Sorry for the delay. Writers block is EVIL! Okay, in this chapter, Dile begins to lead the gang toward New Bark Town. Unfortunately, Kevin can't stop thinking about Chikorita. Will a chance encounter with some members of Team Rocket get Chikorita to finally trust her destined partner? Let's find out!

"A Chikorita, a Totodile, and a Cyndaquil? And how are they a threat to us?" A Team Rocket Grunt grumbled to his partner.

"I dunno. The Boss had Mewtwo checking out the psychic waves around the base and heard something about those three Pokemon being a threat to our plans." Said the second.


"He won't tell anyone. All he said was to also keep an eye out for Suicune, Raikou, Entei, Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno. Somehow, they are a threat as well."

"Aren't they being driven crazy by the waves of the machine?"

"Apparently they may gain control again."

"I'm not understanding any of this!"

"Me neither. We just need to follow the Boss's orders and keep an eye out for those Pokemon."

"That's a long list! I don't even know what half of those Pokemon look like!"

"Well…" The second one suddenly stopped and turned around. "See that? That's what a Chikorita looks like."

"Let's get it!"

"Not so fast…the Boss said that the Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile have to be together. If this is the right Chikorita, it'll eventually lead us right to the other two." He grinned evilly. "And even if it isn't…I wouldn't mind having one for myself!"

Gwen held Quill in her arms as Dile ran ahead of the group. The small fire Pokemon nuzzled into the crook of her arm and made a happy "chirrup" noise. She stroked his warm fur and smiled affectionately. "Good boy, Quill." She looked toward Ben. "Are you sure that Dile knows the way?"

"He seems to." Ben had to jog to keep up with the little blue reptile as he trotted on ahead cheerfully.

"Dile! Toto-toto-totodile!" Dile pointed a claw toward the trees. They were beginning to thin out.

"Great job, Dile!" Ben started to run faster. 'Finally…people…'

Kevin was walking at a very slow, deliberate pace, glancing over his shoulder every so often.

"Kevin. Are you still feeling bad about that green Pokemon?" Gwen asked, concern in her voice.

"Yeah…" He looked into another bush, as if expecting the tiny Pokemon to leap out into his arms. "I just wish I had my ID mask right now…"

Gwen looked down at Quill before holding him out to Kevin. "You can carry Quill for awhile. It might make you feel better."

Kevin looked down at the little rodent before reluctantly holding out his arms. Quill slowly crawled in and curled up once more. Kevin felt a warmth like a furnace and smiled a little despite himself. 'Cute little guy…' He sighed and started following Ben once more. "I'm still really ticked off…I wish I had something to beat to a pulp." Quill looked up at him in alarm. "I wish I had something evil or inanimate to beat to a pulp." Kevin amended. Quill nodded his head before closing his eyes again.

Dile quickly rounded a corner and disappeared into the bushes. 'Sorry, Ben! I'll be right back!' He crept through the bracken to where he could detect Chikorita's scent. "Chikorita? Are you here?"

"Yeah. I'm right here." Her weary face came into view.

"You look exhausted! Haven't you been sleeping?"

"No…nightmares…" She yawned and lay down. "We're getting pretty close to the human town. What'll we do then?"

"I was just going to ask you the same thing! You're the leader after all! Why won't you just come to Kevin already?" Chikorita shivered.

"He's really scary…" Dile let out a sigh of exasperation.

"I chew on him on a regular basis and he does nothing to me! Will you just grow up already?! Aren't you always telling Quill and me to not judge on appearances?" Chikorita looked sheepish.

"I know…it's just-"

"What's up, guys? Dile, Ben is getting worried." Quill crawled through the interwoven branches to where his friends were. "Let's go back."

At that moment, a huge net fell over the three Pokemon.

"DIIIIIIIIIIILE!!!!" Ben's eyes grew wide.

"Dile!" He started running toward where the sound had come from. At the next second, another voice pierced the air.


Gwen narrowed her eyes and started running even faster, followed closely by Kevin.


Kevin's heart skipped a beat. He knew that voice! 'Could it be…' He ran even faster.

"Got them! The Boss will totally give us a raise!" The first Grunt laughed.

"I wouldn't mind keeping them for myself, though…Nice looking Pokemon!" He tickled the Chikorita under the chin but quickly withdrew his finger when it tried to bite him.

"Chika…" It hissed.

"Feisty, eh?" He smirked and slung the net over his shoulder, feeling satisfaction at the startled yelps that came from the three captives.

"Hey!" A voice called out through the trees. "Those Pokemon aren't yours! Let them go and we may take it easy on you." A brown haired teenager brandished his fists menacingly.

A red haired girl quickly followed the boy, getting into a fighting stance. "You'd better listen. We mean business."

Both Grunts stepped back in fear as a strange monster came up behind the two teens. "I'm not in a happy mood, so you'd better cooperate!" He snarled, his fists turning into blades.

"This looks bad… Go, Raticate, Arbok, and Graveler!" The first Grunt shouted, throwing his three Pokeballs.

"You too, Wheezing, Magmar, and Quagsire!" The second Grunt sent out his three Pokemon.

Kevin turned to Ben. "Think we can take them?"

Ben nodded his head, starting to switch through the Omnitrix. "I guess we have to… Time for Humungousaur!" He slammed his hand on the watch…and nothing happened. "Darn! Still on the fritz!" He jumped out of the way just as the Magmar sent a flurry of fire at him. He heard Dile let out a cry of protest. "Kevin! Gwen! Hold these Pokemon off! I'll go rescue ours!" He bolted toward the net that was now lying on the ground.

"No problem!" Kevin banged a mallet into Graveler's head. It was knocked out even easier than the Golem had been. 'Weird…Graveler and Golem look a lot alike…' He turned and used a rocky mace to throw Raticate into a tree.

Gwen put up a force field to block out Arbok's poisonous attacks. At the same time, she shot a beam that was able to take out Wheezing. "This isn't too hard!"

Ben started pulling at the ropes of the net. 'Come on…come on…what is this stuff made of? Elongated metal?' He yanked harder at Dile's urging. "I know, Dile! I know! I'm trying!" He tugged with all he had. "It's no use…Kevin! Get over here and cut the- ARRGHH!" The slimy blue body of Quagsire tackled him to the ground. The next thing he knew, claws were trying to tear at his face. "OW! GET OFF!" His feet were getting hot…Magmar! "KEVIN!"

Kevin turned abruptly at Ben's call. "Ben!" He bolted over and threw Quagsire and Magmar off of Ben.

"Don't worry about me! Cut the ropes! I'll distract them!" At that moment, Gwen was hit in the neck with a poisonous dart from Arbok.

"Gwen!" Kevin began to move toward her but Ben was already running to help his cousin. Reluctantly, Kevin turned back toward the net. "It's okay Dile, Quill." With a start, he realized that the green Pokemon from before was in the net with them. 'I was right…' His rage doubled. "Steady, boy." He muttered to the little plant like creature.

"Chika!" It sounded indignant.

"S-Sorry, girl." Kevin quickly corrected himself before beginning to work on the ropes. Dile and Quill seemed calmed by his presence but the green Pokemon still looked scared. "Chika…that's a nice name…" Kevin murmured, trying to sound soothing though he wasn't sure how well the intended comfort was carrying over. Chika tilted her head at him, momentarily curious.

"Chika?" She blinked a few times.

The first rope was cut… "ATTACK THE MONSTER!" At that moment, all six Pokemon were upon Kevin like savage beasts.

Fire burned his metal arm while sharp teeth gnawed on his legs. Water soaked his head as poison darts bounced off of every surface. He could feel Graveler's crushing weight and smell the scent of noxious fumes.


Kevin felt Graveler get off of him. 'Chika!' "NO!" With an effort, he threw his other attackers off and attacked Graveler.

Chika stared in horror as the monster, Kevin, began pummeling Graveler. He let out a battle cry and stood defensively in front of the net.

"YOU WON'T TAKE THEM!" He howled savagely.

'He's protecting us…' She could feel Quill and Dile struggling to squeeze out of the tiny hole that Kevin had created.

Dile could faintly see Arbok leaving Kevin to headbutt Ben into a large rock. Gwen was on the ground, unconscious. 'Gwen's poisoned, Ben's powerless, and Kevin's outnumbered! We need to get out there!'

Quill tried to send out a Flamethrower at Kevin's attackers but only succeeded in scorching Dile and Chika. "Sorry…forgot the net is flame proof…" He muttered guiltily.

Kevin was down! The five Pokemon began savaging him mercilessly. 'NO!' Chika felt uncontrollable rage shoot through her body. With a shout of defiance, she wriggled through the ropes and shot at Kevin's assailants. "LEAVE HIM ALONE!"

Kevin's vision was blurry but he suddenly felt his opponents being pushed off of him. He opened his eyes enough to see Chika standing defensively in front of him. "Chika…" Chika turned back and smiled at him before sending huge leafy blades swarming toward the sinister Pokemon.

"QUIIIL!" The leaves were soon followed by a gust of flames.

"DIIILE!" A torrent of water quickly followed suit.

Chika smirked as the two Rocket members withdrew their Pokemon and ran for the hills. "And don't come back!" She shouted, sending some extra Razor Leaves for good measure. She then turned toward Kevin, who was sitting upright, looking nervously at her. "Why is he nervous?"

"He's your partner, Chika." Quill replied. "He's worried that you still don't like him."

Guilt flooded Chika's heart. "Oh…" She turned back to Kevin and slowly walked over, gazing up at him with new eyes. "H-Hello…" She whispered. He didn't understand her exact words but he smiled just the same. Slowly, he reached out and began to stroke the leaf on top of her head. She closed her eyes, content.

"You're a fighter, just like me…" Kevin whispered affectionately, lightly caressing Chika's leaf. "We'll make a good team…partner." She seemed to smile at the word "partner".

As Chika felt herself being lifted into strong cold arms, she realized something. This monster, Kevin, really didn't seem so scary anymore…


Gwen moaned in feverish pain. "Where are you?" She called out in a blurry voice. "Who are you?"

Kevin bent down over Gwen. Chika moved up onto his shoulder and also stared down at Gwen, her face mirroring her partner's concern. "This can't be good…"

Ben limped over before turning to Dile. "Let's get to town. Quickly!"

Sorry I've been slow in updating. A lot of my Chapter stories are in a state of writer's block right now… Hope you enjoyed it!