Unohana walked over to talk to Yumichika. Kira hugged Yumichika and left the three to talk. Byakuya held his hands around Yumichika's waist.

"I got the results of your test."

Byakuya grabbed Yumichika tightly. "Is Yumi okay?"

"Yumichika, you are pregnant," Unohana said with a smile.

Byakuya started hugging and kissing on Yumichika as he started to think about what Gin told him. He tried to wipe it from his mind. "How did he know?"

"I can't believe this. I got a second chance to be a father. Are you happy?" Byakuya said with the biggest smile on his face.

"I can't believe it either. I think I am in shock," Yumichika said as he started to rub his head. He looked at Byakuya. He jumped was shocked in what he saw.

"What's wrong?" Byakuya said with a concerned look on his face.

"My head hurts a little. Is the medicine you gave me safe for the baby?" Yumichika asked Unohana.

"It is fine. Hopefully, the headaches will subside the further you get in your pregnancy," Unohana smiled.

"I'm going to get my medicine, I'll be back, Daddy," Yumichika said to Byakuya as he kissed him. "I'll be back."

Yumichika went to the room and closed the door. He walked over to Gin.

"Gin, Gin wake up." Yumichika started shaking Gin. He tried to sit Gin up in the bed. Gin started to wake up. He was groggy. He wanted to fall back down but Yumichika would not let him.

"Gin, look at me. What are they? I saw something. What are they?" Yumichika said with Gin's face cupped in his hands.

"Arrancars," Gin said. He took one of Yumichika hand's and placed it on his stomach. "They did it to me again. Every time I get away, they bring me back. They want this baby and I can't stop them. Now they got you."

Gin started to cry. Yumichika hugged Gin. The door opened.

"Yumi, everyone wants to see you and congratulate you. Gin, you're up. You may as well come out here also." Kira said.

"I'll be out in a minute. I was telling Gin about my news. He is upset a little but very happy for me," Yumichika said as he looked at Gin. Gin shook his head in agreement.

"Well, you hurry," Kira said as he closed the door.

"I hate him. He is some watchdog for the group. He helps Byakuya keep everyone in line," Gin said as he kept trying to shake off the effects of the drug they gave him to sleep. "Don't take the medicine. It is what they use to control what you see or how you see them."

"I don't know how I going to do this? I don't want to be a part of this . . . this group," Yumichika said as he started to cry.

"You have to go back out there. They are waiting for you. They won't hurt you as long as you are carrying his child. There is always another day. Just make your plans to get from under them." Gin was getting out of the bed.

"Come out with me. Then you can leave from there, Okay." Yumichika held out his hand to Gin. Gin grabbed his hand and they walked out the room together.

They walked up to Byakuya.

"Gin, are you feeling better?"

"Yes, thank you for asking. I wanted to congratulate you and Yumi on the news of your baby. I am happy for you." Gin hugged Byakuya. "Did you tell Yumi about my surprise?" he whispered in his ear.

Byakuya pulled Gin away. He looked at Gin very angrily. "Shut up, Gin." Byakuya shoved Gin away from him.

"You shut up. Yumi, he never told you about us. You see, me and you, Yumi, are breeders. Byakuya has to have an heir in this Arrancar world. When I lost my baby, he was so determined to try again. When I wouldn't, they found out you were one too."

"Gin, be quiet, you little . . .," Kira yelled as he grabbed Gin by the arm. Everyone at the party was quiet at this time.

"What, bitch?" Gin yelled as he pulled from Kira's grasp. "You are not nothing more than a guard dog for them. Let me go."

Gin ran out to the patio to the balcony. He looked over the edge and saw the ragged rocks below.

"Gin, stop!" Yumichika yelled. "Gin, don't do this. Think about your baby." He moved closer to Gin. Gin stood on the edge of the balcony. "Gin, don't do this."

Gin turned and looked at Yumichika. "I am thinking about my baby. Yumi, you should too." Gin leaned back and fell.

Yumichika sat up in the bed. He was breathing hard. He looked around. He fell back on the pillow still breathing hard.

"You had that dream again, didn't you?" Byakuya said as he turned placed a hand on the stomach of a very pregnant Yumichika.

"Yeah, I did." He turned and put his arms around Byakuya. "I don't know why I keep having these bad dreams. But as long as they are just dreams. . ." Yumichika said as he went back to sleep.

Byakuya held Yumichika and kissed his forehead. Byakuya morphed into Aizen.

"Yes, it was just a dream in Hueco Mundo."

I hope you enjoyed this ending. I have an alternate ending. This ending is dedicated to MintCa. MintCa gave me some suggestion. This one is a happy ending.

"Gin, stop!" Yumichika yelled. "Gin, don't do this. Think about your baby." He moved closer to Gin. Gin stood on the edge of the balcony. "Gin, don't do this."

Gin turned and looked at Yumichika. "I am thinking about my baby. Yumi, you should too." Gin leaned back and fell.

Gin fell into the arms of Byakuya. He put his arms around Byakuya and kissed him.

"Cut, cut, cut," the director yelled. "Gin you were supposed to fall that way. Not fall into your lover's arm."

Everyone on the floor started laughing

"Listen, Mike, this is my last show. I am being written out of the show. Let me end it my way. Besides, I can't hurt myself. I am with child." Gin smiled as Byakuya help him stand up. Gin placed his hands on his stomach. He smiled and kissed Byakuya.

Yumichika turned to Ikkaku. They both embraced. "I know you're tired. This take was hard on you but it is almost over."

Kira lit up a cigarette. Shuhei looked at him. "Kira put out that cigarette. You don't smoke."

"I know but it just a habit from this movie. I will quit." Shuhei took the cigarette out of Kira's hand and pulled him close for a kiss.

"Okay people, I don't want to lose this shot or the sun, places people, places," the director yelled.

As Gin was getting in position, he saw that Yumichika was yawning.

"Yumi, are you okay? You look exhausted."

"Gin, remember when I went to the doctor?"

Gin started smiling. "How far are you?"

"Four weeks. I haven't told Ikkaku yet. I was waiting for this to be over."

Gin and Yumichika hugged each other. They were jumping around when Byakuya came over for his position.

"What are you two doing over here?"

"Friend talk," Gin said as he looked at Yumichika with a finger to his mouth. "Help me up here, baby."

Byakuya help Gin to the ledge and then he went back to Yumichika side.

"And . . . . Action!" the director yelled.

Thanks. Hope you enjoyed the story. I have to go finish looking at my Twilight Zone (black & white series) episodes.