I'm sorry but I HAD to do this! The idea entered my brain and would not leave! It makes sense since I love Pokemon and Ben 10 Alien Force to the point of obsession. Okay, Giovanni has succeeded in capturing Lugia and Ho-Oh. Arceus sends a call to three certain Earth humans to come to the aid of the two legendaries. What adventures will befall them? This takes place in the Johto region because I personally believe that that particular region is ignored the most out of the four. Enjoy!

"It is no use. I cannot reach the beasts. They are too far away." The rainbow colored bird said mournfully.

"The great birds battle so much, they cannot hear me. What are we going to do? What can the Rocket Leader possibly have planned for us, Ho-Oh?" The silver dragon replied, his voice tinged with worry.

"I feel my energy slowly draining, Lugia. And yet, there is much energy coming back."

"Is he using us as a combined absorber of power? If so, our homelands are in grave peril."

"Do not worry, my friends." A powerful voice spoke. The two powerful Pokemon froze at the sound of the voice.

"Arceus? Is that you?"

"Yes, my comrades."

"Can you save us?" A sigh of regret echoed around the two scared Legendary Masters.

"I cannot. There is only so much I am allowed to do. I apologize. However, I have just enough power to send you the aid of some friends."

"Can you contact the beasts and birds?"

"They have grown wild in your absence and will not hear my voice. However, there are three young Pokemon who have answered my plea."

"What are the names of these Pokemon."

"They are Totodile, Cyndaquil, and Chikorita." The mighty Pokemon felt genuine dismay.

"Such small Pokemon…will they even be able to find us? Can they obtain the power to go against this organization?"

"I can do one thing more. I have been looking throughout the universe for some special humans to aid the three young ones, three humans who may have a chance at calming the great beasts and birds, three humans who have good hearts, minds, and souls."

"Have you found such humans?"

"Yes. I have spotted the perfect humans for the job. I will send them to find the three young Pokemon right now…"

"Kevin, are you sure you know what you're doing?" Gwen asked as Kevin morphed his metal hand into a wrench and continued tinkering. "I don't think that you should-" Kevin waved his stone hand at her dismissively.

"Chill out, Gwen. How long have we been a team?"

"Over a year."

"And how many times have I been wrong?" Ben walked into the room with a juice in his hand.

"Four thousand, three hundred, seventy-two." He said promptly. Both Kevin and Gwen stared at him. "What?" He pointed to the Omnitrix. "I have a counter on this thing and decided to experiment."

"By counting the amount of times I've been wrong? Well Ben, that counter is clearly a malfunction!" Ben shook his head and laughed.

"According to the counter, your brain has the malfunction!"

"Say that again, Tennyson!" Kevin shouted, standing up and accidentally yanking out the bolt he had been working on. "Aw, darnit!" He groaned, turning back to the machine. "That wasn't planned…" The machine started to beep and crackle.

"Kevin…is it supposed to spark like that?"

"Why is that static green colored?!"

"EVERYONE DUCK!" Kevin shouted, diving to the ground and tackling Ben and Gwen to the ground just as an emerald colored light enveloped all of them.

"WHOAAAAAA!!!!!" Ben screamed as he felt himself being lifted from the ground and violently thrown. He heard similar cries coming from Gwen and Kevin as a black abyss sucked them in. All at once, the blackness cleared and the three were thrown into a patch of soft green grass. Ben groaned and sat up, fighting his dizziness.

"Wh-where are we?" Kevin and Gwen both looked around.

"Can't tell…how did we get here?" Gwen asked, rubbing her head. Kevin grinned sheepishly.

"Well…maybe it's because of that teleporter bolt that got yanked out…" Both cousins turned on him.

"A teleporter?!" Ben gasped. "That's just great! We're stuck in a new place with no way of getting back home!" He looked at his watch. "What's worse, the Omnitrix isn't working!" He started tapping at the watch, which was strangely blank. "Perfect…" He breathed a sigh. Kevin stood up.

"Tell you what, I'll go look around and see what there is in the area. You guys stay here." He turned and walked off into the trees. 'Maybe there's a road nearby…'

Chikorita's red eyes glinted. "Who's coming?" Her leaf began to tremble as she saw the creature that approached their hiding spot. He was made completely out of rock and other minerals. What was he?! He wasn't a Pokemon! Was he some sort of monster? "He's getting closer…" She whispered, backing away. 'This isn't good…"

"I got this!" She saw ripples quickly forming on the surface of the nearby lake.

"Totodile! No!" The hotheaded reptile ignored her and shot out of the water toward the creature.

"I wonder if Kevin found a road." Ben muttered, drawing in the dust absentmindedly with a stick.

"I hope he didn't get lost…"

"OUCH! HELP!" Kevin's voice rang through the trees. Gwen and Ben both jumped up and shot toward the sound.

"Kevin! Are you-" Ben stopped as he stared at the scene in front of him. Kevin was waving his arm wildly, trying to detach some weird blue thing from it. "Kevin! Hold your arm still for a second!" Kevin obediently stopped waving his arm and stood still, despite his obvious annoyance.

"Get it off so I can pound it!" He grumbled. The teeth didn't hurt per say, but he hated being attacked and letting the attacker get away with it.

Ben looked carefully at the little blue creature. It looked like a tiny blue bipedal crocodile. Red spikes ran down its back and its red eyes glinted mischievously. "Hey there…boy?" The creature's tail wagged a little as it looked at him. "How about letting go of my friend? He won't hurt you." The little creature seemed to contemplate this for a moment before letting go. "That's it!" Ben bent down and lightly stroked the animal's snout. "Now, do you have a name?"

"Dile! Toto-toto-toto-dile!" The little blue reptile said in a gargling voice, dancing around on his hind legs.

"Whew. That's a mouthful! How about I just call you Dile?" The little blue creature tilted his head before nodding.

"Dile!" He garbled.

"Okay, Dile! It's nice to meet you. My name is Ben and this is my cousin Gwen and the guy you were chewing on is Kevin. We're kinda lost and would like to know where we are. Can you tell us?" 'Might as well reason with the natives here…'

"Dile, toto, Totodile, totototototodile!" Dile replied promptly. Ben sighed a little.

"Okay…is that all you can say?" Dile nodded his head cheerfully. "Well then…I guess we'll have to go somewhere else for answers. Thanks anyway, Dile." Ben stood up to walk away when Dile ran over and grabbed his pant leg.

"Totodile!" He looked up earnestly at Ben.

"You want to come with us?" Dile nodded his head fervently. Ben grinned. "Okay! We could use a guide. Let's get going, Dile!" Kevin started to grumble.

"If that thing bites me again, I will be so mad!"

Cyndaquil peeked out of his hiding place. "I-Is it safe?" He whispered, slowly crawling out of the woven branches. Chikorita nodded her head thoughtfully.

"Yeah, it's safe. Though, Totodile has gone off with some humans." Cyndaquil's back flared up in a panic.

"What?! But we have to save Lugia and Ho-Oh! We can't waste time!"

"Remember when Arceus told us that we would receive human assistance? Maybe these humans are the ones meant to find us. Totodile has chosen the brown haired human as a partner. I suppose we must make our decisions as well." Cyndaquil's fire died down, though some twigs were still ablaze from his scared outburst.

"I don't want the rocky one…he's scary…The girl looks nice!" Chikorita nodded again, narrowing her eyes a little.

'The rocky one doesn't look too trustworthy…I'll have to see if I'm willing to partner with him.' She turned back to Cyndaquil, who was waiting for her order. "Let's follow them. We can't let Totodile out of our sight!"

Meanwhile, Totodile, newly renamed Dile, was being carried in the brown haired boy's arms. 'He seems nice! There's something powerful about all three of them!' His eyes fell on the rocky boy. 'He's fun to play with! Maybe when we stop to take a break, we can play some more!' He could hear the sounds of Cyndaquil and Chikorita following. 'Good. They didn't lose me!' His eyes darted cheerfully around.

Gwen froze dead in her tracks. "Hold on, guys…Someone is trying to reach me…" She closed her eyes and began to focus.

"Young human…can you hear me…?" The voice was deep and sounded as if it was echoing from a distant cave.

"Yes. I can hear you. Who are you?"

"My name is Arceus. I am the Creator of this world."

"What world is this, exactly?"

"You have entered the world of Pokemon. Being teleported here was no accident. I sent for you."

"Why did you send for us?"

"Two of the Legendary Leaders have been captured by an evil organization who, even now, continues to extend its dark influence. I am unable to help them, however, I have sent for three Pokemon. They have agreed to help save the two Great Ones."

"Where do we come in?"

"There are strong bonds between humans and Pokemon and I can sense something special within all three of you. Each of you will be partnered with one of the three chosen Pokemon. When you each have your partner, you will hear from me again."

"How will we know when we have our partner?"

"Your cousin has already found a friend in Dile. Now you two who remain need to find the other two partners. They are closer than you think."

The presence vanished and Gwen opened her eyes to see Ben and Kevin looking at her with concern.

"What's up?" Gwen took a deep breath.

"It seems that we have another mission to save the world…"

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