Fall, 1701, Romania.

A young woman, with wavy strawberry blonde hair, and aqua eyes, about 5"7 wearing a white and light blue dress, walked through the dark streets. The young woman, didn't know that a predator was watching her from the shadows.

Vladimir, was about 6"2, with dark brown hair, and red eyes. He was a predator, and she was his prey. But tonight, it wasn't to feed his blood lust. No, this time the human girl would be dealing with another type of lust.

Soon Vladimir watched her walk down a alley, and knew it was time to strike.

He ran quickly to her.

The young woman turned after feeling a breeze.

"Who's there?" She asked looking around.

"Don't worry my dear, all will be well." The vampire said as he stepped into the moonlight.

"Who are you?" She asked fear in her voice.

"I am Vladimir, and who are you?" Vladimir asked.

"Tanya." The woman whispered, though she didn't know why she told the stranger her name.

Vladimir smiled, a kind smile, for he knew he would be gentle with this beautiful woman.

"I will look after you, Tanya." He said before he pulled her to him and placed a kiss on her rose coloured lips.

Winter, 1701, Denali.

3 beautiful women ran through the forest of Alaska, while the snow settled into their hair. All had gold eyes. The two younger women, had almost white, blonde hair, while their sire had auburn hair.

Sasha, led her daughters through the forest. Kate, had her shoulder length hair whipping around her in the wind, thought she hear something. She stopped running with her sister, and her mother to listen to the forest.

"Kate, what's wrong?" Irina asked her sister.

"Listen." Kate hissed and all 3 listened.

The sound came again. Now that they listened, they could tell it was a groan of pain.

"Let's see what's wrong." Sasha said before running towards the groan of pain.

All 3 female vampires, was shocked to see a heavily pregnant woman, laying in the snow. They could see, she was very pale, and frail. But she was still beautiful for a human, with her strawberry blonde hair.

Sasha took in the scent of the girl, and was shocked to be able to smell, what seemed like vampire, and a human scent mixed together. She knew she couldn't leave the girl there, that she had to help her, because she knew that the woman was not having a normal baby.

Slowly Sasha walked towards the woman.

The woman opened her aqua eyes, and looked at Sasha.

"Your look like him." She whispered.

"Who, dear?" Sasha asked.

"Vladimir." She whispered before she passed out.

Tanya screamed out in pain, as she felt tiny teeth trying to rip through her stomach.

"Don't worry Tanya, everything will be fine." Sasha soothed her new daughter.

She knew she had to get the child out, and then had to change her. She hoped Irina would be back soon with Vladimir, and his brother Stefan.

"Don't worry Tanya, it all be over soon." Kate whispered to her sister, as she watched her mother start to use her teeth to open Tanya's stomach.

Tanya screamed again, though she tried to keep it in. Soon Sasha, pulled the baby from Tanya, and handed her to Kate.

Kate took the tiny baby, and wrapped her in a blanket before taking in the child's face, while her mother changed Tanya.

The baby girl, had her mother's aqua eyes, and dark brown wavy hair. She had white porcelain skin, rosy cheeks, and pale pink rose lips. Kate thought she looked like a little doll.

"How is the baby?" Sasha asked looking at Kate, she had just finished biting Tanya.

"She's beautiful." Kate whispered.

"You better take her away from here, before Tanya starts to scream." Sasha told her middle daughter.

Kate nodded to her mother, before leaving the room, and went to wash her new neice.

Kate watched as the child tried to reach for her mother, as she past her.

"Don't worry Isabella, you'll be with her soon." Kate soothed the baby girl.

It seemed to work, as she looked back at Kate. Isabella smiled at Kate. Soon, Kate had cleaned Isabella, and placed her in a white dress.

Vladimir and his brother Stefan followed after Irina, running through the forest. All the time thoughts of Tanya flew through his mind.

Is she ok? Why did they come and get me? Has she been changed?

Although Tanya wasn't his mate, Vladimir had this bond with her, he couldn't explain. He didn't want her to be hurt.

Soon they came to Irina's and her family's house. When they entered, they could hear Tanya whimpering in pain.

"Tanya." Vladimir exclaimed in alarm.

But was blocked by Irina.

"She is not what I have brought you to see." Irina told him.

"Then what is?" He demanded.

"Kate?" Irina called her sister.

Kate came from the other room, holding a one day old Isabella, though she looked to be 3 months, or so.

Vladimir, looked at the new vampire in the room, and then at what she was holding. He felt his eyes go wide. He knew, the baby girl, was not an immortal child. He could smell her scent, see her blood running through her veins, hear her heart beat, and see her aqua eyes.

"What is she?" He asked stepping towards the child.

He of course, could see she looked like both Tanya and himself. But he thought it was impossible.

"This is Isabella, your's and Tanya's daughter. She's half vampire, and half human." Kate explained.

Vladimir looked back to his daughter. A daughter he thought he would never have. He felt a smile lit his face, as she reached out to him with her little arms.

The smile what came to Vladimir's face, was like no smile Stefan had ever seen on his brother's face. It was kind, and caring, as well as filled with love. Stefan couldn't deny he that he too felt love for the little baby in Vladimir's arms. He knew that Isabella was going to be loved, and spoiled.

"How old is she?" Stefan asked as he made his way over to his brother, and let Isabella play with his fingers.

"Just a day, she grows quickly, but I think that it's slowing down." Kate explained watching her neice play with her father and uncle, with a smile on her face.

Everyone apart from Vladimir, and Stefan who was looking after Isabella or Bella as they have nick named her, was watching Tanya go through the last of her change.

With the last beat of her heart, Tanya opened her eyes. She was more beautiful, then she was when human, and her once aqua eyes were now a bright crimson.

"Tanya?" Sasha said.

Tanya sat up and looked at her sire and mother.

"Let's take you hunting, then you can see Isabella." Sasha told her youngest daughter.

At the mention of her daughter, Tanya's eyes lit up and she took Sasha's hand, knowing the sooner she hunted, the sooner she would be with her baby.

Soon both of them was running through the forest. After they finished hunting, they returned home. When they entered, Kate and Irina made sure they was near Tanya, ready to stop her attacking Bella.

Bella was in her father's arms, watching her mother with happiness in her eyes. When Tanya got closer to Bella, Bella reached out to her mother.

Vladimir carefully put Bella into Tanya's arms, making sure Tanya wasn't going to hurt Bella.

Spring, 1702, Denali.

Stefan ran through the forest of Denali, Alaska. Knowing he had to get to his neice before the Volturi got to Sasha's house. He had to make sure she was save.

Soon he saw the house, and let out a sigh of relief when he didn't smell the Volturi. He knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer.

Tanya answered the door, and was shocked to see Stefan standing there, panting for unneeded breathe.

"Stefan, what are you doing here?" Tanya asked.

"The Volturi are heading this way." Stefan said.

Tanya knew right away what that meant.

"Bella?" Tanya called with a little panic in her voice.

Bella came running at the sound of her mother's call. Though she wasn't even a year old, she looked like a child at the age of 3. She could walk, run, dance, and talk.

"What's wrong momma?" Bella asked.

"Honey, your going to be staying with your daddy for while, okay?" Tanya told her daughter.

"Okay." Bella nodded with a smile before running off to get her bag.

When she got a few things she needed, she came back down the stairs, and took Stefan's hand. Before they both ran off towards Stefan's and Vladimir's home. And Tanya was just standing there, looking at were her daughter disappeared. With a sigh, she turned and with the help of her sister's they hid all of Bella's things.

Soon the whole of the Volturi was their. Tanya knew, as soon as she saw Aro, that her daughter's life could be over.

"Where is Sasha?" Aro asked the 3 sister's.

None knew where, their mother had gone.

"I'm right here, Aro." Sasha said coming in to view holding a little boy.

But it wasn't any little boy. It was an immortal child.

All 3 sister's gasped.

"I'm glad you know why we are here, Sasha." Aro said and before the sister's could blink, their mother was ripped apart and set on fire.

Aro then turned to the sister's and grabbed Tanya's hand. Aro was shocked, as he saw everything Tanya had been through. He let go of her hand, and just stared at her for a moment.

"Where is the child now?" Aro asked.

"Bella is with her uncle and father." Tanya stated, trying to keep the fear for her daughter out of her voice.

"Amazing. Simply amazing. You know, you will have to watch over her, and not let others see her. They would think she was an immortal child." Aro told Tanya.

Tanya, aswell as her sister's were shocked. Aro was not going to kill Bella.

Although they was mourning the death of their mother, and sire, they was relieved that Bella would not meet the same fate.

Winter, 1708, Denali.

Vladimir and Stefan walked towards, the drawing room, ready to give Bella her birthday gifts. Though Bella was 7 years old, she looked 17.

She had grown more beautiful over the years. She still had her mother's human aqua eyes, and her father's hair, though it was wavy like her mothers. She was about 5"5, she was shorter then both her parents. Although Bella, lived with her mother, she was in both covens.

When Vladimir entered the room, he opened his arms just in time to catch his little girl.

"Dad." Bella shouted in delight.

"Hey baby girl." Vladimir whispered in his daughter's ear.

Soon Bella was unwrapping her persents, under the eyes of her family. It had grown since the death of Sasha. Carmen and Eleazar had joined the coven. Eleazar was an ex-member of the Volturi guard. Carmen had brought him with her, when she came searching from the Denali coven. They was mate's and married. Both loved Bella, like the rest of the family.

September, 2009, Forks.

A beautiful girl, with dark brown wavy hair and aqua eyes, stood in the forest, tears running down her face just staring at the place where her first love stood just moments ago.

The girl, didn't seem to notice time pass, as she stood numbed by her own pain of her heart break.


Bella looked up to see a beautiful female vampire, with strawberry blonde wavy hair and gold eyes, watching her with worry dancing in her eyes.

"Mom." Bella cried as she threw herself into Tanya's arms.

Tanya wrapped her arms around her daughter, and took in the scents of the area, hoping that would shed some light on what happened. When she smelt the scent of Edward Cullen, she let out a soft growl.

Whatever Edward Cullen did to her daughter, he was going to pay for it.