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His Sister; His Missing Link

Chapter 1

Shaken, Stirred, and Ruined

I sighed stuffing my belongings in my small bag quietly, trying not to disturb the small slumbering girl figure across from me. The sleeping girl just so happened to be my sister. I held in my breath once she stirred and exhaled quietly once she stopped. I tentively got up and walked to the door turning the knob as slowly as I could so it wouldn't make any sound. Sadly it made a small squeaky sound.

I stopped and flung the door open fast and ran out, leaving the sleeping girl there. I rushed out of the house, just leaving my sister there. "Hey Konan, Yahiko." I waved to them as I walked towards them, getting myself wet in the rain.

They said their greetings and off we went. To where? We honestly didn't know. "Hey, Nagato?" Konan started. I looked at her and shook my head, flicking water droplets everywhere, "Yah Konan?"

"Was it a good idea, to leave your sister there? I mean, since your parents are dead....she'll be alone." Konan said, a pained expression on her face. She always had a strong liking to my sister. It was weird, but I guess I understood, it was two boys if my lil sis wasn't there.

"I agree with Konan. She wakes up in the morning, and her brother isn't there. What would she think? What would she do?" Yahiko commented. I nodded, "Well...she's bound to be found by someone, you know? She'll be safer if I'm not there." I shrugged. It was the truth, she always got hurt because of me. So it was better off to just leave her.

Konan and Yahiko looked worridly at eachother, and shrugged, "If you say so Nagato."

??? P.O.V~

I walked through the streets of Konaha with a hood over my head, and a cape over my body. As you can probably notice, it's either I don't like sun, or I'm not fond of people....despite the fact I get along with people so well.

It was the second one, since Konoha was usually busy, no one really noticed outcasts', like me. Outcast? Yah.....outcast. My brother left me when I was just 8, leaving me in Ame to fend for myself. Not only my brother though, my brothers two best friends as well. Konan and Yahiko. They left with him too. I honestly don't know why they just left me in that hell hole of a house.

I frowned as I entered a nearby tea shop, why did aniki ditch me? I sighed, I guess I'll never know. A lady came up to me to take my order. "Just some tea. Oh! And tri-colored dango, please." I asked, she nodded, "Right away ma'am." She smiled sweetly and dashed off into the kitchen to give the order.

I was a ninja. A pretty kickass one. I had my headband around my waist loosely, acting as a belt of some sort. Obviously, being from Ame, means getting a headband from Ame. But, once aniki left, I went onto another village. That village being Mist.

The lady arrived tea on tray along with the dango. I thanked her and blew on the tea, I never fancied hot tea, somehow I liked it cold, as weird as that sounds. I knew cold tea tasted bad, but it always felt right on my tounge. I picked up a stick of dango and bite into one of the chewy confectionary. I smiled, before all the stupid war mama used to make this.

I tapped my fingers rythmatically on the table and left a couple ryo for a tip. Quietly I excited the tea shop, and I walked the streets once again, this time to find an exit, I was bad with memory.

I sighed looking at my complexion, there was never much sun in Mist, just....well fog. Maybe occasionally there would be sun, but yah. My skin was pale. I'm not even joking, really pale. Pale white-ish, even. That's how pale I was. I had silver hair, that went down to my mid-back, and blood red eyes, that stood out. My cape slash hood thing, was crimson red with patterns in them that we're a tad darker than the original color. My shirt was white and had a small version of the neck band that the Uchihas wear. The shirt was no sleeves, and I had bandages on one arm, and fish net on the other. The shirt was mid-drift, so it only covered a couple centimetres below my chest, hence I had more bandages covering my torso. My headband, as I say again was loosely around my waist, like a belt. My pants we're black capris that went to my knees, like any other kind of capris, my kunai and shuriken pouch both on my right side. The parts of my legs that we're showing was covered in fishnet. I had black regular ninja shoes.

My name is Wasuremono, meaning forgotten, which is pretty fitting for someone who got ditched by their brother. Though, my friends call me Rey or Mono, since my name was way too long.

I strode through the streets talking to myself in my head, while looking around the village for something interesting. A poster caught my eye. Not any poster though, a wanted poster. I walked up to the post with the poster taped onto it.

Name: Wasuremono

I looked oddly at the name, it was my name. I shrugged it off, other people had to have my name too, it's a small world. My eyes scanned the upwards to the picture. Pale skin, red eyes, silver hair. I chuckled to myself, the girl looked a lot like me. I shrugged and began walking again.


It clicked.

Wasuremono, I was wanted. I back tracked to the poster and looked. What was I wanted for!? I didn't do anything wrong!! My heart began to pound as my eyes leafed through the words so I could think about them later. I pulled my hood over my face and bowed my head downwards so no one would see me. I sped across Konoha, trying to get out of the bustling streets of the village.

I dodged people, swerving in and out through crowds of people, I finally reached the village gates and rushed forwards. I kept running after that, just until I was sure no one was around.

I slowed to a stop and slid to my knees. I was wanted. Like as in wanted criminal. Not wanted for some award, not wanted for something nice. I was wanted, for like doing something I didn't do! If I remembered correctly the poster said killing innocent civilians, or something like that. I sighed, "I didn't kill no shit." I muttered under my breath.

I crawled over to a nearby tree, getting my cape-hoodie dirty. I sighed and leaned against the cold, rough bark. I looked at the leaves of the tree above me, which cause my hood to fall back, and I frowned. Who would do put my face and my name onto a wanted poster? I don't even have that many friends! I wonder how many villages had that poster? Did the Mist have it up on posts'? Millions of questions filled my head along with negative thoughts.

I felt a droplette of water on my forehead and blinked. I lowered my head and noticed it was raining. Oh joy. I sighed and curled up in a ball to warm myself up and wrapped my cape around myself.

I sighed, thinking about what happened a couple minutes ago and sighed heavily, "My life officially has been shaken, stirred, and ruined into a sad excuse for an ice-cap."