Star Wars: Different 2nd Attempt

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Ch. 1: New Friends

(Ten years before the Battle of Geonosis, Master Yoda was training a group of Jedi Younglings, and in that group, there was a special Youngling, he was also a Mandalorian, and his name is Tal Ordo. Tal wasn't like most Jedi younglings; he was the only youngling that would eventually be taught the lightsaber style Vaapad, he would also eventually use two Mandalorian disruptor pistols. He would also have a different outlook on the Force; he would believe there was no such thing as the Dark Side or Light Side; it all depended on how you used your power, but that was years from now. Because he was a Mandalorian, many of the other Jedi younglings were afraid to be around him, except Ahsoka Tano, her and Tal's friendship began when Tal was five and Ahsoka was four. They first met in the youngling training room when Master Plo Koon decided to have Ahsoka, who he found a year ago on the planet Shili, moved to a different class since Ahsoka wasn't getting along with the other younglings. Master Plo walked into the room while Ahsoka hid behind him, nervous about meeting new people.)

Plo: Master Yoda, Ahsoka is here ready to be trained with other younglings.

Yoda: Hello Ahsoka, good to see you, it is.

Ahsoka: He… hello master.

Yoda: Younglings, this is Ahsoka Tano, become part of your class she has, befriend her, I hope you will. Ahsoka, next to Tal, you can sit.

Ahsoka: Who?

(Tal raised his hand and Ahsoka became even more nervous because she knew Tal was a Mandalorian, and she heard the older Younglings talk about him and how he would turn on the Jedi when he became a knight, and ever since then, no Youngling has ever attempted to become Tal's friend. Despite this, Ahsoka did what Yoda said and took a seat next to Tal, and when she did, Tal looked at her and smiled.)

Tal: Hello.

(Ahsoka didn't answer and Tal frowned and returned to paying attention to Master Yoda. When lunch came, the Younglings went to the cafeteria and got their food, and while most of the Younglings sat together, Tal sat by himself again and just poked at his food, again. After Ahsoka got her tray, she looked for a place to sit, still nervous about meeting new people. She looked around and saw that Tal was sitting by himself, and so she decided to sit next to him, feeling bad for hurting his feelings. So she took a seat and looked over at him and saw that he took his first bite, and he looked over at her and she gave him a small smile, which he returned. After a few minutes of eating silently, Ahsoka decided to apologize for hurting Tal's feelings earlier.)

Ahsoka: Uhh… Ta… Tal?

Tal: Huh?

Ahsoka: I'm… I'm sorry for hurting your feelings earlier.

Tal: It's okay. I'm used to it.

Ahsoka: Oh… okay.

(The two continued eating until they finished their food and Tal went back to his room and Ahsoka followed him to the door.)

Ahsoka: Uh… Tal, do you think we could be friends?

Tal: Yeah, I'd like that.

Ahsoka: Okay, good. I guess I'll see you next class.

Tal: Okay.

(Tal then walked into his room and locked the door before going to a drawer and pulled out a holo-recorder and pressed a button and the holo-gram of a man and woman in Mandalorian armor appeared.)

Woman: Hello Tal'ika, I hope you're on time for you lesson son. Today, your father is going to teach you how to make wrist gauntlets for your armor.

(The woman moved and the man began showing him how to make a wrist gauntlet that's stock weaponry was a binding rope, and a blade used to stop long falls.)

A/N: It's the two things Jango Fett used on his wrist gauntlet when he fought Obi-wan on Kamino

Man: Okay, that should do it. Now son, not even Mandalorian children your age are able to use wrist gauntlet weaponry, let alone make them, so be careful, and be sure you watch where you aim that. I know the Jedi and Mandalorian's have never gotten along, but they're your allies now, and I trust them with you more than I would with the Death Watch. Now that's it for today, continue with your Jedi lessons son, and always remember that even in death, Jedi or warrior, your mother and I will always love you.

(Tal put on a small smile and put the recorder up and went back to the classroom and saw Ahsoka already practicing with her Force abilities by levitating a small ball in the air, but it looked she was having trouble, so he walked over, got in a meditative stance and concentrated on helping Ahsoka with the ball. When she noticed that ball suddenly got easier to hold in the air, so she opened her eyes and saw Tal sitting in front of her in a meditative stance and she smiled and continued with her training when Master Yoda walked in.)

Yoda: Good it is, to see that you made a new friend Tal.

Tal: Thank you master Yoda.

(About an hour later, the last of the students arrived and they too got a ball and got in teams of two and began working together to keep the ball floating. After an hour of teaching the students, Jedi Master Mace Windu walked into the room.)

Mace: Master Yoda, Master Qui-gon Jinn and his padawan have returned to the temple, and Master Qui-gon wishes to tell us of a strange adversary he met on Tatooine.

Yoda: Very well. Younglings, our classes, ended early today they must, continue with them tomorrow we shall.

Younglings: Yes Master.

(The Younglings then put the training equipment up and left the room to do whatever. Tal and Ahsoka just decided to walk through the Temple when Ahsoka noticed the gauntlet on Tal's wrist.)

Ahsoka: Tal, what's that?

Tal: It's a Mandalorian wrist gauntlet; my dad taught me how to make it.

Ahsoka: You know your dad?

Tal: Not really, he died the same year I was brought here. He taught me how to make this through a recording.

Ahsoka: Oh, the only thing I can remember about my parents was that my dad was some sort of village leader or something.

Tal: Oh. So where do you want to go?

Ahsoka: The library!

Tal: Okay!

(The two took off towards the library, knowing that today was the best day of their lives, they both made life long friends, unaware that their friendship will turn into something more.)

Two years later

(Two years after Ahsoka and Tal became friends, they were finally old enough to start working with training sabers and learning how to use the Force to guide their movements. Ahsoka exited her room and saw that Tal wasn't waiting for her like he normally does, so she went to the cafeteria and saw that he wasn't in there either, or the library, or in the training room, so she decided to go to Tal's room and knock on the door.)

Ahsoka: Come on Tal! You're going to make us late!

(No answer. Ahsoka placed her head against the door and could hear a voice that wasn't Tal's, it sounded like an older woman's voice and it wasn't Basic. She knocked on the door and still no answer, but she did notice that Tal's door was unlocked, so she pressed the button to open it and she saw Tal sitting on his bed holding a holo-messenger and the holo-gram of a man and woman on it. Tal looked up and when he saw Ahsoka, he stopped the holo-message and smiled.)

Ahsoka: Good morning Tal.

Tal: Good morning.

Ahsoka: Is that your mother?

Tal: Yeah, it's a holo-message of her, teaching me about the Mandalorian culture.

Ahsoka: Oh, you know, you never did tell me why the Council allowed you to be trained as a Mandalorian

Tal: When I was brought to the temple, the Jedi that brought me here promised my mother that I be trained as a Mandalorian along with a Jedi, right before my mom was killed by the Death Watch.

Ahsoka: Death Watch?

Tal: A group of Mandalorian's that betrayed Mandalore, my people's leader.

Ahsoka: Oh.

Tal: Yeah.

Ahsoka: Well, we're going to be late for class if we don't eat now.

Tal: Alright, I finished my morning lesson anyway.

(Tal turned the holo-messenger off and put it in a drawer filled with dozens more. Tal then exited his room and he and Ahsoka went to the cafeteria to find that a new face was there, a seven year old, blond haired human boy, talking with a bunch of other human younglings, and wanting to make the new Youngling feel welcome, the two walked over to him, but his smiling face went away when he looked over at them.)

Tal: Hello, I'm Tal Ordo, and this is my friend Ahsoka Tano.

Boy: I didn't know the Jedi temple had servants, why don't you get me some breakfast girl.

Ahsoka: What?

Boy: What are you; stupid? Get my food!

Ahsoka: I am not a servant, I am a Jedi Youngling!

Boy: Oh, they allow aliens to be Jedi?

Tal: Stop talking about her like that, she has a name you know.

Boy: Yes, but I'm a superior species. My name is Gadon Thek, of the high class Thek family.

Tal: I don't care if you're the son of the Queen of Naboo, no one, especially a Jedi should make fun of someone just because they're different.

Gadon: My father had dozens of servants, most of them alien, and one thing I remember about her species and other tail-heads, is the funny face they make every time I would do this.

(Gadon stuck out his hand and flicked one of Ahsoka's lekku, and the pain of it, made her scream because of how sensitive the lekku were.)

Gadon: That face, see! I love that face!

Ahsoka: Don't do that! My lekku get hurt very easily, and part of my brain is in my lekku.

Gadon: So, it's not like you know how to use your brain.

Tal: I told you to stop making fun of her, and stop touching her lekku!

Gadon: Make me!

Ahsoka: Please don't fight Tal, let's just get our breakfast so we can get to our class.

(Ahsoka grabbed Tal's hand and he immediately calmed down and walked past Gadon, but he just balled his fist and tried to punch the back of Ahsoka's head, but something stopped him. Gadon turned around and saw Mace Windu holding his arm, using the Force to stop Gadon from hurting Ahsoka. Tal and Ahsoka turned around as well to see masters Yoda and Plo Koon, and Ahsoka ran to Plo to hug her old friend.)

Mace: What's going on here?

Tal: Gadon was making fun of Ahsoka and flicked one of her lekku!

Gadon: That's not true!

Yoda: Sense your lie, we do, young Gadon.

Gadon: But…

Mace: No buts! Gadon, if you're to become a Jedi, then you must first learn that all creatures are to be treated equally.

Gadon: But… Tal was about to hit me!

Plo: Is this true Tal?

Tal: Yes masters… I was getting frustrated with Gadon making fun of Ahsoka. She's my only friend, and I didn't like seeing her get hurt by some stranger. But I was holding back and trying to control my anger, like you have taught me, but, I just wanted to make Gadon shut up so badly.

Yoda: Understandable that is; wanting to defend a friend, natural emotion in all of us it is.

Plo: Indeed.

Gadon: But…

Tal: I have one question, Gadon, when were you brought to the temple?

Gadon: About an hour ago.

Tal: Even that should be enough time to spot a Nonhuman.

Gadon: Well, I've been in here most of the time, and these guys were the first ones in the cafeteria.

Mace: Come Gadon, I think you should learn that all creatures should be treated equally.

Gadon: But… yes Master Windu.

Yoda: Sad it is, appearing to be no end, to racism there is.

(Plo Koon nodded in agreement and the two masters left the cafeteria, while the other Younglings went to get their breakfast, and in the back of Tal's mind, he knew that this wouldn't be the last time he would have to deal with the racism of Gadon Thek, but he would just hope that Gadon would have changed the way he sees aliens, or that he would eventually be able to control his temper without the help of Ahsoka or the masters.)

End of Chapter

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