"Chris!" Wyatt called up the stairs as he poured the hot oatmeal into two bowls, and set them on the table. "Hurry up, we're gonna be late!" He heard a soft flurry of movements from upstairs, and then soft thudding as his little brother rushed down the stairs. "Slow down!" Wyatt called quickly. They were late as it was and a trip to the emergency room wouldn't help that.

"Sorry Wy," Chris said as he rushed into the kitchen. The smaller brown haired boy gave his older brother one of what Wyatt called his "baby face" smiles.

"Sit down and eat," Wyatt said seeing the grimace on Chris' face. He didn't like oatmeal.

"Not hungry," Chris mumbled dropping into a chair. He knew his arguments fell on deaf ears. Wyatt was adamant that he eat a healthy breakfast.

"Chris," Wyatt warned as he poured two glasses of milk and sat next to his little brother. The two began eating with Wyatt going through his usual morning questions and Chris answering in a slight annoyed tone.

"How'd you sleep last night?"


"No nightmares?"

"No Wyatt?"

"Did you do your homework?"


"Did you have any trouble?"


"Are you ready for your Geography, and Algebra 2 tests?"


"Alright, go get your coat on." Wyatt said as he took the now mostly empty bowl from in front of Chris.

"Its not cold outside," Chris said with a hint of a attitude in his voice.

"Chris don't start! We'll be there late, I have football practice before the game." Wyatt said as he quickly set the bowls up to dry.

"Is Mama coming?" Chris questioned innocently.

"No buddy she has to work." Wyatt said hiding the way his throat clenched.

"Oh," Chris said.

"Hurry up," Wyatt said changing the subject. "Do you have everything. A book and your DSX?" He asked while adjusting his Tie. The entire football team had to where dress clothes today in order to be allowed to play in the upcoming game.

"Yes Wyatt," Chris said slipping on his coat as they entered the living room of the manner. Wyatt knew Chris didn't truly understand what was wrong with Piper. He couldn't remember life before the spell. He didn't even know what was wrong with Piper. HE didn't remember the way his mother was before the spell.

"Alright lets go," Wyatt said as he opened the front door, and lead the way to the car. Thank god he was sixteen now. In the past he had to risk orbing nearly everywhere. The school was nearly seven miles away. Not to mention he had to walk Chris to middle school. Now Chris was a freshman, and Wyatt was a Junior with a license and a 2012 ford Mustang. The drive to the high school that morning was comfortably quiet. Wyatt was concentrating on the road and Chris was writing notes to his best friend; Kyra. They were currently communicating through one of the magical notebook Chris had charmed in first grade. Wyatt, Bianca, Chris, and Paris each had one, and it let them communicate no matter what.

They pulled into the school parking lot, and Chris all but flew from the car.

"Wait!" Wyatt called after him; pulling out his wallet and removing a five dollar bill. As Chris ran back to him grinning sheepishly. He took the money from Wyatt, who much to Chris' chagrin placed a quick kiss to his head. Chris gave him a look of annoyance; before running off to join his friends.

Wyatt chuckled softly as he pushed the button on his key chain to put the hood up, and then locked the door. As he headed across the student parking lot he was quickly joined by one of his best friends; Who happened to be part Manticore; Kevin. (I can't remember his name but I think it's Kevin. Correct me if I'm wrong)

"Why'd you put the top up?" Kevin asked as he fell into sink with his longtime friend.

"A little wood nymph told me it would rain," Wyatt said it jokingly so that the surrounding students thought it would be a sarcastic comment. Kevin understood though; as Wyatt watch the small gesture of the hand sending the roof of his own car up.

"You probably shouldn't do that you know," Came a soft voice from behind them. Wyatt turned to see his other best friend, and new girlfriend; Bianca. "You know the whole 'Magical Exposure' thing and all. I doubt the Elders approve."

"Yeah, because he cares so much what the Elders think!" Kevin said sarcastically.

"I do care what the Elders think," Wyatt said seriously. But then he added quietly so that only they could here. "Why do you think my best friends a Manticore, and my girlfriends a Phoenix!" They burst out laughing.

"Wheres Chris?" Bianca asked as she looped her arm through Wyatt's, and grasped his hand. He brought her hand to his lips and placed a kiss on it before answering.

"He ran off to find Kyra most likely," Wyatt answered. Kevin gave a short snort. They all knew Wyatt was extremely overprotective of Chris. He knew where he was at all times, and when he didn't all hell broke loose.

"Wheres Shadow?" Wyatt asked with a small smirk. Bianca thought it was cute the way Wyatt was so protective, and even though she joked about it; she was the same way. Bianca's brother Shadow; who like her, and her mother had long since been abandoned by the phoenix clan; was a year younger than her. No matter what happened Bianca protected Shadow. She would deal with whatever he did later.

"With those friends of his." Bianca said with a small smile. "The ones I actually like."

"Of course," Kevin said with a smile. "You two are lucky. I wish I had a little sibling to embarrass, and annoy, and all that fun stuff..." They all started laughing. It was well known that Kevin often thanked god that he was a only child. Usually when he witnessed his best friends fight with their little brothers.

"So; first game of the season tonight!" Bianca exclaimed with sarcasm.

"Hey! I for one am very excited!" Kevin explained jokingly.

"Your just happy they put your scrawny ass on the team," Wyatt stated. They all laughed at the joke. Up until seventh grade Kevin was one of the smallest kids in their year, but the Manticore blood had kicked in over the summer and now Wyatt had just gotten to his height. And it was only his first of the two growth spurts he would have as a Manticore.

"Hey, I never said I wasn't excited!" Bianca said when their laughs had died down considerably. "I love watching my boyfriend get trampled to death every friday, or saturday night.

"Don't feel bad," Kevin said throwing a arm around her shoulders. "I love watching him get trampled to!" Bianca smacked on the back of the head as Wyatt reached around and punched him in the arm. "Ow! You tell one joke and they turn on you."

"Trust me, we turned on you long ago. Your smart ass just hasn't figured it out yet." Wyatt said. Kevin looked at him with mock hurt in his eyes.

"Alright, no more picking on Kevin. He cries; we get attacked by Manticores!" Bianca said tapping Kevin on the cheek in a mocking way.

"One time!" Kevin exclaimed. "I broke my arm helping you chase down some damn demon in the underworld. I'm sorry if a ten year old doesn't take that well! How was I supposed to know they would show!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Bianca said as she turned to Wyatt. "I've gotta go."

"Bye love, I'll see you at lunch!" Wyatt said bending down and kissing her quickly on the lips.

"Bye Honey," She said as she took off down a hallway.

"Hey! What about the me," Kevin called out as she walked away.

"Go to Hell!" Bianca threw over her shoulder as she rounded another corner.

"Did I ever tell you how sweet your girlfriend was!" Kevin asked sarcastically.

"I think you might have mentioned it," Wyatt said as the two friends headed down the hall together. They were headed for their Personal Finance Class, as it was a odd day.

"So we have a hour break after practice, and before the game. Wanna grab a burger?" Kevin asked as they started up a set of stairs.

"Yeah, that sounds great." Wyatt said.

"Halliwell! Persha! Get to class!" Their Personal Finance teacher shouted from down the hall. They ran the last few feet to class. The last thing he needed was a detention.

Chris POV.

Chris rushed across the parking lot; his face burning red from embarrassment. He knew Wyatt didn't mean to embarrass him, but the last thing he wanted was for the entire school to be talking about his brother kissing him. He flipped open the blue notebook he had been writing in on the way to school; making sure he was headed in the right direction. He rounded a corner and was nearly knocked to the floor as a thin teenage girl with pitch black hair and chocolate brown eyes; rushed to him and embellished him in a hug. She was wearing a Freedom fame and fortune black vintage sheer tunic T-shirt. She was wearing a Freedom fame and fortune black vintage sheer tunic T-shirt, dark blue skinny jeans, and her favorite pair of World Industries Shoes.

"Kyra.... I need air!" Chris said as he hugged her back. She released him quickly, but before he could say more; she punched him in the arm, "Ow! What was that for!" He exclaimed as he rubbed his shoulder.

"You and Shadow!" She stated in a clipped tone. "I can't believe you pulled that without me!" She said as she lead the way back to the staircase she had been at before. She was referring to the prank Shadow and himself had pulled on Wyatt, Kevin, and Bianca. They had filled a old mop bucket full of mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, and soda. They had placed a motion spell on it; so that it would only tip when all three were under it.

"Sorry, we were bored and Kevin was being a jack ass." Chris said as they joined three other people at the staircase.

'Is he still teasing you about that?'Kyra asked using the mind connection they had discovered when they were five.

'He never stopped,'Chris responded with annoyance in his voice. When Chris was two Kevin had been over and there had been a attack. Kevin had changed into his Manticore form. Chris had developed a slight fear of Kevin since then; though he would never admit it. Truth be told the only reason he had agreed to the prank was because Wyatt had been home, and shadow had helped. He wasn't truly afraid of him. Just slightly nervous about getting on his bad side. (I'm trying to make it clear that it's not a real fear just a small one. The kind where you know they wouldn't hurt you but you know they could.)

"You wouldn't say that with your brother around!" Sean; blond hair slightly longer than Chris' and blue eyes; said as he shoved Chris; who had sat down near him; softly.

"Yeah, and if it was your father here you'd glue your mouth shut before you let him hear you cuss." Jami; A girl slightly taller than Kyra with her hair died from blond to black with blue, and red highlights in it.

"Point taken," Sean, and Kyle; who looked identical to Sean except his hair had green strips in it; said simultaneously.

"So what else did you do this week," Kyra asked changing the subject before it got out of hand.

"What do you think. I got grounded for that." Chris said leaning against the cement banister that ran up the stair case.

"That sucks," Kyra said out loud while her mind sent 'I was wondering why you didn't write, call, or text. And why I couldn't find you.'

"Two nights stuck in that room," Chris groaned while he said in his head. 'He blocked it, and took my phone and book.'

"Are you still grounded?" Jami asked from her place a couple steps up.

"No," Chris said with a relieved sigh. They all knew that Chris hated sitting still. Being grounded and made to stay inside was one of his least favorite punishments.... Right behind time-out and a spanking. Truth be told he'd never done much to earn anything worst.

"Cool wanna go to the skate park?" Sean asked.

There was a flurry of replies.


"Sounds great."

"Gotta ask Wyatt," Chris and Kyra answered simultaneously. Kyra was spending the weekend with Chris and Wyatt. They had done it since they were little, and when Wyatt and Kyra's parents had tried to tell them that "Little boys and Little girls don't spend the night with each other." There had been hell to play. Chris had nearly caused a Typhoon.

"Damn he don't let you do shit does he," kyle said jokingly. Chris was about to reply when the bell rang; letting them know they had two minutes too get to class. Which for Chris and Kyra was a five minute walk.

"Damn it!"Chris muttered as he stood up.

"See you at lunch!" Chris and Kyra shouted over their shoulders as they ran into the building and towards their first class.

Authors Note! What do you think! If you like it I'll continue, and if not then It will just be a one shot!!! And I am working as hard as I can to update my stories, and to recover the ones that got deleted.