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Harry and Cedric were sitting out near the black lake, they had been told about the goblet of fire and Harry knew Cedric was debating about entering it. He was resting in Cedric's lap with Cedric's arms around his waist as the sun of the afternoon beat down on them. They had no classes and homework had been done already so they were currently enjoying each other's company.
"Harry." Cedric said gently to his young lover.
"Yes?" Harry asked as he looked up to meet Cedric's eyes.
"I think I'm going to enter my name." He told him.
"Cedric…" Harry started, he wasn't sure if he wanted him to or not. He had learned that the trial was dangerous and he didn't want to risk losing Cedric.
"Baby, please support me." Cedric said as he ran his hand up and down Harry's leg.
"Ok, I will." He told him, he would always support Cedric, because he knew Cedric would always support him if things he wanted to do.
"Thank you." Cedric said as he raised Harry's chin up and pressed his lips gently against Harry's, who soon returned the kiss happily, his arms wrapping around the older Wizards neck, as Cedric moved them so Harry was laying on his back on the ground and he was over him, the kiss deepening and their tongues twirling together for a moment before Cedric took control of them kiss and he entered Harry's mouth, exploring the familiar cavern.

Harry's hands went up to thread between the strands of Cedric's hair, as they kissed, and he soon felt Cedric's hand trailing down his body, to the hem of his shirt and then the slight coldness of Cedric's hands as they went up his shirt, tracing his stomach and abs.
"Excuse us, are we interrupting?" A voice said, causing Cedric to break the kiss and look up to see Hermione and Ron standing there.
"You might be." Cedric told him.
"Jeez guys, way to ruin it." Harry said as he sat up, straightening his clothes.
"Way to make out right in front of the black lake." Ron mocked him.
"Shut up." Harry said as he looked over at his best friends. "What do you guys need?"
"We were coming to see if you wanted to spend time with your best friends since you haven't yet this weekend." Ron told him.
"We see each other in class and at night." Harry told him.
"Go spend time with your friends Harry, I was suppose to go and meet a couple other Hufflepuff students anyways. I'll see you at dinner." Cedric said, kissing Harry once more and then standing up, pulling Harry up with him.
"Fine, I love you." Harry told him.
"I love you to and I'll see you later." Cedric said before he started off away from the three friends.

Hermione and Ron looked at Harry who was looking at them in silence.
"So, what do you guys want to do?" Harry asked them.
"How about you tell us what you've been up to with Cedric." Hermione told him.
'What's to tell, we're a normal couple." Harry told him.
"But you've been dating for two years, and he'll be graduating this year." Hermione said. "Aren't you…worried?"
"About what?" Harry asked. "Breaking up? Not really, we don't see each other during the summer and we're still together." Harry told her.
"Bit this is different he won't be here next year to see." Hermione told him. "I don't want you heartbroken because of this."
"I won't be, Cedric and I are in love and we aren't going to break up over something like that." Harry said, though he was a bit worried but he refused to let it bother him.
"Ok enough boy talk!" Ron said. "Blimey, I'm not into guys, so can we get off the guy topic?"
"Sorry Ron." Harry said, chuckling.
"Oh, he's just jealous that you found someone Harry and he's only been drooling over Fleur Delacour." Hermione said, looking at Ron.
"I have not!" He insisted. "Harry we haven't played Wizards Chess in a while, I want to go and beat you…again." He said.
"Alright, but you only said that to change the topic off you." Harry teased.
"I did not." Ron said, though his ears were starting to turn red like his hair.
"Mhm, ok but let's go play." Harry said as they headed back to the common room.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione arrived to the common room and they saw that other Gryffindors were sitting in the room, some doing homework, some playing games, and others just talking.
"Hi Harry." Ginny said from her spot at the desk where she was getting Neville's help with her herbology assignment.
"Hey Gin," He said, giving her a small smile as Ron and him went over to the table next to them and started to set up the game.
"How are you and Cedric doing?" Ginny asked him, ignoring the mumbling from her brother.
"Good, he's going to enter his name into the goblet." Harry told her.
"Really? That's cool, Fred and George are trying to find a way to enter…they're actually upstairs in their dorm doing it now." She told him.
"That's not going to go well for them." Harry said as he looked back at the board for the game. "But I'm not sure if I want Cedric to enter, but I'm going to support him either way." Harry told her.
"Well that's nice to know, he's lucky to have a great boyfriend like you." Ginny told him.
"You think so?" Harry asked.
"Harry your turn." Ron sad, cutting Harry and Ginny's conversation short.
"Yes i do think so, but play Wizards Chess with Ron i have to finish my homework." Ginny said as she went back to her homework while Ron and Harry played their game, while Hermione was sitting at the table next to Harry, reading a book, only paying about half attention to them.

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