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Summary. What if Harry's dreams were just as frightening to Voldemort's as Voldemort's were to Harry. This idea doesn't seem like it is that original, so I apologize in advance if someone else has written something similar. Rate M for sexual content.

Lord Voldemort's Nightmares

His slit nostrils flared quickly, a cold sweat lingering over his hairless, cold body, awake again mid-sleep. His annoyance with himself was prevalent and if anyone had watched this scene they would have assumed he had a heart and a conscious. It was always the same dream, always the same faceless witch. He summoned his most faithful servant to relieve him from the aching he felt below the waist. She was always too pleased to serve her Lord, even in the dead of night. He never told her why, but then again she never asked, nor did she care.


He left Hermoine and Ron fighting on the stairs after the Yule ball. He needed some fresh air before heading back to the dormitories. He exited through the Entrance hall and sat quickly on the stairs. Harry undid his tie and tightened his cloak around his chilled body. A breeze came up from around him and immediately a familiar flowery scent filled his nostrils. A slight shuffling sound made him turn around. There she was more beautiful then he had ever seen her. Her golden satin gown snugly hugged her hips and cleavage, making him choke on his own breath. Her brown eyes locked on his green ones and she grinned.

"May I join you?" she asked.

She sat down beside him, not waiting for his reply.

They leaned back and looked out at the beautiful starry night.

"The stars look amazing tonight," he proclaimed.

"Not as amazing as your dancing tonight," giggled Ginny.

"Too bad your date ditched you, I rather enjoyed watched you stomp all over her feet," she teased as she softly punched his arm.

"It wasn't my fault, she had bigger feet than even Ron," he laughed.

The breeze whipped across their bodies again and they both shivered. Harry looked down at Ginny and saw that her arms had goose pimples on them and knew she must be freezing. He let his eyes wander across her chest and saw that the fitted satin had puckered around her hardened nipples.

"You must be freezing," said Harry as he removed his cloak and wrapped it around her shoulders.

"Always the gentlemen, hunh Harry?" she replied.

She pressed her body closer to his and leaned her head on his shoulder. He shuddered from the contact and from the loss of his cloak. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer.

"You look beautiful tonight, Gin," he said.

"Thanks," replied Ginny.

She looked up at him her lips inches from his. He could feel her hot breath on his face and neck. He leaned down slightly and brushed his lips against hers. She let out a low growl as he pulled away. In the next instant she wrapped her cold fingers around the back of his neck and pulled him back towards her. Her lips hit his with passion he'd never felt before. She traced his upper lip with her tongue until he was fidgeting and restless, yearning for more. In one quick movement he moved her sideways onto his lap. His left arm circled her waist while his right hand moved to the back of her neck and his tongue pressed into her mouth, exploring the depths of her and relishing in an overcoming emotion.

His mouth left hers and moved down her jaw, leaving wet kisses in its path downwards. Her head jolted backwards as he moved his lips. Her breathing quickened and soon both of them were panting. He sucked and pulled on her flesh leaving red marks, before reaching her collarbone.

"Unhhhhh," she moaned as he released her neck.

He moved his hands upwards and gently circled her ribcage with his thumbs. She leaned back farther giving him easier access to her chest. He nibbled his way downwards and nuzzled between her breasts, tracing her aching flesh with his tongue. Her skin was salty and cold and the mere thought of it made Harry's trousers tighten. She ground her bum into his aching member making him buck up slightly to match her rhythm. Slowly he moved his hands from her ribs up, stopping when he reached the underside of her breasts. He gave her a chance to tell him to stop or to hex him into next week but she did neither. Her eyes were glazed with lust and she thought if he didn't move more quickly she might explode.

"Oh Ginny," he groaned as she wiggled in his lap again.


Disappointed Harry laid awake panting and shifting uncomfortably in his bed. He hoped that he had not said her name aloud. Few things remained secret in the 6th year boy's dormitory. Harry did not want his best mate Ron to know what or whom he had dreamt about. Guilt challenged his growing arousal and eventually won. Harry fell back asleep, thankful for the power to use at least a little bit of occlumency in his dreams at least.

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