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As I suspected, Ricky bailed on me when I needed him the most. I had an interview at the hospital to be a candy striper, and he called me that morning to tell me that he couldn't come because Annie was puking her guts out. I'm not surprised; she's probably pregnant. I know what's going to happen. She's going to tell him she's pregnant, he's going to be there for her until her water breaks. Then he's going to call three weeks after their baby is born and claim he's going to help and wants to be there for the baby, and then when Annie wants to go in for an interview for a job, he's going to bail on her, too. I hate him. I hate men. Just so I'll never have to endure this shit again, I'm giving up on sex completely.

Okay, I lied. I won't give up on sex. I can't do that. I get turned on way, way too easily and you probably didn't want to know that but I'm rambling and it's a disease so stop me anytime I get annoying.


Thanks, Hannah.


Oh, she was serious. Haha…

I stood up from the floor and carefully stepped around the scattered paper, so I wouldn't step on it. I'd been putting together a scrapbook for three hours now. Nicki stayed asleep for about two and a half. I still haven't taken her out of her crib, though. I could hear her through the monitor and she was just babbling up a storm, so I knew she was fine. She probably needed a diaper change though. I hadn't thought about that.

"What, Han?" I asked, walking down the hall. "Where are you?"

"In Tommy's room! Hurry!"

"What's wrong?"

"Tommy's not breathing!"

I ran the last two feet into Tom's room, and I knelt next to him, putting my ear to his chest to hear his heart. I could feel the thumping against my ear, but it was slow. "Hannah, go call 911 and then do me a really big favor and put the rail on Nicki's crib down and change her diaper for me, on the floor, not in the crib, and then get her in her car seat and bundle her up."

As Hannah ran out of the room, I tilted Tom's head back a little. "Tom, can you hear me? It's Beth."

I waited a few seconds, and I shouldn't have because I knew he wouldn't respond. I put my ear to his mouth and didn't feel anything, so I pinched his nose closed and covered his mouth with mine. I blew three long breaths into his mouth and I could see his chest rise and fall every time I did so.

"…And then the aliens tried to attack us all," Hannah's voice said, from the doorway.

"Hannah, stop telling people about the aliens, you're going to get me arrested!" I said, looking at her. "Tell them your brother's not breathing, our address is 6021 Trenton Lane, and your older sister is doing CPR."

"My brother isn't breathing, my address is 6021 Trenton Lane, and my older sister is doing VCR."


"She's doing CPR."

She paused for a few seconds . "Bethy, is his heart beating?"




"Bethy, they're on their way."

"Good. Did they hang up?"

"Did you hang up?"



"Ask if they need to know anything else."

"Do ya needa know anything else?"


"Nope, just making sure the ambulance gets here."

"Well, I hear sirens right now, so tell them they're here."

"They're here."



I turned my attention back to Tom, and I blew into his mouth again. Only, this time he responded. Yeah, by vomiting. And I had my mouth open, talk about gross. It wasn't much, I actually moved, but he still got me.

My mouth watered and I spit the excess saliva out of my mouth, before getting up and running to the bathroom. The second my knees hit the floor, I started vomiting, and I heard a knock at the doorway.

"Miss, are you alright?"

I coughed a little and looked up. Had to have been a paramedic because he was carrying a big and he was in a blue jumpsuit.

I nodded slowly. "My brother threw up."

"Sensitive stomach?"

"I was breathing into his mouth…"

"Oh, bummer… You're sure you're alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thank you. He's the last room. He's breathing now."

"Good job, kiddo. I'll check on you."

I nodded. "Thanks."

When he left, I had another vomiting fit. I hate getting sick. It's gross and it sucks ass. The aroma was never very pleasant, either.

After a while, all of us were at the hospital. I'd called Mom and Dad—they were on another out of town trip—and they said they were on their way. Uncle Nate, Lee, Art, and Jake were heading down too, because they were closer to the hospital. Tom passed out shortly after he was put into the ambulance, and I'd been sitting in his room with him, while Hannah and Nicki were in the children's ward playroom, being watched over by an amazingly sexy male nurse.

I stayed silent and played with my fingernails, glancing at Tom every so often. I couldn't help but worry about him. He's my little brother. We've gotten so close since Nicki was born. I was assured that Tom was fine, and that he was dehydrated and he needed sleep, but I still had to worry about him. What would have happened if it had been more serious? What if I'd lost him? What would I have told Mom and Dad about what happened? How would I explain to Hannah that it wasn't anyone's fault, and that he just didn't have enough water in his system?

…How would I tell Nicki that her Daddy had passed away?

I know I'm being dramatic. But hey, you saw our invasion with the little green guys; you should expect drama from me.

Just as I glanced at Tom, I saw his eyes open, and I got up from my chair, hugging his with an unexpected sob.

"God, I was so worried about you!"

"…What happened?" Tom asked.

I looked at him for a few seconds, tears freely flowing down my cheeks. "You… You got dehydrated… You passed out or something. Hannah found you on the floor in your bedroom and you weren't breathing."

"Dehydration did that? Jesus…"

"Tom, we were terrified."


"I-I didn't know what to do. I did mouth-to-mouth, and by the way, it was the most disgusting thing I've ever endured, considering you literally puked in my mouth."

Tom laughed. "Maybe you couldn't have had your mouth on mine?"

"I'd do it all over again, if it meant saving your life…"

"That means a lot, Beth. Thanks."


"What happened?" Mom asked as she and Dad walked into the room.

"He was dehydrated."

"What on Earth possessed you to do such a thing, Tom?"

"What are you talking about? He was dehydrated not taking drugs."

"He obviously wasn't drinking enough."

"Well, of course; he's not going to drink all day. And for the record, we had a belching contest earlier, so he did drink enough and for the record again, I totally won," I said, looking at Tom.

"Whatever, you wish," he said. "I won. Fair and square."

"Nuh uh, you threw up."

"I did not."

"Just because you swallowed it doesn't mean you didn't do it. I did the same thing."

"Well, you lost."

"You lost first."

"I did not."

"Will you two stop? How did you get dehydrated?" Mom asked.

"I don't know, how should I know?" Tom said.

"Maybe the air in your head evaporated all the liquids," I said.

"That's a good one. That's really nice, coming from the Queen of Deedeedee."

"I'm not retarded!"

"Yeah, you are, you just don't know it."

"You're unbelievable."

"You're predictable."

"I am not, I'm spontaneous."

"Yeah, in bed. Outside of bed, you're predictable."

"How would you know what goes on in my bed? There's never anyone with me."


Ooh, good one.