These one shots are a collection of firsts. All will be focused on Optimus from his beginnings to his death and subsequent rebirth. The genre is kind of a cross between the comics and Generation 1. Hey, I can't help where my muse takes me sometimes. So please enjoy.

The comic version, Optimus started off as Optronix and for Generation 1 cartoon he was Orion. But, he was also call Orion by his friends in the comics.

So here you go, the first chapter. I do hope you enjoy it.

First Pivotal Moment of History

Optronix was a simple mech. A good mech. Quiet. Reserved. He wasn't at all unfriendly but he wasn't outgoing either. The few friends he had were close friends that he'd known since younglinghood. They all called him Orion. His appearance and height was average. He could easily be lost in a crowd or over looked. Nothing about him stood out to grab one's attention.

Like most Cybertronians he had a routine he did every day. He'd walk the same path from his domicile to the Vault. During midday break he'd walk over to Maccadams for an oil ration then he'd return back to work in a timely manner. During his down time if invited, he'd join with his friends for high grade but never delved too deeply to get too overenergized.

Like many mechs and femmes he too had a full time job. A dead in job as a record's clerk at the archives was nothing to brag about. Yet Optronix prided himself on getting his job done in an organized and efficient manner. He needed no praise or compensation. Nor was any given. He had a job to do and simply did it no questions asked. The fact that he was left alone to do it was ample commendation for him.

Only today was different as Optronix settled down for the second half of his shift.

Today history was irrevocably changed forever.

"Optronix, you are dismissed for the day."

He looked up from the archive he was reading to see his superior standing before him.

"Have I don't something wrong, Sir?"

"No. The High Council has issued a curfew for all of Iacon effective immediately. You are to head straight home before darkness falls."

"What is it? What has happened?" Optronix anxiously asked.

The elder mech frowned, "Our protectors…the Autobots…their leader is no more."

Optronix's optics widened, he gasped in disbelief, "Sentinel Prime is dead? What's to become of us?"

"Only Primus knows. Pray our new Prime is delivered to us quickly."

Optronix nodded.

Although he was a simple, a lowly records clerk, Optronix was highly intelligent. He'd read much of the recorded history stored in the archives. He was always current with the events taking place throughout Cybertron. And yes, he even knew the name of the mech who struck fear into the sparks of many mechs and femmes.


Only what Optronix did not know, as he hurried home, was that his own personal history was about to drastically change…forever.