Dusk was evident in the near distance as Richard sat at the mahogany desk of the prison's General as he looked through the mass of papers of individuals who had been killed. The prison had been captured. The men, including the King, were rejoicing in their victories outside, clasping hands and drinking the ale the D'Haran soldiers had in stock. His whole body ached from the battle, but he couldn't get past the wondrous news that Kahlan would be all right and that he had figured out a way for them to be together.

Despite his warmth from the efforts of battle, Richard felt a chill go down his spine what had he done? He didn't understand. Healing Kahlan was great, but how could he have done that? He didn't have magic…the Sword did. He shrugged, whatever it was, it saved her life.

His thoughts were distracted as Kahlan entered the room. He placed the papers back down on the desk and stood up. She walked over to him and sat up on the desk, "Find anything? Any clues? Anyone that might know of the Stone of Tears location?" she questioned. She had washed herself since the battle and her face showed nothing but contempt. He smiled at her.

"No, not yet," he put his hands around her waist and laid his head on her shoulder, exhausted from the day. Kahlan wrapped her arms around him, holding him tight against her.

"Richard," she whispered, "How did I ever get such fortune to deserve you?" she smiled, "the only man in the world to have been able to overcome a Confessor's power," She pushed him away and brought his eyes to hers, "is this real?" she asked, honestly believing herself to be dreaming.

"It's true, child," Zedd exclaimed, entering the office, snacking on some bread. He pointed at Richard with it as crumbs fell, "I'm just surprised it took you this long to figure it out," he stated and grinned at seeing Richard roll his eyes and pulled away from Kahlan

"You knew?" Kahlan questioned, her eyes curious. Zedd huffed.

"Of course I knew! I am a Wizard of the First Order!" He stuffed the last bit of bread into his mouth.

Kahlan looked at him dumbfounded, "Why didn't you tell us? Why make us go through all that hurt, all that heartache, when you knew we could be together" she was getting angry. Zedd put out a protective arm as she approached him.

"Dear One," he swallowed, "had I told you, it wouldn't have worked and Richard would be yours by now." He exclaimed. Her demeanor relaxed as understanding swept over her. "It only works when the individual has completely given their life over to their Confessor, in every way. Body, mind, and spirit. I knew Richard had done this the moment I saw him. At first you did have me worried. I did think you had taken him," he gave her a scornful look, "but as soon as I saw him in battle, I knew." Zedd patted Richard on the back, "All it took was a fake Rada'Han and…well, you know," Zedd raised an eyebrow.

Richard coughed uncomfortably and Kahlan blushed. "Now," Zedd changed the subject, "my boy, you and I need to talk about something very important," Zedd turned serious, "about your gift."

Richard looked to him. Gift? The magic he had used? That was the last thing he wanted to talk about right now. All he wanted was a nice warm bath, and to hold Kahlan until they fell asleep. Then he could focus on finding clues for the Stone of Tears and figuring out whatever he had managed to do with Kahlan earlier. "Zedd, could that possibly wait until later? I'd really rather not think about that for now." Zedd stared at him for a moment before nodding, understanding Richard's exhaustion. Any talk of such unfathomable things would not register at this moment. Richard needed a clear mind for what Zedd had to say to him.

"Later, my boy…later," he nodded. "Well, I'm of to find some bedding in this forsaken place. If you need me, I'll be here" he turned to leave, "Cara's searching through the prisoners, seeing if any of them know of the Stone. We have more than 15 D'Haran prisoners down in the pit. Kahlan should get down there and start confessing to see what sort of information we can get," Zedd walked out the door, "so don't take too long!"

Richard shook his head as Zedd walked out the door.

"Richard," Kahlan started, "Aren't you just a tad bit curious as to what you managed to do? How you healed me?" her blue eyes stared at him. He turned back to her and smiled.

"I am," he picked her hands up, "but I've got more important things to worry about right now," he nodded towards his stack of papers, "Plus, I'd like to spend some time with you. Alone." He lifted her chin up. She smiled at him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

He leaned forward and kissed her. He kissed her with such passion he was beginning to forget his name. All his worries, all his fears at losing her were dissipated at this one kiss. He trailed his hand down to her chest, where the arrow had pierced her. Leaning down he kissed the mark, surely there would be a scar. She smiled at him, "you saved me," she whispered.

"You saved me," he added as her hands ran up his arms, feeling his muscles under his velvet skin. Their eyes connected and they both shared a long look with each other, relieved neither of them had been killed. The anticipation of battle, the worry at almost losing each other was lifted from their minds as they gazed into each other's eyes- ice blue against warm brown.

They could finally be together. The relief washed over him as he realized what this meant- all his dreams of marrying Kahlan, having children with her were going to be a reality. He was overjoyed – he never thought this day would come. It had, and he couldn't be any happier. He knew she felt the same.

"We should probably get back to work," Kahlan smiled, deviance in her eyes. Richard smiled and leaned forward, kissing her neck. She giggled against the tickling sensation.

"Work can wait," he stated, his one hand running down her thigh. His breath warmed her skin as he placed kisses all along her collarbone. "So, Mother Confessor." He went on. "Are you going to keep trying to take me with your power?" He questioned, his eyes sparkling. She pulled him closer to her with her legs wrapped around his.

"Oh you'll be mine one of these days," she smiled coyly. He laughed and nipped at her, jokingly.

"Oh we'll see," he whispered, "We'll see."

A/N: I realize how much I have given away with the story in the book so I chose not to explain what Richard had done. If you are curious and would like to know, by all means message me and I'll let you know. Or, you can read the books and find out just what gifts Richard has. As well, I wanted to start on other stories, but had to finish this one off, so I apologize if it seems a bit rushed. Thanks for reading. I know it's long, but I appreciate it and all the reviews I've had as well. Please let me know if there's anything you feel I can work on. Thanks! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved writing it