Peter finds it easier when they're at homebase.

But when they have to travel for an out-of-town case, he can't ignore it.

In the two-bed motel room (can't let Neal be on his own or who knows what he might get up to), there isn't much for privacy. Not that Neal would respect his anyway.

As Neal brushes his teeth, lounging shirtless in his satin pajama pants, he grins a sudsy smile at Peter, trying to make him laugh. Peter manages to roll his eyes instead of smiling back, and continues reading case files as he sits on his bed, back against the short hotel headboard.

But when Neal's done brushing and rinsing and whatever else he does, he comes and sits down on the foot end of Peter's bed.

And he stares.

"What?" Peter says, testily.

A smile. Like a snake.

A really really good-looking snake, sure.

But Neal Caffrey always has an angle.

And Neal just says, "I think it's time you kept your promise."

Peter sets his file down and narrows his eyes at the man on his bed. He doesn't look at his chest. Or his stomach. Or his mouth.

He just says, "What promise?"

Neal smiles. "You own me. For four years. That's what you promised me. Total ownership."

And Neal gives him an innocent look. As if he hasn't just blown up the sexual tension mine that they had been dodging for years.

The innocent look that had fooled many lesser men into forgetting their good sense.

But then, these men were less suspicious by nature than Peter.

So Peter's response was an innocent smile of his own. And he said "That's right. And when I say to go back to your own bed, you do it."

Neal smiled and said "Make me."

"You don't want that."

"Won't know unless we try," Neal said with a raised eyebrow and a smirk, "Come on, Peter. You own me now. Let me know it."

Peter leaned forward, gave his best badass-agent glare, and got right in Neal's face. And he said, "Go back to your bed or I'll make you wear the same brand of suit that I do."

Neal stared at him for a second, and then quickly said "Okay" as he hustled to the other bed and got under the covers.

Peter smiled at his tiny victory. But there was a part of him that knew that with Neal, every victory was short-lived.

Author's Note: Originally written for comment_fic on livejournal. Prompt was Neal/Peter, ownership