shouted.

"You think you can beat me this time, you cute little fox?" Robotnik sneered as he took a step backwards to his control panel and pressed a button.

From the floor in front of them, Robotnik's vehicle elevated up. The Egg-Walker.

Hopping in the cockpit, Robotnik turned on his engines and started up. "This looks familiar," he mused, "But I'll claim victory this time in my new updated Egg-Walker!"

And with that, a giant cannon zoomed up from the back, pointing at Tails and firing.

Sonic held the emeralds and Fiona close as the base suddenly shook violently.

"The exit's just up ahead!" he called out, "Hang on, Fiona!"

But the way out would be more difficult than it seemed when debris starting falling heavily from the ceiling, along with the loud soudns of explosions and destruction.

"Sheesh!" Sonic yelped, jumping over a fallen pipe, "Tails and Eggman must really be at each other's throats!"

"Hold still, you!!" Robotnik roared as the Cyclone zipped all over the room, dodging each attack, "Dargh!! How can one pathetic machine move so fast suddenly??"

"You may have done some modification to your wheels," exclaimed Tails, "But so have I! No longer will I be lagging behind!"

He set targets on the Egg Walker.

"Oh no!" Robotnik cried, seeing in was in range. He quickly drove to get out of the way, but missles had already struck the left leg of the Walker. It fell over sideways.

"Hah! I got you!" Tails cheered.

Robotnik looked up to see where Tails was standing... in front of the nuclear pipes on the wall. Smirking at this, he aimed his laser rifles towards Tails.

"Nice try, Eggman," said Tails, simpily stepping to the side, "But you lost! Admit defeat!"

"Listen to your own advice!" sneered Robotnik, shooting.

The lasers struck the pipe, causing a MASSIVE explosion, knocking the Cyclone over to it's side. Tails cried out in suprise.

He looked around worriedly, "Oh no!"

Another large cannon sprung up from behind Robotnik's craft, "Mwa ha ha..." Robotnik laughed, "You're not the only one with the Volken Cannon. Say your prayers, foxboy!"

As the Volken Cannon charged up its full power, Tails looked around quickly. 'Darn that Eggman!' he cried in thought, 'I would have never thought of hitting the nuclear pipe, like what happened when we fought in ARK...'

Glancing upwards, he noticed Robotnik was also standing behind them as well, since the pipes went around the room. He also noticed the Eggman was too giddy about destroying his rival finally to even notice where_he_was!

Just before the Volken Cannon fired, Tails aimed his laser rifle at the pipes, creating another massive explosion.

"YARGH!!!" Robotnik cried, as his walker fell to the side.

The Volken Cannon did go off, however, and struck the side of the wall, creating another deadly quake to the base and the ceilings started collapsing.

"Uh oh..." Tails murmured.

Sonic managed to make it outside, miles away where the Tornado 2 was parked before.

He looked backed, only to see the base collapse.... and no sign of Tails.

"NO!" he cried, "Tails!!"

He just stood there, looking as the base fell to nothing but wood and metal peices...

He squinted his eyes as he saw something come speeding forward. It was a blue blur. But the blue blur himself was right there!

"Who... or what, is that??"

And just then, the Tornado 2 sped right past him!

"Tails!" Sonic cried, "You're alive!"

The plane veered around, and made a stop right in front of Sonic.

"Sure am!" the young pilot winked.

Sonic turned, looking back over at the destructed base, "Did Eggman...?"

"I didn't see," said Tails, "All I knew was I had to get out as fast as I could!"

Sonic sighed, "Well, if he did manage to make it out, we'll be hearing from him soon, no doubt."

Tails nodded, "Yeah!"

After picking up the emeralds and Fiona, Sonic opened the trunk space and shoved the Chaos Emeralds back in, where they were always kept. He then was about to put in Fiona.


Sonic looked over, "Yeah?"

"You don't think... Fiona can sit up with us, can she?"

Sonic twitched his nose, in a good manner. "Ah, I don't see why not."


"Are you sure you don't wanna give her some kind of proper burial or somethin'?"

Tails opened his storage compartment room, and placed Fiona inside.

"I think I'd rather have her here," he responded, "It'll be a better monument than having to bury her, so I can see her whenever I want. Maybe I'll rebuild her one day."

"You know Tails," said Sonic, "There ARE other girls out there... Some who are actually flesh and blood."

Tails sighed, "I know, but when you get right down to it, does it really matter if the one person you really care about is either flesh OR metal?"

"Yooo hoooo!" called a feminine voice, making Sonic cringe in fright, "Anybody hooome??"

They turned around. There stood Amy by the doorway of Tails' workshop, "Hiya sweety!!"

Sonic gulped, "Y'know, maybe_I_should try dating a robot some day!" And with that, he dashed off.

"Sonic Hedgehog!" Amy shouted, as she started racing after him, "You know very well no one can date you but me!"

Tails watched as they left. He then turned back into the closet, knelt by Fiona, and gave a kiss on her cheek.

"Y'know... maybe having a girlfriend isn't so bad after all..."


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