Alright, this didn't take me quite as long to get up. I skipped ahead to when Draco and Harry moved in with Cedric. So Harry who was about five weeks pregnant in the last chapter is now about ten or so since he's almost three months pregnant. (almost, not quite) They are in the house and this is more or less another small filler and it's just kind of something to be nice and light and not a whole lot of drama (i have ideas for more drama so just wait for it).

It was the middle of July before the house was finished and Harry was nearing three months pregnant and he was already starting to have a little stomach forming. It wasn't the bad yet, it just looked like he had gained a bit of weight. He'd seen Cedric a few times over the past month or so but he had been busy locating a house and getting everything ready for the trio. Hermione and the Weasleys had came to visit as well and Ginny and Hermione were cooing over his stomach at the baby more than he would like but he said nothing and let the girls have their fun. He had noticed how Hermione was constantly sending letters back and forth with Viktor Krum but she would continue to deny anything was going on between them. Though her friends could see that she liked him.

By the second week of July Harry and Draco had gotten their things moved from Sirius's house and into their own house which was a five bedroom house so that Harry and Cedric had a room, Draco had a room, the baby would have one and they would have a couple spares for when they had people come to stay. It also had two bathrooms so they were sure that it would be plenty big enough for the trio. Draco had been more than thrilled to actually have a home where he wasn't going to have to worry about being hit for walking around. He was with people that actually cared about him and he had been helping Cedric and Harry finish up the nursery. Cedric had done a bit of it before Harry and Draco had moved in and the room was painted a neutral color; honey yellow with a white crib and a changing table in the room along with a rocking chair that had a perfect look out to the yard. Harry had been thrilled when he seen it and all that was left was getting a dresser for the baby's clothes and getting the shelves up that would hold the diapers and wipes and a few other things that would be needed for the baby.

Draco had been more the helper than Harry who just kind of sat in the rocking chair and watched as the other two worked. He had offered to help but Cedric had shooed him away. Harry's hands were normally on his stomach and both of the other two males were constantly trying to see if they could feel the baby kick. Harry tried to tell them that it wasn't really kicking that hard that it was more or less just squirming around inside of Harry and annoying him when it decided it wanted to press onto his bladder; which resulted in him having to use the bathroom at least once an hour.
"Cedric, your kid is annoying me." Harry said, getting up from the rocker as the older male looked over at his lover.
"My kid? Why?" Cedric asked.
"I need to pee again." He said, sending a glare at the man as he kind of waddled from the room, he wasn't that big but Harry was a small framed young man so being three months pregnant with his first child was not a easy task.
"How is that my fault?" Cedric called after him.
"I didn't get myself pregnant!" He said, followed by the slam of the bathroom door.
"Hormones?" Draco asked as he doubled check to make sure that the shelf would stay.
"Slightly…" Cedric told him.

Draco and Cedric finished up in the nursery and were heading out of the room when Harry left the bathroom, going to his lover and leaning up to peck his lips.
"When is your meeting with Professor Dumbledore?" Harry asked him, partly glad that Cedric was going to try and get an apprenticeship at Hogwarts. He was going to try and get a job working with Madam Hooch so that he could take over when she decided to retire. It was glad for Harry because then he'd be able to see the other and Cedric would be there if something was to happen with the baby. Harry knew that his due date was at the end of January; which meant he'd go into labor probably during the school day.
"Three." Cedric told him. "I'm going to hop in the shower, eat and then head to Hogwarts."
"Alright, I'll go start lunch." Harry said, sliding out of Cedric's arms and then heading downstairs to the kitchen with Draco close behind him.

Harry and Draco made their way down to the kitchen and the two of them began making lunch, just kind of talking back and forth. Harry had plenty of practice when it came to cooking since he did it at his aunt and uncle's house and he had been teaching Draco how to cook. They had also been discussing Sirius and the adoption. It hadn't happened yet because Amos still wasn't the most pleased with Harry being pregnant but he had started to come around and normally checked in once or twice a week to see how Harry was doing. He was glad that Cedric's parents were both starting to accept the fact Harry was pregnant but Cedric just wasn't going to push him away and abandon his baby.
"Hopefully Cedric is able to get the apprenticeship at Hogwarts." Draco said as they started to put the food onto the plates. Harry had made it fairly simple grilled cheese and some homemade fries to go with it.
"I want him too, then he's there and he'll be able to help if anything was to go wrong with the baby." Harry told him, he was thinking about how every year something happened in Harry's life and now being pregnant it did worry the raven-haired young man.

Harry had just placed a pitcher of lemonade on the table with glasses for them when Cedric came into the kitchen and instantly went to the pregnant teen and wrapped his arms around him as his lips pressed to the side of Harry's neck.
"Smells perfect, love." Cedric told him as he let his lips trail up to kiss the corner of Harry's mouth. "Let's eat and then I'll head out." He told him as the trio took their seats at the table. It was going to be the first meal that they ate in their house. Harry had been thrilled when Cedric told them that the house was ready. He just couldn't believe that this was their house. He knew that Draco was still a bit uneasy considering the fact that Cedric and Harry were in a relationship with a baby on the way but so far everything seemed to be doing pretty good. Yes, if Cedric got the job then the house wouldn't be used quite that much until the summer but that would be fine, the baby would only be a few months old and it would still need to use the crib when they got there. He just wasn't sure how they would be able to balance Cedric working and Harry going to school when the baby came. Though Harry figured they would be able to work that out when the baby actually got here.

When lunch was finished, Draco took the plates to the sink as Harry followed Cedric to the floo and saw him off.
"Good luck." Harry told him, he figured that Cedric had a pretty good chance of getting the apprenticeship with Madam Hooch, he was a good flyer, smart and pretty well educated but he would still need to go through everything first.
"Thanks baby, I'll be home soon." Cedric told him, pressing a last kiss to Harry's lips before he slipped into the fire and disappeared, leaving the two teenagers alone.
"Coming to help me Harry?" Draco called from the kitchen where the water was starting to run.
"I'm coming." Harry said, making his way back into the kitchen where he took his spot to wash while Draco dried.
"I can't believe everything has been going so…fine." Draco said as he took one of the soapy glasses from Harry and rinsed it off before putting it into the strainer.
"I know, nothing from your father. Well other than the fact we know he's furious you seemed to have gone missing, and obviously my aunt and uncle could care less." Harry said, though what he really enjoyed was that Voldemort was no where to be seen. He still hated that he had the memory of Cedric dying, that had been his worst nightmare, no it was his worst nightmare.
"Yeah, but he has no idea where I am." Draco told him. "At least until school starts again…"
"Don't think about it, Dumbledore won't let him near you." Harry said, drying his hands as he wrapped his arm around Draco.
"I hope so." Draco said, hugging Harry a bit, as he lightly poked his stomach. "You have a little bump." He murmured.
"I know, in a few months I'll be as big as a house." Harry groaned as he lifted his shirt a bit to reveal his stomach. "I'm not going to be able to play Quiddtch this year." Harry said, looking over at Draco. "Looks like you may actually stand a chance." He teased, squealing in laughter as Draco splashed him with the water. "Draco! That's soapy and dirty." He said, grabbing a towel to dry his glasses.

Draco just chuckled in response and lowered his hand to try and do it again but Harry quickly moved away to prevent Draco from getting him again.
"Don't even think of it." Harry told him. "You don't want to mess with the pregnant guy." He warned him.
"Oh, I'm so scared." Draco teased. "You forget I have the temperamental redhead for a boyfriend."
"Ron's harmless, plus it's not like he'd ever lay a hand on you." Harry said, leaning against the wall, his hands moving to rest on his stomach.
"Point taken but he won't touch you either, you're his best friend. His pregnant best friend." The blonde told him.
"Cedric isn't safe from his temper though. Remember when Ron and I weren't speaking for a bit? Then Cedric and I got into it? He instantly stopped being mad at me and went off on my boyfriend."
"That doesn't surprise me at all to be honest. He loves both of us, just in different ways." Draco said.
"Oh I know. He loves me, he's in love with you."
"Or you can say that I guess." Draco said, looking down at the water on the floor. "We better wipe this up then want to go and watch a movie?" Draco asked, Harry had insisted on some sort of muggle things in the house and Cedric had agreed considering Harry's mother was muggle.
"Sounds like a plan." Harry said, coming over to help Draco wipe up the water and then they went off to the living room to sit on the couch and watch some random movie that Draco put in. He had never seen the muggle movies that Harry had heard of and they settled in to watch one, Harry laying on the couch with his feet ending up in Draco's lap; much to the blonde's dislike but he didn't shove them off. The pair got lost in the movie that they both jumped a bit when the floo went off; signaling that someone was coming through.

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