Title: Approval

Author: Trillian N7

Summary: A brief conversation on fathers. Would he approve of me?

Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins

Pairings: Human Noble PC/Alistair

Spoilers: General Plot

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: Dragon Age: Origins is not mine, despite how much I wish I could claim Alistair. Sadly, Bioware and EA have that privilege.

'So, that was you father, right?' Alistair approached Eadgyth as she sat on the edge of the dais in the temple. She looked up at him distractedly , twisting the piece of cord between her fingers. It held a strange gold amulet, the gift she had received from the vision they encountered earlier.


'You father, you know the shade we saw earlier?' Alistair sat next to her and reached across to take her hand. 'It's ok, you know, to miss him.'

'It's just been so long and with everything that has happened, I was starting to forget his face. But, don't worry about me.'

'If he had live, well, do you think? Maybe he would have approved of me?' Alistair blushed.


'Or run me off the castle grounds with an axe aimed at my kneecaps. Maybe a horde of vengeful brothers and cousins tracking me down for stealing their sister's virtue.'

At this Eadgyth couldn't help but laugh.

'You steal my virtue?' Tears of laughter rolled down her face. 'I thought you were the virtuous one, my blushing knight.'

Alistair blushed again, 'Ok, so one specific detail. But, what would he have thought?'

'Probably excited that I found something other the swords to play with. Though it's my mother you would have to watch out for.'

'Right... Because mothers are so much scarier than warrior fathers.'

'She would be shocked. And divided between the disgust at me and the king's bastard being involved and sheer delight that I had hooked the last of royal blood in Ferelden.'

Alistair chuckled. 'So I have now become a rare catch, just think of it.'

'So,' Eadgyth mused, 'what do you think your father would have thought of me?'

'Well, I am sure Loghain would have kittens first. Wouldn't that be a sight! But the bastard marrying the other Teryn's daughter, now there is a political complication. Especially with everything that has happened recently.' His voice trailed off, sadness filled his eyes. Eadgyth regretted mentioning anything; she often forgot how lonely his childhood had been.

She leant forward and kissed Alistair, her hands snaking up behind his neck. Alistair felt her tying something and broke the kiss, looking down and seeing the amulet lying against the silver of his armor.

'You should keep it. Father would have loved you.' Eadgyth's voice choked a little.

'Aww… Here I was enjoying the moment and it was all just pretence to foist off some gaudy charm on me.' Alistair grinned at her, showing he wasn't serious. His next kiss deepened, and Eadgyth felt the heat rising. She wrapped her arms around Alistair's shoulders, trying to bring him closer, but with little success.

'By Andraste's holy knickers!' She swore. 'Why do you have to wear such bulky armor?'

Alistair just stared, trying to process what she just said. 'Did you just say… In this temple… Oh, never mind.'