I love 'Aliens in the Attic' so I thought I'd make a fan fiction on it. I have to tell you, it's probably not going to be great, but I'll definitely try my best. The whole story is in Bethany's point of view. I don't really know how to explain this story, but you'll understand why I named it this probably pretty shortly, but if you don't, just keep reading. It's not really a secret, or even the point of the story, lol. I just think it'd be interesting if you guys try to guess why I named it.



I never could figure out what the hell possessed those creepy mutant aliens to invade our vacation house. It's been an unknown factor since it all happened. Hannah's little four-armed friend came back a few days ago to visit. Of course, our parents are still oblivious. How he found our house is beyond me. He is pretty smart, though. Maybe he used MapQuest or something. Who knows?

It's been a year since the invasion happened. We don't go to that house anymore. It's a shame, really. I loved the pool. We have our own now, though. I convinced Hannah to use her super cuteness to get Mom and Dad to give in. I love having a sister so much younger than me. I have to admit, she gets annoying as all hell, but I love her to death. She's really not that bad. She's eight now, and she's getting smarter every day. I think of her as if she's my daughter. Speaking of… I think that's my little rugrat crying right now.

"Bethy!" Hannah shouted. "Nicki's crying!"

I sighed and closed the screen of my laptop, pushing myself up from my chair. Making my way out of my room and down the hall, I could hear Hannah's attempts to get Nicki to calm down. Sometimes she was really good at it, but at times like this, Nicki wouldn't stop crying until she got fed.

I walked into the green and pink nursery that Nicki currently resides in and I walked over to the crib that my screaming infant was in. I picked her up gently and kissed her head, patting her bottom lightly. I knew she'd hate me for this, but her diaper was so wet it soaked through her pajamas. I had no idea a baby could pee that much in just a night that only lasts six hours for her and Mommy.

"Want me to change her crib?" Hannah asked.

"No, I'll do it after I feed her. If you would, take the fitting sheet off and I'll throw it in the washer in a little bit," I said laying Nicki down on the changing table.

Her screams got louder and I tried my best to get her wiped down and changed. I guess she didn't really need a wipe bath but I didn't want her to smell like pee. That's one of the things I hate about some young parents, aside from myself. They don't have the common sense to wipe their child down after an accident.

I'll give her a bath after she eats, of course. She gets two baths a day unless something goes wrong. Then, she gets extras in between. If she's really cranky, I'll put her in the water several times a day. She loves getting baths.

I picked Nicki up after putting on a new diaper and putting her into some thinner pajamas. It gets pretty cold at night, and it's still cold during the day, but the thicker pajamas weren't necessary for the day. I sat in the rocking chair in the corner of Nicki's nursery and I laid her down in my arms, unbuttoning my own pajama shirt. I unclipped by nursing bra and smiled, kind of in relief, when Nicki started sucking on my breast. I loved nursing her. It was one of my favorite times with her.

"Beth, how come you don't give her bottles?" Hannah asked, appearing next to me.

"Because she's still little. She'll be on the bottle eventually, but breast feeding is more nutritious and it comforts her," I explained.

"How come me and Mom aren't allowed to feed her?"

"Because you're not old enough and Mom doesn't lactate."

"What's lactate?"

"Go ask Mom."

I watched Hannah run out of the room and I laughed a little, looking at Nicki. I ran my hand over her head lightly and kissed her forehead just as Tom walked in.

"Hey. Ricky just called. I told him you were busy," Tom said.

"He can call someone else. I don't want to talk to him, he's a jerk."

"You realize this three weeks after he ditched you in the delivery room?"

"Shut up."

After Ricky's charade with Annie, he conjured up this huge apology and I was suckered in again. I know, pretty stupid, right? Well, most of the reason I got back together with him was because after we broke up the first time, I found out I was pregnant. People asked me if I was sure Ricky was the father. He had to be. He's the only person I've ever had sex with. We were together throughout the rest of my pregnancy, but then when I went into labor, he took me to the hospital and helped me get checked in. When it came time for pushing, he told me he had to call his parents real quick, and I believed him. I never saw him again. Today's actually the first time he's called since Nicki was born.

"Sorry," Tom said. "How's she doing?"

"Good. She's eating."

"Yeah, I saw that… Can I be honest with you about something?"


Tom was quiet for a few seconds. "When you told me you were pregnant, the first thought that went through my mind was 'Beth can't be a mother, she can't even handle Hannah'."

"Gee, thanks, Tom."

"Let me finish."


"I saw changes between you and Hannah. You guys got closer and you involved her in everything you and Ricky did."

"Not everything. There were some games in the bedroom she isn't allowed to witness."


"I'm sorry, go ahead."

"When I saw how close you and Hannah got, and how much you took care of her, by the time you had Nicki, I was convinced that you'd probably be the best mother in the world."


"And, I was right. You're doing an amazing job, Beth… You don't complain when you can't go to sleep because she's fussy. You don't complain about it being hard. You don't complain about not having someone there to share it with."

"That's because I do have someone there to share it with."


"You. Everyone. Mostly you and Hannah."


"Can I be honest with you now?"


I looked at Nicki for a few seconds and let out a small breath, looking back at Tom. "Last year, I thought you were the most immature person in the world. When I told you I was pregnant and you told me that you'd be there for me no matter what, I saw someone completely different. I saw a caring big brother instead of the annoying little brother I thought you to be all those years. In the delivery room when Ricky left, and you held my hand and told me that I was gonna be okay and that the pain would stop, even though I was cursing at you and screaming so loud I could have deafened, it reminded me of a father that cares. I mean, you're her uncle, but you've been a father figure to her since she was born. Before that, even. You got to do everything the dad gets to do. You got to help the doctor deliver her, you got to cut the cord, you got to hold her first and bring her to me. In the middle of the night, when Nicki cries, but stops three seconds later, I know you're in here talking to her, singing to her, telling her that everything is okay because you're there and nothing will happen," I said as tears filled my eyes and my voice cracked.

Tom nodded. "Well, Ricky ditched you. It's only fair that I help. I love her."

"Will you do me a favor? It's not something a brother would normally do, but it's important to me."


"She has a check up at the hospital with her pediatrician tomorrow. Will you come with me and sign her birth certificate?"

Tom raised his eyebrows. "Me? Sign her certificate? As her father?"

"Well, yeah… It doesn't make you her biological father; it just makes you the second parent with custody. I don't want Ricky anywhere near her. Not after the way he ignored her."

Tom smiled a little and nodded. "Yeah… I'll sign it."

"Bethy!" Hannah said, running into my room. "Bethy, wake up!" she said, shaking me.

"What, Hannah," I muttered.

"Nicki's sick!"

"What?" I asked, sitting up.

"She's throwing up. A lot."

I looked at my clock and saw that it was 4:30 AM. "Hannah, what the hell are you doing awake?" I asked, getting up from bed.

"I heard Tommy run into the wall."

"Go get your ass back in bed, child. Mom and Dad will kill you if they see you up," I said, walking out of my room. I walked into Nicki's nursery and saw Tom holding Nicki over his shoulder, patting her back. "What happened?"

"I don't know, I got up to go to the bathroom and I wanted to check on her. She was spitting up when I looked in," Tom said.

"Poor baby…" I said, running my hand over Nicki's head.

"Think she's sick?"

"She could have the flu… Maybe it's just an upset tummy. It used to happen to you and Hannah all the time."

"Could it be Colic?"

"I don't think Colic makes you throw up. I think it just makes their tummy gassy."

"Should we take her to the doctor?"

"Maybe… Should we do it now or in the morning?"

"I dunno. The sooner the better, but we don't know if it's something serious or not."

"Well, let's go ahead and take her in. I'm sure the doctor can give us a diagnosis," I said, taking Nicki from Tom. "Go clean up first. You stink. I'll get her cleaned up and get her in her car seat. The platform is in your car, so let's just go in yours."

"Okay. I'll meet you downstairs," Tom said, walking out of the room.

Well, it turns out that Nicki just had an upset stomach. Tom signed the birth certificate since he was going to anyways, and now we're back at home. I decided to give Nicki a bath and I needed one too, so I just drew a bath and got in with her, only she was in her baby bath. Hannah got in with us because Mom and Dad went out of town for the day and Tom wanted to catch up on sleep, but I could tell that he was just sitting in his room, worrying about Nicki. He's such a good brother.

"Bethy, how come Nicki's sick?" Hannah asked.

"Her tummy's just upset. She'll be better," I said, ringing out a washcloth over Nicki's belly. She loved baths. She was always so calm when she was in the water.

"How come?"

"I don't know."

"Can I ask'ya somethin'?"


"Is Tommy Nicki's daddy?"

"Not really. Why?"

"I heard 'ya talkin' 'bout it with him yesterday. You said he was like her daddy."

I nodded, running my hand over Nicki's head. "He is. He helps me take care of her."

"But, I thought Ricky was her daddy."

"He helped me make her."

"How do you make a baby?"

What the hell? I looked at Hannah for a few seconds. That's totally something she should be asking Mom and Dad, not me. If I explain sex to her, I'll get my ass kicked. "Well, I… Um… Well, it's like taking care of a garden. You know, you dig in the dirt, plant the seed, and water it so it grows. It's kind of like that, but babies only have to be watered once."

"She grew in a garden? Like a Cabbage Patch Kid?"

"Uh… Sure."

"Is it a sex thing?"

"Yes, it is. And, that's why you'll ask Mom and Dad the embarrassing questions next time, because I'm pretty sure what I just told you is gonna get me grounded."

"Your story was better than mine," Tom said.

I flinched and looked to the doorway. "Hello! There are three naked ladies in here!"

"Please, like I haven't seen any of you naked before. We used to take baths together."

"We were toddlers."

"I meant me and Hannah."

"Until she asked you what your penis was for."

"Hey, hey. You're a girl, you don't have that problem. You only have the headlights to worry about."

"Oh, please! They're breasts and Hannah's already aware that she doesn't have them because she hasn't hit puberty."

"Okay, okay. I give. Ricky called again. He said he wants to see you."

"Too bad. He can go with safe sex and screw himself."

"I thought you said he could barely reach the hilt because he's so small, you expect him to reach his a—"

"Don't finish that sentence. Get out so we can enjoy our bath."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Why does Tommy play with you like that?" Hannah asked.

"Cuz, he's a boy," I said.

"Boys are icky."

"Yep. Boys are icky."

Well, what do you think? Was it completely dumb? I thought some parts were pretty good.