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I finally started to come to feeling the cold of a metal table under me sniffing the stale air of an indoor room and noticed that the cold spread across my entire back meaning I had no shirt on they took my jacket. Then I felt it the poking and prodding and the soft mummer of voices like children telling each other secrets. Despite the sudden influx of information I kept my breathing even most likely because of whatever they pumped into me to keep me docile.

"Hmm look at the mutation of the tissue here it's like the infection is increasing bone growth to produce these pseudo-claws," said someone that seemed so distant and so close holding my left hand in fact turning it this way and that examining it specifically the claws.

I heard the scribble of a pen on paper as an assistant jotted down a note probably recording what was going on. I felt the sluggishness seep out of my muscles and opened my eyes squinting at the bright lights overhead. As my eyes looked around they took in sights of men in masks all standing around me studying me like a lab rat at least they had the courtesy to leave my pants on.

"I'd like to study the legs next so take off the pants if you will," said the head man dashing my previous thought about courtesy.

"I guess you fucks just hadn't gotten around to the pants then huh," I said. A collection of gasps could be heard and the fear was palpable throughout the air as the shuffle of many pairs of feet were heard. I watched as they backed up all except the head guy who just stood there with calculating eyes engaging me in a mini staring contest.

All the while I was pulling out the various tubes and sticky monitoring devices from my body still keeping my eyes locked on the group of people across from me no doubt scared or very wary.

"It seems to have retained the ability to produce coherent speech," he said absently pressing a button for a recorder. I sat up eyeing each one of them and spotted the door they all seemed to cluster in front of ready to bolt at the first sign of trouble. All except the mathematician still fixing me with that stare he was either stupid or unafraid I know I'd be afraid had our roles been reversed.

"Yeah if ya don't mind I'd like to go I mean I'm no lab rat and clearly I'm not infected," I said trying to play dumb to the situation.

"Subject 4056 seems to have extreme resistance to psychological effects of the infection but seems unaware of his own mutations," said the head man.

Still staring at me, the fuck would pay the way he treated me like an animal or even less this prick with the cold stare would shit his pants soon if he didn't respect me like the others had as an equal human being. That and the murmurs of his cronies cowering waiting for instruction from their superior they were the rodents not me I'm not crazy.

"That's uh very irritating I'm right here just give me my jacket and I'll be on my way please just talk to me like a person," I said.

"4056 seems to have the type of strain we've been looking for and the resistance to it as well he will be very useful. Please gents restrain him so we can continue our studies," he said motioning to the others.

I lifted up my unrestrained hands and looked at them as well as the bite on my forearm that little scratch that started this whole fucking mess all because of that one little inconsistency in this new world I had to suffer. So as they slowly approached I did the only thing I could I snapped into a babbling mess.

"I am not crazy it's just this bite itch's and these people are irritating me I'm not fucking crazy so let me the fuck out," I screamed in a snarling voice. They didn't listen they just kept coming forward one grabbed my left hand and tried to force it down to the strap to secure it but I was too strong.

I grabbed him by the collar of his lab coat and thrust my other hand forward my sharp claws sinking into the soft flesh of his neck sending arterial blood spray onto my face. Then as I saw the life draining from his shocked face as he twitched and spasmed I was reminded of the pilot and then against my rational mind I took a bite ripping and tearing into his neck like a fucking dog.

When I lifted my head relishing the texture I looked around at the shocked faces even the one of the mathematician as his face contorted into a look of fear and disgust. I spit out the chunk of meat and threw the body away form me sending it skidding across the room because of my strength. I held my hands up and shrugged as if what I did was the most normal thing in the world and truth be told in this world it was, seeing as it probably happened everyday.

"I'm not infected and I'm not crazy just let me fucking go," I said in a whispered voice. At this point I think I was just trying to lie to myself even as I just proved all I had said wrong what with the rage and my body itself. They were still in shock the ones closest to me frozen in fear even as I stood up. The one closest to me tried to smack me with a tray and by reflex I didn't know I had I caught it and then used my other hand to slash his face in rage at the attack.

He was screaming as blood poured from his ruined face my claws having nearly gouged out his eyes and ripping his face in half. It was irritating so I remedied it by tackling him to the ground and repeatedly slashing at him even as he fought back screaming even as he throat was cut and all he could produce was gurgling noises.

When he stopped moving my mind didn't register and I still kept going at him his face his chest and his stomach and once his inards started to pour out of his belly I began to stop. As my mind came back I noticed the quickly retreating foot steps and looked up to see the others running out the door and the last about to close it.

"STOP," I shouted even though I knew these guys probably saw me as some psychotic killer an infected nut. I rushed the door as it closed and started to bash at it not making any progress with the heavy reinforced steel door.

"Just let me out I'm not one of them I'm not insane I'm not fucking nuts," I screamed again and again hoping they would just open the door and let me go even though my rational mind told me they wouldn't.

I started to look around for any way out and eventually my eyes rested on the ceiling twenty feet up but it still looked made of some kind of cheap plaster. I crouched building up strength and jumped straight up to hit the ceiling which I quickly grabbed and dug into with my claws. As I hung by one hand I clawed with the other tearing out chunks and eventually making a hole big enough to slip through.

I lifted myself through the hole hoping the cheap material would hold my weight as I began to crawl in the direction of the door which lead out to my escape. Eventually I stopped thinking I had gone far enough and tore at the material falling through as it gave way and landing on my feet in the room the others had retreated to and were still in.

The head man was cowering and looking at me with fearful eyes as were the others all pleading for me not to kill them and how sorry they were. It was all very goddamn irritating just like the fucking itch which seemed to be acting up around that unholy bite at that very moment. My jacket was nearby next to the mathematician hanging on a chair having been discarded during the examination.

I walked over and snatched it the man flinching from me being so close and as I put it back on zipping it up and putting the hood over my head hiding whatever was my face now I noticed the way he looked. It was that same gnawing feeling like with the pilot my mouth watered it was just seemed natural and I found myself thinking about if I should resist that familiar urge.

"Ah the hell with it," I said as I grabbed the head man from his spot against the wall and bit into his throat tearing out a chunk and chewing watching as he sputtered and clasped his hands over the wound. I paid them no heed biting into them as well ripping of a few fingers with my teeth sharpened by the infection. He tried to scream but gurgled instead then again he didn't have to the others were doing plenty of screaming for him. I relished it showing this prick no mercy swallowing the meat this man was less human not me I was no lab rat I'm not crazy.

When I was done I just dropped him letting him fall at my feet into a bloody heap even as the dying body involuntarily twitched. I turned to the others and pointed to the door which lead to the room I was in previous to this. They had no idea what I meant so I went over and unlocked the door opening it and gestured inside.

"All of you who don't want to end up like him get in the room now!" I yelled getting their undivided attention seeing the fear in their faces as they looked doubtful at first. Luckily I noticed that none of them seemed to be missing or had activated an alarm of any kind so that meant if I could contain them the rest of the base would be oblivious.

They eventually started to file into the room flinching as they passed by me and going at a slow pace irritating me a little When they were in I closed the door and locked it and placed a few tables and chairs in front of it just incase one had a key. One thing the army taught me well was to be thorough even under pressure and possible madness but the fact that I was still thinking meat the infection still didn't have a hold of me right?

All I knew was that I had to be quiet if I wanted to get out of here and I needed to get out of here I don't want to be some lab rat. After all the infection hasn't made me insane yet so I was as good as cured at the moment I'm not crazy they were just irritating me was all I had to get out possible find my friends and set things right. Then again my life has never been right but now since the rest of the world was fucked up maybe it could be.

I crouched down low practically walking on all fours like a dog but it felt natural and I had to be as stealthy as possible to escape this place I slowly pushed open the door opposite the room I had just come from to see a long hall no guards probably all to busy to worry about some drugged up nut. I slowly crept down the hall with it's white floor the building clearly wasn't made for what the docs I had locked in that room were doing to me. They must have turned some main building into a makeshift lab for tests on infected when the shit hit the fan and they apparently had others.

I could hear them the gibberish only those crazies spoke as they tried to get out like I had but they were mindless not like me not smart enough to escape. I was starting to get worried as no guards seemed to be around that must have meant the military was either stretched thin or cocky. They must have been stretched thin because this building must be considered a top priority due to the infected housed within if they ever got out the base would turn to chaos.

The hall ended and I was soon down another constantly checking behind my back paranoid of what might sneak up behind me and there was always the empty abyss of that white hall. Soon I came to another door this one quite clearly marked exit so I cracked it open and peeked out seeing the back of a single guard the poor bastard didn't know what hit him.

I quickly and gracefully opened the door wrapping one hand around his mouth the other around his weapon preventing him from firing or screaming out and I pulled him back into the building back into the bright white corridor. He was squirming as I threw his rifle to the floor where it clattered rather noisily but I didn't care even as I heard his muffled cries as he struggled against me freaking out because of the clawed hands he no doubt saw holding him.

I then left hand still over his mouth took my right dragging my right hand claws across his throat feeling the warmth spraying out and seeing that white floor splashed like a painters canvas. Not to mention that now oh so familiar gurgling sound as he tried to form a cry for help not that anyone would hear his muffled voice. He was still squirming even after about a minute so I snapped his neck for good measure and let his body fall limply to the floor then I went out the door slowly head swiveling all around looking for threats there were none the dead man behind me seemed the only soldier around the building.

"Yep their stretched thin all right," I muttered as I began to walk cautiously on the side of the road creeping among the sparse bush. The base wasn't a base it was a town barricaded against the rest of the world and the military seemed to have set up shop loud speakers were set up for announcements and the people seemed free to roam about. I wouldn't exactly blend into the crowd so I kept to the dark grimy areas where the people couldn't make out my face or the blood on my person.

I stepped lightly as I approached the fringe of the small town surrounded by fencing but it seemed they had brought me into the settlement so no fucking test for infection. I walked in the dark places avoiding crowds as much as possible hands in my pockets hoping the shadow cast by my hood would hide my face in the darkness. There's a bar and community center no soldiers insight all probably patrolling the perimeter instead there was a guys in a sheriffs uniforms hell maybe the guy was the sheriff of the town before the military came to town.

He probably kept the peace and the refugees seemed content not having to deal with the outside world but this one wasn't all it was cracked up to be either I mean my welcome was less than pleasant. The crowds were only composed people who seemed to know each other so no one paid me and attention which was fine by me as long as they weren't suspicious I didn't care.

As I walked on the fringes of the people around me I was looking for one of four specific people my comrades they would help me or so I hoped. They had to right I was their friend albeit a fucked up individual but I would never hurt them and they would help me or so I hope. Then I saw what I was looking for that same pink sweater that stuck out among the crowd so obvious as if a specific beacon for me to find them.

Zoey seemed to be getting some food so I decided to follow her thinking it best not to reveal myself to her in this crowded place and no doubt create a scene. After all she'd either be overjoyed to see me or scared shitless and oh god did I hope it's going to be the first one. I don't know what I would do if my friends thought I was one of those things those mindless insane fucks out there and locked up in that building.

She seemed to be on a shopping trip for food and was starting away from the makeshift market and toward the houses and since space had to be sparse I'd have to guess she was rooming with the others. Soon enough she came up to a house opened the door and walked in I watched Bill greet her at the door before it was closed.

"Good their still all together now all I have to do is put on a friendly face and beg for their help and hope they'll still see me as human," I said as I started toward the door walking up the small porch steps.

I paused at the top for the longest time and I was reminded of my first date picking up my girlfriend scared shitless of what might happen. Nervous of the possible scenarios that could play out as soon as I knocked on that door thus jumping off the invisible cliff hoping I could fly.

I gave three strong knocks and after about a moment I heard the light footsteps of Zoey no doubt those definitely weren't from Francis or even Louis too light and soft. The doorknob turned and the door inched open as if she was being cautious then again so would I given all that's happened if I was still normal.

The door finally came fully open and Zoey was staring at me like a deer in the headlights probably unsure of what to think after seeing me get dragged away to god knows where.

"S-so can I come in or what?" I asked the stunned girl in front of me.

"B-Bill!" Zoey yell wanting the leader figure at her side to evaluate the situation before her. I'd do the same had a bloodied man whom I only met a few days prior show up to my door asking to come in.

When Bill finally got there he stopped in his tracks as if he saw a ghost and looked me up and down with his experienced eyes gauging the situation assessing his options. I looked at them with pleading eyes begging them to help me I needed somewhere to go and they were the only ones I could trust other than myself.

"Hey Bill I know how this looks but I really need help they're gonna be looking for me soon and you guys are my only friends I need your help please," I said reaching out only to have them flinch away at seeing the goddamn claws.

"Yeah about these I guess I have explaining to do but maybe inside come on you can trust me I'm still Bob I'm just going through a tough part of my life right now," I said a hint of humor in my voice after all it was a little comical when you think about it.

"Bob I have no idea what the hell is going on but I'm gonna trust you seeing as we've been through most of this mess together so hurry up and get in before I come to my senses will ya," said Bill gesturing inside.

I eagerly walked into the house hurt a little at the way Zoey flinched a little as I passed her to sit on the nearby couch to rest up. Even the infection couldn't block out all the soreness and I felt sore which relieved me a little giving me the impression that maybe I was getting better and the would just pass over like a cold.

"So uh Bob what the hell happened to you I mean they knocked you out dragged you away to god knows where and you show up here days later," said Bill. I rubbed my eyes taking the hood down and massaged my temples as I was about to spill my guts out to him telling him most of the details.

"Well before I met up with you guys I was bitten and as you can see I'm not entirely immune. As for where I came from I was locked up and tranquilized for what was it you said days?" I said. Bill nodded and allowed me to continue.

"Anyway I escaped their probably gonna be looking for me soon and you guys are my only friends so I found Zoey in the market area and tailed her back here. No offence but that jacket isn't exactly subtle," I said

"None taken," sahe said chuckling a little.

"Uh Bob I hate to pry but who's blood is that are ya hurt or…"

"Oh this isn't mine if that's what your getting at. You try waking up about to be cut open on an operating table and tell me you wouldn't struggle and not to mention I public enemy number one at the moment. So yeah I had to take care of a few people trying to kill and or dissect me other than that I'm fine," I said cutting Bill off mid sentence.

The tone and information I gave them must have thrown them off their game because they were silent for a few moments. It was irritating so before I went nut's I decided to break the ice.

"So where's Louis and Francis?" I asked.

That caught their attention as they were broken of their stupor which I had put them in moments before.

"Their out at the bar. I don't know why, the guy said their wasn't any alcohol in stock but they went anyway," said Zoey.

"Yeah they should be back soon just don't run into Francis he might not take a second look at ya before trying to go for your throat," said Bill.

"That makes me feel better about the way I look," I said a hint of depression in my voice.

"Oh Bob it's alright you don't look that bad you'd be able to go out if you just cleaned up a little and got some gloves," said Zoey trying to console me.

"Heh yeah but there's also the fact that I'm slowly losing my mind," I said not really accepting the fact.

"Don't worry when you go batshit I'll shoot ya myself," said Bill. I chuckled a little the only other person that blunt would be Francis.

At that moment the door burst open revealing a very happy looking Francis with a embarrassed looking Louis in tow.

"Well guy's I'm pretty sure we're not allowed in the bar anymore the office worker here started a little bar brawl," said Francis barely containing his laughter.

"I don't wanna talk about it," said Louis cutting Bill off mid-word before he promptly walked over to the couch I was on and took a seat completely oblivious to my presence. It took a moment before he smelled me and opened his eyes to look in my direction still a little disorientated from whatever he went through he didn't notice the blood right away and almost dismissed me.

However as soon as he looked away he did a double-take and stumbled to his feet with a silent scream plastered on his face before he started looking around for something heavy.

"Who's that guy," I heard Francis say as if ignoring what Louis was up to instead of taking it as some kind of warning.

"Oh well it's Bob he uh well maybe it's better if you heard from him seeing as we only know so much," said Bill gesturing between himself and Zoey.

I turned and smiled at Francis both freaking him out thoroughly and making Bill and Zoey laugh at the priceless expression etched into his face.

"Hey Francis how have you been because I can tell you I've certainly been a hell of a lot better ya know what with this and all," I said gesturing to my appearance.

The moment I was done with the greeting Bill and Zoey screamed out.

"LOUIS NO!" they yelled simultaneously right before I felt a dull pain in the back of my head. I was hardly fazed by it to tell you the truth and I turned around in time to get another smack in the face. As I recoiled Bill and Zoey finally got him to calm down and wrenched the toaster from his hands.

"What the hell are you two crazy that's a hunter," yelled Louis.

"This hunter has a name you know and it would appreciate it if you kept your damn voice down," I hissed rubbing my nose before snapping it back into place with a loud popping noise.

Louis did an impression of Francis when he heard me talk looking like a fish in that annoying kind of way when a person is confused to all hell.

"It talked," he said.

"It is Bob Louis," said Zoey.

"B-bob," he said stuttering a little from the news.

"Alive and healthy. Well alive anyway," I said ignoring the looks from him only feeling more disgusted with myself.

The silence was mind numbing and I had enough of it after a few minutes of just having a staring contest with the entire group.

"Do you guy's have running water in here?" I asked both to break the silence and because I really wanted to get cleaned up.

"Yeah you can use the bathroom it's down the hall first door on the right," said Zoey gesturing over her shoulder.

"Thank you very much," I said before standing up and walking past the group and heading down the hall closing the door as I entered the bathroom.

I looked into the mirror at the ghoulish image staring back at me and I scowled at my appearance it was a wonder Zoey hadn't run screaming into the house got my hatchet and chopped my head in half. Blood was all over my hands as well as my mouth and the claws hadn't exactly help matters not to mention my teeth were stained in blood and sharper than goddamn steak knives.

I turned on the faucet and let the warm water run over my hands cleaning away the gore as I scrubbed careful not to cut my hands open with those damn claws of mine. Once my hands were clean I started washing my face and after a rather rough scrubbing around my cheeks I felt something off with my teeth always careful of the claws I reached into my mouth to the back where I felt the disturbance.

It was one of my molars, it was loose so I wiggled it a bit and then it just popped out as if making room for something else. I started to laugh the situation just seemed funny my teeth were changing and my body in general it was like some real fucked-up version of puberty but without the awkwardness. Soon for no reason whatsoever my laughter became maniacal like that of some cheesy Saturday morning cartoon villain. The knocking on the door caught me by surprise making me jump which ended with my head smashing into the ceiling and then falling flat on my ass.

"Hey are you alright in there?" resonated Zoey's voice from the other side of the door.

I rubbed my head still chuckling to myself and standing up getting a breath while regaining my composure while stuttering to come up with a response to my friend.

"Y-y-yeah I'm fine ya know just pulling out my teeth and loosing my mind," I said being truthful. I then cracked the door open and smiled holding up my tooth and freaking Zoey out as she jumped back from my appearance.

"I'm sorry didn't mean to scare you, didn't think I looked that bad," I said apologizing for my behavior.

"It's alright you don't look that bad, I mean your face is unchanged except for those teeth," She said trying to make me feel better no doubt.

"It's alright you don't have to lie to me I've seen myself in the mirror ya know," I said.

"No, no really you look like you did when we first met except for the claws and teeth," she said sounding sincere and looking too damn cute in all truthfulness.

She reminded me of everything I wasn't and probably never could be again not after my fucking neighbor bit into my goddamn forearm.

"Thanks that means a lot to me," I said more a whisper than audible speech.

She nodded and the silence stretched on for what seemed like hours but it was a pleasant silence for the first time in a while one that I didn't want to end and was regretful for doing so.

"W-well if you'll excuse me I have to clean up and yank out the rest of these," I said holding up the bloodied molar.

She gave me a look that said your batshit insane but I can't say I didn't agree with her I mean the things I've been doing aren't what a sane person would do.

"Oh right, well see you when you get out then," she said sounding a little upset or maybe freaked out I couldn't tell for sure.

I shut the door and sighed as I began to pull out the rest of my molars making room for whatever the infection had to offer feeling almost defeated as I threw the bloodied nubs into the waste basket. Things just never went my way at anytime previous or after the infection just a monotonous will to keep going had kept me optimistic for the while before the infection but now I just don't know.

The familiar coppery tastes of blood ran across my tongue and down my throat as my gums bled whatever had pushed out my molars was still coming in. I'm still interested in the infection just for the fact that some goddamn virus could do all this to the human body and bring civilization to it's knees.

All it took was three quarters of people to become rabid lunatics hell bent on tearing apart everything except each other. I gurgled some water and spit it out watching as the tainted red liquid went down the drain, I looked into the mirror to see my face to find a semblance of something familiar looking back at me. Zoey had been right except for the teeth and hands with the blood washed off I looked like a regular person which relived me a little now if only I could do something about the teeth.

I was angry despite the similarities I knew that the thing staring back at me wasn't me it was something different something that was taking over. It was that whisper that twinge in the back of my mind whenever I had attacked and ripped apart another person and reviled in the action of butchery. I smashed the mirror cutting my hand a little as the sharp fragments of glass rained down I've never really been a killer the infected didn't count they weren't really people but that pilot and the doctor were and even if that doctor was and ass he was still scared as I cut him open and that meant he was human.

I smashed my head against the wall the hysterics coming back to me it was like shellshock all over again the shakes the fits it reminded me of my first time on the battlefield seeing shit just as bad as the infection. Trying to get the guts back in and calm the dieing man down even as shots still rang and the bomb had gone off it all seemed pointless he was going to die and I was going to lose my mind just like all the others.

I stopped as a knock at the door made the person beyond it known to me and then I realized that I must be freaking out everyone they probably thought I finally turned even if I was just having that long overdue nervous breakdown.

"Hey Bob you alright in there?" I heard Bill say in a firm voice as I stopped pounding my head against the wall.

"Yeah I'm fine just. Well I'm sorry about the mirror and the wall," I said my voice a little ragged from my upset state.

"Don't worry about that maybe you should come out and get some rest it's not good to be so riled up for as long as you have been," he said.

"Okay Bill I'll be right out but I want to ask you something first," I said.

"Sure Bob go ahead and shoot," he said in that same voice which sounded rather fatherly to me at the time.

My palms sweat like a nervous child and my throat felt dry even with bloodied spit running down as I swallowed trying to wet it and I was suddenly very self-conscious.

"Yeah well h-how did you live with what you did during Vietnam," I asked voice quivering.

"I don't remember telling you I did any of that," he replied.

"It takes one to know one Bill I'm just a different generation. Besides I don't know how else you guys would have made it as far as you did without some kind of leadership not to mention your familiarity with that M-4 you always used," I said.

"Ah well I guess your right anyway I can't really tell ya how to deal with it. After all it still bothers me and I'm just not sure if it ever leaves you at least it hasn't left me. So with that out of the way how are you holding up I mean you must have a lot on your plate if I'm correct," he said.

I sighed even though he hadn't given me a straight answer it made me feel better somewhat and I opened the door to look Bill in the face. He didn't flinch or look disgusted or do anything else to indicate he felt any fear or animosity towards me and that took some weight off my chest.

"Thanks Bill," I said. He nodded and put his hand on my shoulder as we began to walk back down the hall. He didn't seem to care about the bathroom at all which had practically been destroyed during my episode which lasted for about a minute or so.

"Sorry about the bathroom," I said in a whisper.

"Don't worry about it for now let's eat dinner is almost done a huge banquet of canned beans and pork," said Bill.

"What do we have to drink?" I asked.

"Well there's water or a variety of juice your choice but nothing really all that great if you ask me I could go for a shot of whiskey right about now. Not to mention Francis there's gonna be a bit of complaining for a while at least until the army gets some in supply," said Bill.

"So what are you guy's gonna do when they come looking for me?" I asked.

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it for now how about we just relax," he said reassuring me that at least for now it would be ok.

We entered the dining room to a sight of the others laughing have a good time despite what had happen to the rest of the world and what really made me feel good was that when I sat down no one fell silent they just kept on as if it was all natural. I don't know if they were truly comfortable with my presence or if they were doing it for my benefit but whatever the reason at least if made me feel good almost normal even as if everything was as it should be and the apocalypse hadn't yet won.

Hell it has been true throughout history humans were a bunch of stubborn pricks unwilling to give up no matter what happen and that is what was keeping us going even through the infection. As I ate and engaged in conversation with the others I felt normal for the first time in a while and for the first time since I became infected I was able to finally sleep that night.

I don't know if it was because of the drugs that might still be lingering in my system or what but I was thankful because it made me feel human even as my mind pointed out all evidence to the contrary.

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