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"Damn what a day," I exclaimed as I got on my feet. Things have just been going down hill since about a week and a half ago. More infected more riot's more looting, rape, murder, any crime you can think of has been more prominent than ever before since this whole mess started.

Oh and did I mention this was world wide and that every major country was having the same problems. To top that all off the news said that the governments of the world were beginning to point fingers at one another which could possibly lead to nuclear war.

At least that's what they said before service was cut. Anyway if we haven't been hit by a nuke by now I doubt anyone is left to push the big red button. Too much chaos for even the rich, famous, and important to have even escaped.

So here I am in someone else's apartment with their couches up against the door and I'm still too groggy and out of it to get up and move them so I can continue to wander around the chaotic city.

On top of that all this damn bite won't stop itching even after I've cleaned and bandaged it. Still searing hot with blood and pus oozing out of it and it was persistent in reminding me that it was still there despite my efforts not to look at it. Yep despite all my training as an army medic I couldn't even manage to clean a bite.

"Uh backpack with food and water and hatchet, Check," I said having repeated the same mantra every morning since I was literally chased out of my apartment by my extremely pissed off infected neighbor.

After visiting the sink in the kitchen and washing out my eyes with cold water thus getting any residual grains of sleep out I got to work pushing those couches out of the way.

The couches now moved I tightened my grip on my hatchet and started down the hall to the stairs that lead to the lobby. Never did like elevators, besides stairs were good for your health as long as you don't fall down them and break your neck like my late friend Jack.

Well maybe not fall so much as be pushed by a group of insane raving maniac's whom are acting that way because of some bad case of the sniffles. Anyway I'm getting off track back to the stairs, all clear as it would seem no nutcase trying to kill me.

Floor one blood, guts, severed limbs, and dead bodies just like every other floor above it or maybe not seeing as I didn't go above the second story.

Lobby fairly clean despite the hallway leading to it nothing but a smear of blood on the wall nothing too ominous not yet. Making sure my jacket was buttoned, hat was on, and hatchet firmly clenched in my white knuckled kung-foo grip.

As I walked out the door I had an itching feeling crawling up my spine the night was young the streets illuminated by the various lights which were surprisingly still working.

I walked another ten feet before SPLAT. Well what do ya know either another suicide (They were becoming more common these days) or just some stupid infected that thought it could fly. The body had landed with a sickening crunch and splat the way only a human body could.

Head smashed open blood pooling all around it like a stuck pig, I flinched a little but after about a week of seeing this exact thing happen over and over again and again I was now mostly immune to the horrific outcome and its effects on my psyche.

Walking down the road just wandering until mourning maybe I'll find a grocery store with canned peaches. A optimistic thought most place's such as that had been looted during the first days of infection by die hard survivalists who didn't give a shit about people like myself.

Damn bite is still itching as if hell were frozen over, as if it wanted to distract me from my quest for canned peaches. Ah well I guess I should look on the bright side of things, oh wait there isn't one.

If there were evacuations I surely have missed them by now and if there were other survivors they were either dead or too scared to be outside like I am now too afraid that their former friends, family, or mailman would tear them apart.

I however had no friends or family for that matter all dead whether because of the infection or complications from before this mess. Hell even my mailman Henry is dead head split open by the same trusty hatchet I carry now.

Of course I didn't feel too bad considering he was babbling like an idiot and chased me into a camping store where I found said hatchet. Ah memories they never seem to leave you do they even if you want them to.

Desolate street couple of cars absolutely wreaked in a head-on collision and the poor police officer who responded to the call then got mauled after getting five feet from the door of his squad car. Couple of bodies some infected that were gunned down some were suicides or mauled victims.

One particularly eerie sight was of the man who hung himself from a street-lamp How he managed that I don't know. All was right with this new world until it walked out, drooling stumbling and missing an arm.

The guy must have been a body builder before the infection because he was ripped and staring right at me. Suddenly he was sprinting at me screaming incoherent words as a piece of meat dangled from his stump of a left arm.

Twenty feet away if I were to judge so I readied my hatchet. Pulled back ready to swing as he rushed forward in his pursuit of me. About ten feet now and swing, I got lucky and the hatchet smashed into his neck.

Crimson arcs of arterial blood-spray went into the air and stained my jacket. Even with his life-blood draining out of the mortal wound on his neck the infected man was still alive making a final desperate clutch at my arm with his working one.

Strange I could have sworn I saw something human in that stare as he finally passed on blood loss getting the better of him. His grip on my arm loosened and he crumpled pulling me with him as my hatchet was still embedded in his neck.

I then put my booted foot on his chest as I wrenched the weapon free making some more blood squirt out as his heart gave one final beat before it went silent.

"One down about a couple billion to go," I said nonchalantly as I walked away from the now still corpse of the former body builder. In fact I never thought I could kill them all, but hey a guys gotta have a dream right?

No to say I wanted to kill them all would be a real lie. I mean is it wrong to say I like the world better this way. You see with zombies or the infected things were at least simple go out at night when most of them are in a daze and find a safe place to barricade and curl up in before mourning.

Plus before all this I was in some horrible debt about to lose my apartment, found out the girl I thought I would marry was cheating on me and on top of all that I was in between jobs.

Well I could have always gone back to the army but I used my better judgment and instead found a nice placid job as a clerk at my friends business. It didn't pay enough to pay off my debt but when the repo-man came I wanted to at least have some money before I got thrown out on my ass.

Now every apartment was mine as long as I could get in and all that was left over in the city was mine. I mean I doubt anyone would care anymore because anyone still alive was probably thinking the same thing.

Speaking of my girlfriend cheating on me there was the guy who I caught her with. Well now he was twitching and pale as a ghost but it was him alright and today he was going to die. Pure luck that I happened upon him, but hey I wasn't going to question whatever higher power was running this show.

He was one of the infected that was in a daze and thus didn't see me coming. As I approached I raised up my hatchet ready to strike he turned just in time to see the blade speeding straight at his face.

Well he wasn't so attractive anymore, not with a hatchet buried in his face. I put so much force behind the blow it nearly cleaved his head in two. I held him up for a minute so I could stare into his eyes finding the surprised look frozen in place even as his brain started to drip from his skull like pudding.

With a quick yank the hatchet head was out and once again covered in blood and even a little gray matter. I took out my handkerchief and cleaned the blood off the hatchet. I had learned quickly that dried blood was near impossible to get off of anything.

Unfortunately that bit of knowledge had come too late to save my jacket, but I could still save my only weapon and restore it to it's proud silvery shine. As I was wiping off the blood and gore I spotted a bar. While I am not a drinker myself I might be able to find something of a high quality to trade with other survivors.

While it was a rarity I did come by others from time to time even though they annoy me a little. I mean seriously just because I met you and your not trying to kill me doesn't mean I want to travel with you. But besides that it was a little nice to have some form of company that wasn't trying to kill me.

About a day or two ago I ran into this guy really cocky, called himself Chicago Ted said he killed over a hundred of the infected. Anyway while we were walking me trying to ignore his ramblings and him just yammering on a truck hit him.

Yes there were still working vehicles they are just hard to come by what with no keys and such. However it doesn't bother me much I like to walk and run used to be an urban explorer in my spare time. Anyway that was the end of the great Chicago Ted run over by some drunken survivor, luckily he missed me and then proceeded to crash into a nearby store thus killing two people Ted and himself.

So back to the bar I walked toward the ramshackle place and was surprised at how clean the inside was. No blood, guts, or bodies. Must have been closed during the start of the infection. I only had room for two bottles of whatever the place had.

After all had to keep room for ammo if I ever found a gun which I doubt. As I said before most stores were looted in the chaos. But whatever god there still was had smiled upon me for as I was rummaging around behind the counter I came across a double-barred sawn-off shotgun.

If I remember right these were illegal pre-infection but now they were just another tool of the trade and it had boxes of ammo. I shoved the shells into my fanny-pack, I don't care what anyone says fanny-packs are insanely useful.

I loaded it and set flicked the safety so I wouldn't blow off my leg. After more rummaging I even found a holster for my new found gun and it fit nicely on my belt loop so my shotgun was always at my side.

Also behind the bar was a full bottle of vintage single malt which might get me something good in a trade. With my newly acquired loot I set off back into the cold night and it was at that point that everything as I knew it would really change.

Its a good thing that all my valuables were safely in my pack because as I walked out the door an immense wave of pain hit me. It felt as if my eyes had popped and for a moment I was in such unbearable pain I crumpled to the ground.

I dropped my hatchet and clenched my eyes shut, so painful and in it's ever persistent way that bite was itching like there was no tomorrow. I don't know how long I was on my knees feeling needles piercing my eyes over and over but it was such a relief when it stopped.

"Oh god, glad that's over," I said as I wiped the tears from my eyes to clear them. As I opened my eyes I noticed something different it was subtle at first but then it was as obvious as an orange in a grey room.

I was seeing everything, which shouldn't be because all of those alleyways and corners were pitch black before and now they were clear as day.

"I have built-in night vision, Hmm," I said out loud. This was a new development, for one it made travel easier since I was now able to see everything in a pitch black room. Two it really got me worrying about that bite and my new found condition.

In short not good, not good at all and I had a feeling it just might get worse. I mean how can I enjoy this brave new world if I was one of those brainless nut's just stumbling around and drooling waiting for something to kill.

I need to find some kind of solution to this dire situation that I have stumbled into. Maybe a cure at one of those survivor camps where they were evacuating everyone to. If in fact those camps are still up and running and not like the rest of the goddamned city.

"Hmm now where are they still doing evacuation runs," I mumbled as I looked around. That was another problem I had no idea if there were still evacuation runs still going on. I mean sometimes I would hear a chopper overhead or see an armored car roll by but I have no idea if those are just some lucky survivors or not.

"Ah well what do I have to lose right?"

Time to get to business, I need to find some form of communication or a source of information. Something that could tell me where to go like a map. As for the infection in my blood, well I'll be optimistic and say I have about a week.

After all I've always had a strong immune system and an amazing integrity not commonly found. At least that's what my psychiatrist said when I had enough money to pay him.

Maybe that's too optimistic and maybe it's more like five days. Then again I can't be negative otherwise things will go down hill faster than I would have planned right?

As my thought processes were ticking away I noticed another lone infected not thirty feet from my person. Good opportunity to test out my new shotgun, by the time I pulled it out and aimed it the infected women was sprinting toward me howling as she went.

I pulled the trigger and click, oh wait forgot to turn the safety off.

"Ah shit," I said out loud as I was tackled by the women. The shotgun was knocked from my hand and the women was pounding on me.

I screamed the same mad babbling at the women as she was screaming at me. At one point I managed to grab hold of her wrists which could both fit in one of my hands. She then proceeded to try and gnaw off my face with her teeth.

I managed to hold her back even though her struggling was beginning to get the better of me. Luckily I reached for my hatchet and got it from it's place on my belt. I gripped it hard and swung at the moment she managed to break my hold and try to bite down on my neck.

Her teeth were inches away as I buried the hatchet into her back thus breaking her spinal cord. She was so taken aback by the loss of control for her legs that she didn't clamp down.

Without another second of hesitation I pushed her off of my person and scrambled to my feet. I looked down to see that she was still alive just without control over her legs thanks to the back wound I had inflicted.

After another second she started pulling herself toward me with her arms. Not very fast mind you but I still didn't want to leave her alive and besides now I can properly test my shotgun.

Which was about five feet to my right. I walked over leisurely taking my time and picked it up as I did I flicked the safety off so as not to repeat my previous mistake.

I then just walked over to her and pointed the muzzle point black at her face. I took a second to stare at the subhuman entity which I was about to kill. I felt bad, but at least she will be out of her misery.

I then pulled the trigger and with a deafening boom her head was almost completely gone. Blown away into a fine red paste with chunks of brain and fragments of skull. Not to mention the recoil almost snapped my wrist.

"Note to self shoot with both hands," I said as I ejected the spent shell. I then rummaged around in my fanny-pack and picked out a new pristine shell and loaded it into the empty barrel.

Locked loaded and ready to go. Shotgun now full I flicked the safety back on and put the shotgun in it's holster. My hatchet stayed in my right hand my left being too sore to grip it properly.

Again into the misty fog I go on my new quest for the cure. Hopefully I would find it before I fully turned. As I walked I again took care to clean my hatchet of blood with my handkerchief.

Oh how much people don't know until it bites them in the ass. Then again that is the nature of the world we don't know how bad something might be until we screw up and by then we have to find out the hard way.

Take the infection for example maybe it was some military super weapon or maybe it was as some religious nuts put it the wrath of god cleansing this world just as he had done in the time of Noah. Except this time god took the cheap horror movie route.

Whatever you believe it doesn't much matter anymore now that order has broken down. Ah I remember how scared I was during the first few days hearing the news on how the final judgment may be upon us. You know all of that apocalypse bullshit that your local faith blathers on about all the time.

Well if there's one positive thing I can say about this it's that the human race won't die. I mean we are like cockroaches there's just to many of us and we're too durable and resilient despite our fragile beliefs.

That was another thing that showed during the first days of infection. How us humans are so much more capable than we believe we are. Even if we say "Oh I could never do that," we did when the infection hit.

By now I've seen it all, all the heroics and all the ugliness of it. Mothers literally beating back the infected to save their children, complete strangers saving one another. Parents abandoning their kids so that they could get away, rape, murder infected or not, theft, and the overall horror of the infection.

Yep we are certainly capable of a lot of things, too bad doing the wrong thing is a lot easier than the right thing. I bet just as many people were killed by the infected as they were by each other.

At least the infected have an excuse they just can't help themselves they're just sick as the news had first put it. But I've seen perfectly normal people abandon their friends or even family just to escape.

The sad truth is that these people knew exactly what they were doing they knew that they were condemning others so that they could live. Take it from me even in the thrill or terror of the moment you know what your doing.

In the end I guess they have to live with it, but that doesn't make it right. I mean how can we be above animals when we know what we are doing is wrong but we still do it anyway. Doesn't make sense does it, but then again maybe that's why the human race has always wanted to figure everything out.

That or some supreme being is just mind-fucking us whether for our own good or not I have no idea.

Whoa how time flies while your walking and thinking. According to my watch it was about time to find a place to sleep for the day. Luckily enough I saw one of the oh so rare designated safe rooms with blankets and other supplies just waiting to be used, that is if no one has already looted them.

Easy to spot by the bright red metal door how very subtle. The infected must have thought so after all they were standing right in front of it all five of them. Good thing I have plenty of ammo and my ever so useful hatchet.

I took my shotgun fully loaded out of its holster and this time I flicked the safety off before I fired. Not twenty feet from the small group I opened fire and hit one dead center in the chest.

He went down like a sack of potatoes with a sickening thud and a big hole where his heart used to be. Now I caught they're attention as could be discerned by they're growls and the fact that they were running at me. So I shot another shell and blew off another's arm as well as clipped his wingman.

Two left that were still mobile as I ejected the spent shells and loaded two more in a fluid motion. Two more thunderous shots and down they went in a brilliant spray of crimson bits and pieces flying every which way thanks to the spread-shot. Again I reloaded hoping there was some ammo in that safe room because now I only had about twenty shells left.

Any of the infected that I had clipped such as stumpy and his wing man I finished off with a quick hatchet strike to the neck thus crushing and cutting the vital arteries to ensure they wouldn't be getting back up.

For the millionth time that week I wiped the blood from my hatchet so it wouldn't stick and dull the blade. After a short walk I reached the safe room door and turned the handle and click or what should have been a click.

"Ah shit must be locked," I said as I started knocking hoping that someone was in there who would open up the door. Unfortunately no such luck the door remained shut it was then that I noticed someone had barricaded it from the inside. Who the hell would do that I mean the door looked like it could survive a grenade blast so a few banging infected shouldn't be a problem right.

This means I have to find another less safe place to sleep, Don't I have all the luck.

I realize this isn't long at all but it's just a sample and if people enjoy it then I'll have the next chapter up by next week. I hope you enjoy it and any tips will be appreciated and if you feel you must flame go vent somewhere else as I don't give a crap about your opinion if your going to be a jackass about it. If you don't like the story don't read it's that simple. All other comments are appreciated.