Chapter 1

It was midnight. The moon shone through the wisps of clouds that scattered the sky. Hermione had just finished doing her patrol duties of the hallways as Head Girl. It had always been her dream to be Head Girl, and her wish was fulfilled when she returned to complete her seventh year of schooling at Hogwarts. Before heading back to bed, she wanted to get some fresh air so she walked up to the top of the Astronomy tower to gaze at the stars and have the slight breeze blow through her hair. It was cool out and she felt like staying there at the top of the tower forever, never having to deal with anything again.

As she gazed up at the heavens she closed her eyes and thought back to all that had happened within the past few months. The fall of Voldemort had finally come at the hand of the great Harry Potter. She was so proud of him. So proud of all of them for all they had gone through together; her, Harry, and Ron. They were so young to have dealt with everything that they needed to do to end the war. But they did it, they won, and they were heroes for it.

Harry was able to go back to Ginny, for the two of them to finally be able to express their love for each other without fear of the other getting hurt. And just like Harry and Ginny, she and Ron were now able to be together, finally, after all those years of bickering and suppressed feelings. But just last month, she had realized it wasn't right. For some reason, it just didn't feel right, and Ron agreed. Thankfully everything had turned out ok for them to stay friends. They would always be best friends, but nothing more. Everyone expected it of them, but she and Ron knew better. They would always love each other, but only like a brother and sister would.

Hermione opened her eyes again and took a deep breath. She kept having thoughts of never falling in love and finding the one she was truly meant to be with, since Ron wasn't the right choice. She felt lost and incomplete because she had come so close to finding the man she was meant to be with for the rest of her life, yet to find it wasn't right after all. Even with all the support and love from her friends, she still felt empty like something was missing. Like, because she and Ron didn't work out, she wouldn't work out with anyone. That was her biggest fear, being alone; it had always been, but now more than ever. She was always the know-it-all, the perfect student, teacher's pet. She strived to do well and be the best, to give 110% on everything. Most people thought her worse fear was of failing a class…but how wrong they were. True she would be devastated and would never fully recover if she did fail a class…but that was far from her 'worst fear'. She was always afraid of being alone, even after she gained her two best friends with Harry and Ron. She always had the fear of them leaving her. Now thankfully, she didn't have that fear anymore. She knew they would always be friends. Now it was the fear of not having her 'soul-mate', the man of her dreams. She was afraid no one would ever want her; the know-it-all, girl of the Golden Trio, book-worm.

Shaking her head of those thoughts she took in another deep breath and closed her eyes again. There was another thing that was nagging at her mind. She was more than thrilled to have been given the position of Head Girl. Professor McGonagall told her, 'she had always thought of her being the perfect choice.' But what she hadn't given much thought was to who would be Head Boy. And not in a million years would she have guessed at who McGonagall picked.

True, he had turned his views of the world around. True, it had been his father and mother's doing at putting all the 'pure-blood' ideas in his head at a young age. True, he had come back even when very few other Slytherin's did. And true, not only had he turned his life views around, but he was no longer the arrogant jerk. Not once had he called her, "Mud-blood". Draco Malfoy was a changed man.

When Harry and Ron had heard he was coming back they couldn't believe it…and Hermione couldn't lie to herself, she could hardly believe it either. But for once the Daily Prophet was printing some truth and she had read the Malfoy's were changing. They saw the wrong doings in their ways and Lucius had started making large donations to the school and to other good causes, not just to get himself higher on the totem poll. They no longer spoke about 'pure-blood only' beliefs, which to everyone, was a shocker. But it made Hermione smile to think that they, especially Draco, were changing. The war had affected them, just as much as it had everyone else.

Harry and Ron didn't like the idea of Malfoy being so close to Hermione since the Head Boy and Head Girl shared patrol duties together, and their main concern, the two got their own dorm together. They didn't care how much he had changed, he was still a Malfoy. Hermione was a little apprehensive herself, but she wasn't too worried. She could see Malfoy wasn't the same as he once was and she wouldn't have put up with any of his crap anyway. Not calling her a Mud-blood said a lot. Harry and Ron relaxed about it, but they told her if he tried to do anything they'd kill him. The first night she and Malfoy had to stay in the room together it had been very awkward. They were of course in separate bedrooms, but the main room they shared had two desks, a sofa, and a fireplace. So when they did their studying, it was usually in the same room, unless one of them was in the library. Even though Hermione knew he had changed, she still braced herself for the worst, but when it didn't come, she was very relieved. He was actually polite to her, not rude. Not once did he smirk or call her a crude name. He mainly kept to himself, but if they did talk, it was not with any offense in their voices.

It had been a week since school had started and so far everything was going well…even being in such close proximity with Malfoy. Even though only a week had passed, Hermione actually enjoyed spending time with him. Not once in the past had she seen him actually have a sincere smile on his face or hear his true laugh. But when she did, it was actually quite pleasant. More than once she caught herself smiling while looking at him or when he said hello to her. But she didn't think much of it, after all, she told herself, he was just being nice.

It was now half past midnight and she felt it was time to go to bed. Even if the new day that was coming was a Saturday, she was tired and needed her beauty sleep. Just as she was about to turn around and walk to the door, she saw something out of the corner of her eye. There, sitting on the stone railing was a flower. 'It certainly wasn't there when I got here' she thought to herself. Slowly she reached out her hand and picked it up. It was one of the prettiest flowers she had ever seen, yet amazingly, she didn't know what kind it was. It was like a rose, the stem had thorns and the pedals were similarly shaped, but instead of traditional red, they were green; an emerald green. And the edges of the pedals were sparkling silver. The flower itself was breathtaking in its beauty. She looked up and around her, even though she knew she was alone, but she didn't know how the flower had gotten there. She would have noticed it right away if it had already been there when she arrived. Again, slowly, Hermione brought the flower up to her nose and sniffed. It was intoxicating. Not in the way that makes you sleepy, but like you had just found the best perfume or cologne in the world, like it was made just for her to smell.

Hermione didn't know who had put the flower there, or how they had put it there for that matter, without her noticing. It almost made her feel a little uneasy to know that someone had been feet from her, yet she didn't know it. But looking back at the flower, a calming emotion came over her, somehow she just knew this couldn't be anything bad, and whoever had given the flower to her, meant her no harm. Pulling out her wand, she conjured a small vase with some water and gently placed the flower inside. And just when Hermione thought the flower couldn't get anymore beautiful, the instant the tip of the flower's stem touched the water, the silver edges of the pedals started to glow. A warm feeling spread throughout her body as she headed back down the stairs to retire to her room.