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Chocolate High

Paul and Dawn had been walking all morning. It was now about lunchtime and Dawn had been complaining about sore feet. The purple haired boy had stopped to just shut her up.

Paul rubbed his temples as he sat down. Why did I get stuck with her? he thought. Dawn pulled out her lunch and began to eat hungrily. Paul muched on his food quietly, finishing before his companion. He decided to take a look towards her, ready to ask if she was ready to go yet when he noticed that she held a bar of chocolate in her hand.

His sanity then snapped. He held back the sudden urge to snatch the bar of chocolate from her. Paul had to be sneaky, slick to get it. Right?

"Paul?" Dawn asked, looking at him in a look of mixed concern and curiosity. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," he answered disdainfully, looking the other way.

Dawn glared at him. Jerk, she thought, munching on the chocolate.

Ah, screw it. Paul jumped towards the bar of chocolate but didn't think of where he was going. Paul's lips met Dawn's in an unexpected kiss. Both stood there looking dumbly at each other and then turned facing the other way, the two were blushing madly.

"C . . . can I have the chocolate?" he asked.

Dawn didn't answer. She split the bar in half and handed him half of what was left. Paul took it, not looking at her.

"No one hears about this, okay?" said Dawn embarassedly.

"Yeah," agreed Paul. "This never happened."

A/N: This is my first Pokemon thing up here. O-o Anyway, it's Ikarishipping if you haven't noticed. Paul seems so uptight with the stick shoved up his butt, so why not give him something to help seem more comical? I just came up with this randomly when I was on a quick chocolate high after eating some Halloween candy. Hmm . . . chocolate. :3 Anyway, hope you liked the drabble and fluff. This is fluff right? Review, please!

~Kaito Lune~