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Chapter 8

The sun was peaking through the window when Wyatt awoke suddenly confused as to what had shaken him from his slumber. That was when he noticed his little brother was no longer laying next to him, but was sitting straight up in bed gasping for breath. Wyatt shot up instantly as a wave of guilt washed over him for being so oblivious to his younger brother's nightmare. Wyatt immediately pulled Chris closer and placed a comforting hand on his younger brother's back. He slowly rubbed soothing circles as Chris' breathing slowly returned to normal.

"Are you ok?" Wyatt asked softly a couple of minutes later.

"I'm ok," Chris answered though his voice was shaky.

"Another nightmare?" Wyatt asked though he already knew the answer. Chris nodded his head slowly as he rubbed the remaining tiredness from his eyes. Wyatt did the same knowing that with the sun already out they both had a very small chance of actually going back to sleep. "Why don't we go make breakfast." Wyatt said as the two brothers stood and pulled on the jeans they had discarded the night before. They made a quick stop at the bathroom, before heading down the stairs and into the kitchen. Wyatt flipped on the light, and immediately began to make a pot of coffee as Chris poured himself a glass of orange juice. As the coffee brewed Wyatt opened the fridge debating about what he could make for breakfast. "Bacon and eggs?" He questioned turning to Chris.

"Sure," Chris aid as he seated himself at the island. Wyatt decided scrambling the large amount of eggs would be easier than frying each one. He checked for ketchup and Jelly before actually making the eggs. Chris only liked scrambled eggs with ketchup, and if Wyatt remembered right this was when he had first began to eat his own eggs with jelly. While Wyatt would eat the eggs plain he was almost positive his younger self would be less likely to compromise.

"Lay the bacon out on the pan, ok." Wyatt said as he poured the mixed eggs into a large skillet. Breakfast was finished quickly and as Wyatt reached to pull the pan of baked bacon from the oven he heard Piper's soft voice as she descended the staircase. When she appeared in the doorway of the kitchen she had a two year old Chris on her hip, and four year old Wyatt holding onto her hand.

"Morning," She smiled warmly. "You two are up early." She put toddler Chris in his highchair and helped little Wyatt onto a stool.

"Well it was morning when we left home, so we had just woken up." Wyatt said as he began using a spatula to place the finished bacon on a paper towel covered plate. "Are Aunt Phoebe and Aunt Paige up yet?"

"Yeah, I think they're getting dressed." Piper's smile was slightly tense, and Wyatt knew it was because she still had no idea why her two sons had come from the future.

"Chris, why don't you go set the table," Wyatt said softly as he nodded towards the stacks of cutlery laying on the counter. Chris turned a pleading stare at Wyatt. He absolutely hated being left out of a conversation, but his older brother simply returned it with a pointed look.

"Fine," Chris sighed as he grabbed the plates and silverware, and disappeared into the dining room. When Wyatt was sure Chris was well out of earshot he turned and spoke to his mother.

"I don't want to talk about it in front of Chris," Wyatt said softly making sure the smaller version of himself and Chris were paying absolutely no attention. "There are somethings he doesn't need to know about." Piper seemed shocked and remained silent by Wyatt's firm tone. He didn't wait for an answer as he grabbed the food, and followed after Chris. Piper couldn't help but stare shocked after Wyatt as the door swung close.

"Mama?" Wyatt's questioning voice brought her out of her shocked stupor. Piper looked down and smiled softly at her two boys. "Who's that?" Wyatt questioned pointing towards where the older boys had disappeared.

"They are very nice people, who are here to help Mommy, Aunt Paige, and Aunt Phoebe." Piper said softly as she landed a soft kiss to the top of the little boy's head. "Lets go have breakfast," Piper said smiling as she lifted Chris into her arms and lead the way into the dining room.

Breakfast had been awkward to say the least. It had been a silent meal, and even the two small children at the table had remained quiet, which Wyatt knew was a rare feat. He remembered himself and Chris at this age. The younger boy could speak well, but when he got excited half of his speech was indistinguishable. Which left four year old Wyatt the only person who could understand the little boy. Now as Wyatt and Chris dropped the last of the plates into the dishwasher they could hear Piper speaking softly to the two children in the other room.

"Why don't you go upstairs and shower," Wyatt said softly as he turned on the loaded machine. Chris sighed in annoyance and his arms automatically crossed over his chest.

"You can't send me upstairs every time you want to talk about it." Chris complained sending a soft glare towards his older brother.

"Chris, that's not what I'm doing," Wyatt tried to appease his younger brother. He knew Chris hated when Wyatt tried to shield him from certain things.

"Yes it is," Chris argued halfheartedly. He knew the battle was lost before he first spoke. It didn't stop him from trying though. Eventually Wyatt would realize he couldn't shelter his younger brother from everything... Hopefully. "I already know whats happened. We've talked about it before."

"Exactly." Wyatt said softly. "SO you're not missing out on anything you don't already know." Chris seemed less than convinced by Wyatt's explanation. "Besides, we have a few places to go today and if you want to come you need to shower and get dressed."

"But I don't have anymore clothes," Chris sighed in defeat.

"Which is why we get to make an extra stop today," Wyatt said pointedly. Chris blushed a light pink knowing he should have thought to grab his bag before jumping through the portal, but in his defense he wasn't actually thinking clearly at the moment. "You can put something of mine on, and we'll shrink it, ok."

"Fine," Chris said dropping his arms in defeat. Wyatt ruffled his hair affectionately before giving him a light push towards the stairs.

"Hurry, we have a lot to do today." Wyatt called as Chris started up the staircase. He waited until he heard the faint sounds of the bathroom door closing, before heading into the living room where he could still hear his aunts and mother speaking.

"... Should we call Leo?" Phoebe questioned her sisters as they stood circled together by the couch where Piper could keep an eye on the two small boys playing in the sun room. "He should know about this."

"No you shouldn't," Wyatt said harsher than he meant to. The three women jumped, only now realizing his presence in the room. "Leo has no right, or need to know anything about me or my brother." Wyatt had to force the sudden rage he felt at the mention of Leo. Wyatt took a deep breath before speaking again. "I'm sorry, but we need to talk." Wyatt said softly.

"Come sit down," Piper said forcing a soft smile on her face. Wyatt made his way over, and sat on a loveseat opposite the three sisters. They were silent for several moments as Wyatt contemplated where to start.

"I'm sure you've figured out by now that Leo's not around in the future," Wyatt said stoically. He refused to allow any emotion into his voice when speaking about his dead beat father. Piper took a sharp intake of breath. Hearing her eldest son confirm what she had already known since they arrived.

"Why is that," Paige asked recovering from the shock first. "What happened?" Wyatt took a deep breath before diving into their stories.

"In two weeks the Elders are going to put Leo through a test. They're going to make him decide between being an Elder, or staying with us." Wyatt paused to control his anger. "Needless to say he didn't choose us..."

"So you're here to try and change his mind?" Piper's question sounded hopeful, even though her eyes told that she knew the chances were slim.

"Look, I"m sorry but I couldn't care less about Leo leaving!" Wyatt snapped again. He paused, dropping his face into his hands briefly. "Listen, when Leo left he did something. He cast a spell on mom..." Wyatt trailed off.

"What kind of spell?" Phoebe asked instantly concerned. Her mind immediately went to the bubbly happy Piper that had surfaced after Leo's first disappearing act.

"Leo's spell was designed to keep her from feeling the pain of his leaving. It cut off every emotional tie she has to anything physical that reminded her of him. She could look at his picture and feel absolutely nothing. No anger, no happiness, no grief." Wyatt paused wondering to himself how to continue. "The spell didn't work the way Leo wanted it to. It cut off all emotions to the thing reminding her of Leo, not just her emotions to Leo..." Wyatt sighed before making the final admittance in his story. "The spell keeps Mom from feeling any kind of emotion about me and Chris." There was a stunned silence that filled the room.

"I-I...I..." Pipers tearful voice came out broken at the thought of not looking at her to sons and feeling all the love she felt for them now.

"Haven't we found a way past it?" Phoebe questioned desperately. "We figured it out last time! There has to be some way to undo the spell!"

"Look we've been trying to undo the spell for twelve years." Wyatt said firmly. "Now, I'm preventing it."

"Are we going to stop Leo from leaving?" Paige questioned forcing her voice to remain steady.

"No!" The vehemency in Wyatt's voice shocked the three sisters, bringing Piper out of her tearful shock. "I want Leo no where near this family!"

"But... Wyatt we could fix this. WE could be a family together!" Piper exclaimed shocked.

"We're a family without Leo!" Wyatt snapped angrily. "We've been fine without him for twelve years!" Wyatt forced himself to stop and calm down seeing the look on his mothers face. He knew this was hard for her. As far as Piper knew they were as of now a perfectly happy family of four. "Look I know its hard for you, but I wont have him in and out of Chris' life like he was before!" Piper's eyes snapped up shocked at the mention of the way things had been in the other future. "Yeah I know about that. I know exactly what happened before Chris came back, and while he was here."

"Who told you?" Piper questioned feebly. She had decided shortly after Chris was born not to tell either of her boys about they're visitor from the future.

"No one had to tell me," Wyatt said fighting down the range of emotions that surfaced when he thought of how the secret had been kept from himself and Chris. "When I was fourteen I started having dreams… in the dreams I was working with demons." Wyatt paused. "When I started having premonitions of the past, and I saw myself as a baby playing with an adult Chris... That's when I realized they weren't dreams, they were memories. I asked you two about it," Wyatt said gesturing towards his aunts. "And you told me what happened."

"Does Chris know about this?" Phoebe asked quietly, her eyes glancing over to her two young nephew who were playing quietly in the sun room with two toy cars.

"He knows the gist of it. He knows I was evil, and that he came back and saved me. He doesn't know the details about hat happened, how you treated him. And he doesn't know how it... Ended." Wyatt paused, sickened as he always was thinking of his little brother that way. "And he doesn't need to know that. Not yet."

"I'm so sorry Wyatt," Piper said softly. "I never wanted you two to know what he went through... What you both went through."

"You need to tell them..." Wyatt sighed. "If you don't than believe me when the dreams turn to nightmares its going to be a million times worse." They were silent for a few minutes.

"Why now?" Paige questioned. "Why after all this time are we only deciding to do this now? And why did we let you come back here alone?"

"You don't even know we're back here," Wyatt said smiling softly despite himself. Part of him couldn't believe that less than twenty four hours ago he and Chris had been at a football game, and it seemed as if nothing could possibly go wrong with their weekend. "This was a little rushed."

"What happened that made you come back here?" Piper asked even though her voice betrayed her worry over the answer.

"Leo came to the house late last night..." Wyatt started forcing his voice to remain steady as he recalled the events that had lead to their sudden departure from their own time. "I don't know why, all I know is that while he was there he took down the spell he placed on mom, and when he left he put it back."

"He came and left... Just like that? What did he even want after twelve years?" Phoebe exclaimed shocked by the sudden anger she felt towards her brother in law for the moment. It took her a moment to realize that the anger was not hers, and was radiating off of Wyatt as if it were the breath he breathes. Even now she could feel the anger being drawn back in as if Wyatt had realized he'd let something slip out.

"I don't know what he wanted. We walked in on him and Mom arguing and he took off when we got there..." Wyatt trailed off. He had absolutely no intention of delving into what happened after Leo had left. But that didn't seem to be an option...

"I don't understand. You came all the way to the past just because Leo showed up?" Paige questioned seeing how Wyatt's face darkened she continued. "What happened after Leo left?" Wyatt remained silent for a moment before answering.

"When Leo took the spell down it let twelve years of hurt through at once, and when he put it back up the spell went into overdrive. You weren't just indifferent about us anymore. You couldn't stand the sight of us. We had to leave the house... We got a hotel that night, and then came here first thing in the morning..." There was silence for a while before Piper let out a horrified gasp.

"I did that to you..." All eyes were instantly glued to the large bruise that covered the entire right side of Wyatt's face. Wyatt dropped his eyes instantly. He hated how self conscious the bruise now made him feel when he had finally managed to push the throbbing pain from his mind.

"Its not a big deal..." Wyatt trailed off hating the tears that had now overwhelmed his mothers eyes and flooded out silently onto her face.

"Wyatt I'm so... So... Sorry!" Piper choked out desperately. Never in her worst nightmares had she pictured hitting her children, and to know that the horrible mark on her eldest sons face came from her hands disgusted her to no end!

"Its not your fault." Wyatt's voice was firmed as he forced his emotions back down. "You couldn't control it." There was silence for a while when Wyatt heard the shower turn off upstairs. He stood up and made his way to the bottom of the staircase. "Look I told you all this now, because I don't want it brought up around Chris, and most importantly... I don't want Leo anywhere near my brother."

Wyatt couldn't help but smirk at his younger brother who was currently using both of his pants to keep an over sized pair of jeans from pooling around his ankles. His brown hair was still plastered to his hair with the water from his shower. Wyatt was again reminded that his younger brother was in need of a haircut.

"Its not funny Wyatt," Chris whined as he glared at his older brother. The pants he wore now were at least four sizes to big. Wyatt had a larger build, and at two years older was taller and wider than his younger brother. The fact that Chris was both short and thin for his age didn't help at all.

"Well next time you jump through a portal after someone grab your bag!" Wyatt laughed softly. He couldn't help it. The oversized clothes made his younger brother look even smaller for his age. "Not that there had ever be a next time." Wyatt said sending his younger brother a pointed look. Chris at least had the decency to blush.

"Will you just fix them!" Chris whined again pulling the jeans tighter around his waist. He was grateful that at least a pair of his boxers had somehow made it into Wyatt's bag of clothes. When they were younger, last year to be exact; Wyatt had always kept at least one spare outfit for Chris in his own bag in case Chris forgot something. Chris had of course protested and argued with Wyatt until his older brother had agreed to stop packing extra clothes for him.

"Alright, Alright." Wyatt smiled at his younger brother. "Put your shirt on so we only have to say the spell once. Chris sat on the bed to keep his jeans from falling as he pulled one of Wyatt's blue shirts over his head. The shirt fit better than the jeans even though it was at least two or three sizes to large. Wyatt thought of a spell quickly.

Clothes that once belonged to me

Shrink by sizes two or three

If the size should be unjust

Redesign and readjust.

"Nice spell," Chris laughed once his clothes had finished adjusting and fit perfectly. "Not exactly your best work."

"Hey, you're the writer in the family, not me." Wyatt smirked as he reached out and ruffled Chris's hair. It was true though. Since Chris had first started asking to help with demon vanquishes Wyatt had only allowed him to help with certain things. Looking through the book of shadows, and if needed, writing out a new or more powerful vanquishing spell. Chris actually had a natural talent for spell writing even though Wyatt was always reluctant to let his brother near the demon fighting. Wyatt only allowed Chris' involvement if it were something he knew would be able to end easily.

"Thank god for that," Chris smirked jokingly.

"Yeah yeah yeah," Wyatt smiled. "Get your shoes on and comb your hair while I shower and we'll head out soon." Wyatt said before grabbing his backpack and heading towards the bathroom.

They were downstairs preparing to walk out the door of the manor thirty minutes later. Wyatt had again made quick use of the shower. "How are we getting there?"

"We'll take the bus, or orb if we need to." Wyatt said checking to be sure he had his wallet in his pocket.

"You can take the car if you'd rather," Piper offered from her place in the doorway to the kitchen. She couldn't help but come in to watch her two sons interact. It had taken her the full hour it had been since Wyatt had told them about what had transpired in the future before she could pull herself together.

"Thanks, but my drivers license says that I'm four right now, so it would be pretty bad if I got pulled over for anything." Wyatt smiled trying to ease the tension he could sense in the woman's body. She smiled softly at him.

"I could give you a ride if you want," Piper offered once more.

"Its alright," Wyatt said again smiling. He knew she wanted to help them. "We've got a lot to do. Clothes shopping for one, and its bad enough with Chris-"

"Hey!" The indignant shout interrupted from Chris' mouth.

"IT would be hard to have those two out for so long with nothing for them to do." Wyatt finished glancing back at his mildly sulking younger brother who seemed to be offended by the comment they both knew was true. Chris was hell on any kind of shopping trip, especially clothes.

"Let me get you some money then," Piper said knowing that what Wyatt said was true. While her boys were well behaved she knew that any kind of extended time cooped up in the car or a crowded shopping mall would be sure to extract a fit or two.

"It's alright mom," Wyatt said quickly. He wasn't used to accepting money from anyone. HE had been working for nearly two years in order to provide for himself and his little brother. "I have plenty of money."

"Any money you boys have hasn't even been printed yet," Piper said semi-firmly as she dug through her purse and retrieved her debit card.. "Its fine. There's plenty of money in the account, and here's some extra cash for the bus. You boys get anything you need alright."

"Yes ma'am," Wyatt smiled laughing despite himself as he accepted the card and spare cash. This was the mother he remembered. The mother he was fighting for so Chris could remember as well.

"You two be safe ok," Piper said as she walked them to the door. "IT its any later than four when you're done I want you to call me, and I'll come get you. No matter where you are." She smiled softly at the two 'yes ma'ams' she received. "I love you both." She said smiling at them. There was a long moment of silence.

"I love you too," Chris said smiling from his place besides Piper. The grin on his face was huge, and it struck a nerve in both Piper and Wyatt's heart that this was the first time the younger teen actually remembered his mother saying that to him.

"I love you too," Wyatt said grinning as big as Chris. "We'll be back later, probably after lunch." With that the two teenagers turned and headed out the door, and after watching them board the bus that had arrived at the end of the street, she turned and headed to find the smaller versions of her sons. She needed to be close to them for now.

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