Suddenly, Yumichika woke up. The room was dark. He tried to focus on the furniture to get his bearing in the room. He also realized he had an arm around his waist. He turned his head to see the face of Byakuya sleeping and snoring quietly. He tried to move but Byakuya pulled him closer to him. Yumichika lay still until he felt that Byakuya fall back into a deep sleep. He turned his back to Byakuya to find a comfortable position, so that he could fall back to sleep. Byakuya moved in closer to him. As Yumichika listened to Byakuya's breathing, his eyes grew heavy and he fell back to sleep.

"Good Morning, Yumi," Byakuya said in his ear as he nuzzled his neck.

"What time is it?" Yumichika asked as he put the covers over his head.

"Seven o'clock? What time did you think it was? Get up. This is one of the few days we get to come in late. I'm going to take my shower. Want to join?" Byakuya asked as he tried to pull the covers off of Yumichika.

"Go ahead. I'm going to stay here for a minute."

Byakuya got off the bed and went into the bathroom. After Yumichika heard water running from the room, he uncovered his head and looked around the room. He saw things that he only saw in the human world; a desk with a computer, modern furniture and a wall that was all glass. He got out of the bed and walked to the wall window. He looked out of the wall window and saw the beach. The sun was just above the horizon. He could not believe the view he was seeing. It was like a dream.

"What are you thinking about?"

Yumichika jumped as Byakuya wrapped his arms around him as he started kissing his neck.

"You better get dressed. We have to be at the meeting by ten. You know how long it takes you to get dressed," Byakuya said as he gave him a final kiss before walking to his closet. He turned back and looked at Yumichika. "Are you felling okay?"

"Yeah, I guess so. Can you start the 'shower' for me?" Yumichika asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"O . . .kay?" Byakuya said as he walked in the bathroom and turned on the water. When he turned around, Yumichika was standing there staring at the room.

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes. Now can you please leave?"

Byakuya smiled and gave him a kiss and left him in the room.

Yumichika walked into the shower and placed his head under the shower. He enjoyed the feeling from the shower. He stood there took a deep breath.

"What is going on? Byakuya and me? How could this be? Is this for real?" he thought as he stood there in the shower.

When Yumichika came out of the bathroom, he saw Byakuya sitting at the desk on the computer. He had on jeans and a black t-shirt that said 'Pride' in white lettering.

"I thought you fell down the drain," he said with a smile on his face. "I put your clothes out for you. We got to get ready to go for our meeting."

He stared at Byakuya again.

"Okay. What is wrong? You have been acting weird all morning. Are you feeling sick?" He said he walked over and placed a hand on his forehead.

"I. . . . I'm okay." Yumichika said and he went to the bed where his clothes were laying. "Just a slight headache. Maybe if I eat something."

"You know if we are late for our mourning meeting, we will miss the breakfast. Now, get dress and let's get going."

Yumichika got dress in a pair of jeans and a purple t-shirt with 'Beautiful' on the front. He combed his hair and looked in the mirror. He thought how strange it felt not to have his feathers. He told Byakuya that he was ready and followed Byakuya through the house to the car.

"Up or down?"

"What? Yumichika said.

"The top on the car. Up or down? Do I need to take you to the doctor after the meeting?"

"I'm okay. Down. . .All Right!" Yumichika yelled. Byakuya looked at him strangely opened the door for him. He got in the car. Byakuya ran around and got in the car. He cranked the car and pulled off.

They rode down the highway. Byakuya was driving fast and weaving in and out of traffic. The music was blasting. The faster he drove, the louder the music got. The louder the music got, the harder Yumichika's head pounded. After forty-five minutes, they arrived at a studio. The guard waived them through. They drove through the lot until they got to a parking lot full of other cars. Byakuya pulled into a space that had his name. He got out and helped Yumichika out of the car and held his hand as they walked into the building.

"You look like you have a headache. Do you feel like going to the meeting?"

"I'm okay. Please. . .Please. . . just. . . Let's go." Yumichika said as he held Byakuya's hand tighter. He let Byakuya lead him through the building. The further they went in the building, the harder Yumichika head pounded. When they got to the meeting room, everyone at the table turned and looked them.

"Well, I am glad you two made it," a voice said from the table.

"Hello everyone," Byakuya spoke as he let go of Yumichika's hand to get them something to drink. Yumichika stared at the people at the table.

"Gin? Aizen? Tosen? What are you doing here?" Yumichika asked. He looked stunned and confused.

"What's wrong with you? We are still part of the cast. The producers have not written out of the show yet," Gin said with his famous grin.

Yumichika looked around the room. He saw a poster on the wall that said "Bleach". On another wall, it had all the pictures of all the cast members. He walked to the wall looking the pictures. He recognized everyone. He felt like he was going crazy. His vision went blurry and then black. He fell to the floor.

Yumichika thinks he is dreaming. Or is he?