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Originally posted for dokuga_contest's Weekly Perfection, Drabble #61 – Fling, 300 words.



The moment Kagome exhales the last number she is snapping forward and taking off—an arrow in the wind. The feel of dying grass beneath her feet; the sound of her quickening breath all that fills her mind as she approaches the smooth edge of a fleeting escape.

And then she is launching over the edge, flying into the dark with nothing beneath her and her pounding red red heart beating a deafening rhythm that leaves her blind in all but the simplest of senses.

Arms stretched wide, she feels the cool wind kiss her skin, weave in and out of her flowing strands of black velvet and she is smiling for the first time in what seems like forever. Her thin tunic flutters around her as she closes those bright blue eyes that are the windows to her tired soul.

Her worries and fears discarded on the cliff, she is falling and flying. She is weightless and carefree. She is nothing and everything all at once and it is exhilarating. The pure heady rush is intoxicating, bone-deep—soul deep—elemental in every way that there is no room for thought. No room to wonder what it would be like to grasp the stars or touch the moon. Just feel this one moment of midnight peace that is solely hers and hers alone.

Kagome curves her body before the inevitable splash. She sinks, overcome by the oscillating waters, relishing the drowning silence. She emerges with a loud gasp for air, chest heaving, laughing, and maybe even crying.

Floating on the ebbing water, she hears her heart's companion, her golden ray of light, the reason they are here.

"How was it?"

She takes his outstretched hand and placing it on her chest, lets him feel her calming heart. "Indescribable. Absolutely…indescribable."