Chapter 4

It was 9:58 PM, slowly she walked up each step, each step bringing her closer to Draco. She could hardly think; her brain was going a million miles a minute. Usually, when her brain was going that fast it was because she was on some sort of break through on a homework assignment, but not this time. This time she was nervous, she didn't know what to expect. Trying to slow her breathing down, Hermione was on the last step at the top of the tower, just behind the door. 'Would he really be there?' she thought. 'Come on Hermione,' she told herself, 'you can do this, you can't deny yourself the feelings you felt when he was so close to you. Yes it's crazy…but maybe he's the one…could that be possible?'

She inched the door open, holding her breath. Then she saw him. There he was, standing almost exactly where she stood when she came up here all those other nights. Leaning against the railing, she could see his silk blonde hair luminous in the moonlight, his robes billowing in the wind, and she could just make out the side profile of his face; his sharp features. He was so handsome.

Steadying herself, she spoke, "Draco…?"

He turned around and gazed at her.

"Hermione…" he breathed out, walking towards her.

At that moment, she knew it was right. The way he said her name, the feeling and passion that was in his voice. She wanted him, all of him, to be hers and only hers, forever. She wanted him to hold her in his arms, and she never wanted to leave.

And Draco wanted that exact same thing.

He stopped inches from her, their eyes locked together; rich honey at silver.

Then he took her face in his hands, still staring into her eyes, as if waiting for her to say something, to tell him it was ok, he needed to hear it from her, to know that she wanted this just as much as he did.

Hermione could sense it, she looked at him with such intensity, Draco could swear his heart skipped a beat.

"Kiss me." she whispered. "Please, kiss me."

And with as much passion as he could muster, Draco kissed her.

Hermione lifted her arms and wrapped them around his neck, deepening the kiss.

There was so much fervor, they each moaned with the intensity. Finally, Hermione pulled away, both of them gasping for breath.

"I love you Hermione." Spoke Draco.

Again, Hermione found herself to be speechless.

"I know I've been horrible in the past…I know I've done some bad things…"
Hermione began to interrupt but Draco wasn't going to have it.

"No, Hermione, please, let me finish." Again he took a deep breath and continued. "I've made some bad decisions in the past, but I promise you I've changed, even my parents have changed. We don't see the world like we used to. I'm happy to say, we're actually more of a real family now.

"In the past, I used to be jealous of you, that's mainly why I was so rude to you. I couldn't believe that a muggle-born was smarter than me; a pureblood. But it doesn't matter anymore; I see the world in a different light now. You, Potter, Weasley, you've all given me another chance and I can't tell you how grateful I am for that. But you, you were the first one to come to my side. The first one to be a real friend to me.

"Now, I want you as more than a friend. I love you. And I promise you, I always will." Draco finished by giving her a light but loving kiss on the lips.

Stunned by his words, Hermione couldn't even begin to think of what to say. Draco Malfoy used to hate her, he used to make fun of her, call her names, and make her feel worthless. But she always thought, hoped there was some good in him, that the only reason why he was always so mean was just because he was raised that way. And now, he was saying all these wonderful things to her and she knew that he meant it. That he really did, truly love her, and for that, Hermione was overjoyed.

Draco was starting to worry because Hermione hadn't said anything for about a whole minute, "…Hermione? I-I know you probably don't believe what I'm telling you, but it's the truth, honestly it's the t-" but Draco wasn't able to complete his sentence. Hermione threw herself at him, kissing him full force, almost knocking him backward.

A stunned Draco tried to regain his balance and once he did, he lifted her up off the ground and kissed her back with just as much enthusiasm.

Finally, they broke apart, again gasping for breath. Draco slowly backed Hermione up against the door so their bodies were pressing firmly together, their breathing ragged.

At last, Hermione spoke, "I love you too Draco. I didn't think it would be possible, but I do. And I know you were telling me the truth when you said you loved me. Some people might think we're crazy, but I don't care. I just want to be with you, forever."

At that moment, Draco thought his heart would burst.

Draco smiled down at her, "Oh you have no idea…" He whispered as he leaned in and started to kiss her neck, making it hard for Hermione to suppress the moan that threatened to escape her lips.

Hermione didn't think she could hold it in anymore so she spoke, "Show me how much you love me…"

Looking up, Draco gazed into her eyes and saw no regret to her words. With that, he grabbed her hand, and pulled her through the door, down the winding stairs, and to the Room of Requirement. He let her hand fall and started pacing back and forth 3 times until the door appeared. He took her hand again and led her through to the room he had dreamed up. And what a beautiful room it was. It was warm and bathed in a dim glow from the crackling fireplace and candle light was red carpet and maroon walls with gold and silver patterns dancing across them. Then Hermione's eyes fell on the best part of the room, the elegant bed that sat waiting for them. A mix of emerald and gold decorated the pillows, sheets, and comforter.

Draco turned back to Hermione who simply smiled. He tightened his grip on her hand and led her to the bed, slowly pushing her down and getting on top of her to rain butterfly kisses all over her angelic face.

Stopping suddenly he asked her, "Are you sure you're ok? If you want me to stop, tell me, and I will." He meant every word.

Hermione looked up at him. Her body was screaming for them to continue but her mind was a little far behind. Draco could see the hesitation in her eyes. She closed them and thought about how much he meant to her and how much he had said she meant to him. Then she reopened her eyes.

They had turned to molten honey and she wanted Draco now more than ever.

"Yes, I'm ok. I want this…please."

Beaming, Draco bent down and kissed her. Her tender lips on his, it felt so good. She smelled amazing and Draco couldn't get enough.

'God this feels so good' Hermione thought to herself wanting to go faster. She could feel Draco sliding his hand down from her hair, down her neck, across her side, skimming her breast, making her breath hitch. Continuing down her hip to her thigh, then bringing it back up again to rest just below her heat.

Hermione moaned as she felt herself begin to get wet at his touch. Archng her back, she tried to get as much contact with him as possible, she wanted to feel him. Draco moved from her mouth to nibble on her neck, then licking the spot and blowing on it to sooth it. He slid his other hand up her shirt, his strong yet gentle fingers felt so good she thought. As he began to knead her breast she let out a moan which drove Draco crazy. He wanted to take her right then and there, but he knew if he went slow it would be even better, but she just made him so hot. But it didn't matter; he just wanted to make her feel good.

Soon Draco slipped her shirt off and she undid his, loving the feeling of their skin in contact with each other. Tracing his finger down her chest, past her belly button, he came to rest his hand at the top of her waist line. At a sluggish pace he undid the button and zipper on her jeans, his hand starting to tremble lightly.

Hermione's body was on fire, she wanted him so badly. She was extremely nervous of course, but she wanted this. She could see Draco's hand trembling so she reached down and put hers on top of his. He looked up.

"It's ok." She smiled at him.

He smiled back at her, "I love you."

"I love you too." She replied.

With that, he slipped off her jeans and traced his fingers up and down her creamy legs. Hermione shivered.

Draco stopped and pulled the comforter over them and climbed back up so he was laying over Hermione. He started to kiss her again, but she did something he didn't expect.

Hermione wiggled out from under him and crawled on top of him, smirking.

Chuckling, Draco asked, "What are you doing?"

Hermione just continued to have that sexy smirk on her face and she moved down his body… "My turn." She said, starting to undo his pants.

Draco's eyes widened as she started to slide his pants down his legs.

Once she had them off, she rubbed the bulge that had formed in his boxers and he grunted throwing his head back in ecstasy. Hermione honestly had no experience with this, but with all the books she had read, she was pretty sure she could figure it out…and it looked like she with Draco's reaction, she was doing pretty good.

'If she keeps this up any longer I won't be able to hold out.' Draco thought to himself. And with that thought, Draco flipped them over again and pressed his body into hers making them both moan.

"What? Was I doing something wrong?" Hermione asked, worriedly.

"No! Not at all, you were amazing…a little too amazing…I wasn't going to last." Hermione beamed as he said this.

"It's just; I want us both to feel good…not just me." Draco finished with a wink.

Kissing her on the lips, he then made his way down her neck, sucking and nipping, making Hermione squirm underneath him. Skillfully he unclasped her bra and started to knead her breast once again, taking the other in his mouth and drawing circles around her nipple with his tongue. When it was nice and taut he moved over to the next one, not wanting to leave it out. He let his other hand slide down to her heat and started to rub slow circles.

At his point Hermione was going crazy with want and need.

"Draco, please…" she pleaded.

He smiled as he moved his mouth, kissing his way down her stomach, curling his fingers underneath her underwear and sliding them down her leg. At the same time, Hermione used her feet to slip his boxers off so they were both completely naked.

Draco then inserted a finger into Hermione's heat and she arched her back with pleasure. Pumping in and out he thrust in another finger, their breathing growing more ragged. After that, Draco took his fingers out, and licked them, tasting her juices. He could smell her aroma and he couldn't get enough. Bending down, he licked the juices off her lips and Hermione screamed in bliss.

"Draco…don't stop…I'm so close…" Hermione trailed off, muffling another scream with a pillow.

But he did stop and she looked up in protest.

"Don't come yet love; I want us to do it together." Draco climbed back up her body, hovering over her.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

They locked eyes with each other. "I want this." Hermione said, grabbing her wand from the bedside table, quickly murmuring an anti-conception charm, then threw her wand away.

Smiling, Draco kissed her and slowly inserted himself into her heat. She was so tight and wet, 'God this feels amazing!' thought Draco, he had to concentrate to not blow up right there. He opened his eyes to look at Hermione because he knew it wouldn't be as easy for her.

She had her eyes closed tight; a tear leaked out and slid down the side of her cheek. Draco brushed it away and though it was hard, held still until she was ready for him to move. Finally she opened her eyes and again they were a liquid, molten honey, and she nodded her head, indicating for him to move.

Slowly, painfully, Draco thrust in and out, trying to keep a steady pace.

Hermione dug her nails into Draco's back making him growl. The pain was starting to melt away for her and pleasure was taking its place.

"Faster Draco." She panted.

He quickened his pace, thrusting harder, in and out.

They soon found a rhythm together and it was heaven.

"Ah baby, you feel so good." Draco managed to say between thrusts.

"I'm almost there Draco…harder, please, oh God…"

Draco could feel his orgasm about to hit but he held it off, waiting for the perfect timing.

"Come on 'Mione, cum with me…" he whispered. "I love you."

With those final words, Hermione screamed his name and felt her orgasm shudder throughout her body, riding out the waves of ecstasy. Hearing his name Draco came with her and together they collapsed on the bed.

Panting and trying to catch their breath, Draco gathered Hermione up in his arms and nuzzled her neck, planting light butterfly kisses.

She smiled and turned her head to look at him.

Blushing, "That was amazing." She giggled.

Smiling, he replied, "Yeah, you were fantastic."

Snuggling into his chest, Hermione yawned and just before sleep overcame her, she whispered, "Love you."

Smiling to himself, Draco could hear Hermione's slow breathing as she drifted off to sleep.

"Love you too." He said, kissing the top of her head, and then closing his own eyes, to drift off into a peaceful sleep, dreaming about his future with the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.