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St. Trinians : Glitter in the air

Chapter 1

The tip of the iceberg

Jessie James sat with her arms crossed on the large plane. She had been sitting in the same postion for 12 hours and was starting to get annoyed. Jessie looked out the window and saw the city of London under her.

Jessies step-father sat beside her while her real mother sat on the other side. Her step-father (Edward) had a large smirk plastered on his face and his eyes shone like he had just won a Million Bucks. Jessie's mother on the other hand looked like she was about to cry.

When the plane had landed Jessie just about jumped off it and went to get her luggage. She hugged her mother goodbye. Jessie turned to her Step-father and glared.

"Thanks for nothing" Jessie turned to the limo that her mother had called and climbed into it while the Limo driver put her bags in the trunk.

"I'm guessing you don't like your father?" asked the driver when her got back into the limo.

"I don't like my step-father" Jessie corrected. For hours Jessie and the driver talked until they drove through the gates of St. Trinians.

"Good luck" They driver said as he sat her bags down then sped off.

"Gee...thanks" Jessie mumbled to herself. Jessie walk through the front doors to see a young woman at the reception desk.

"Excuse me" Jessie yelled as the woman nodded her head to the music in her ears.

"You're pregnet" Jessie smirked. The woman's head shot up and she gasped.


"Miss Frittions office?" Jessie asked. The woman pointed to the door near the entrance and Jessie knocked on the wooden door.

"Come in" A soft voice sang. Jessie walked in to see Miss Frittion. A fairly old woman with wrinkles that could be used as hand bags.

"Jessie James, is that you?" Miss Frittion asked.

"The one and only" Jessie smirked. Miss Frittion let out an odd squeal and stood up to hug her. Jessie backed off slightly.

"I haven't seen you for years" Miss Frittion said. "I bet you remember most of the students"
"Yes. M'am" Jessie answered. A knock on the door made Jessie wheel around to see Kelly Jones standing in the doorway.

"Kelly, I think I can trust you with refreshing Jessies memory" Jessie picked up her bags and turned to Miss Frittion.

"I'm just going to take this up to the Dormitory" Jessie mumbled before zooming off. Instead of going to the Dormitory Jessie went to the roof and stored her bags in an old hole that she made in the wall long ago. When Jessie got back to Kelly, Kelly pushed out her hand.

"Kelly Jones" She said.

"I know who you are but i'm surprised you don't know who I am" Jessie smirked. Kelly smiled and turned on her heel.

"Welcome to " Jessie grinned and followed her up the stairs.


Later that night Jessie sat on her bed listening to her I-pod until Taylor came up to her.

"Did you steal my nail polish?"
Taylor said while pointing a finger at Jessie.

"Why would I want to steal your nail polish?" Jessie asked.

"I'll give you a slap" Taylor warned.

"Good luck with that" Jessie mumbled while turning her I-pod back on. Taylor huffed and turned around. Jessie smirked and closed her eyes. She suddenly heard whispers and mumbles from her new school mates.

"If you are still doing that prank with the bucket of goo and pillows. It's not going to work" Jessie mumbled.

"We figured that" Jessie opened her eyes to several sixth formers and a couple of others drenched in the goo.

"Huh, it worked" Jessie smiled.

"I'm glad your satisfied" Jessie turned her head to see Kelly in the doorway.

"Thanks" Jessie said with a bit of shame. Kelly raised an eyebrow.

"Jessie!" Polly had almost squealed.

"At least someone remembers" Jessie said while looking a Kelly. Jessie walked over to Polly and smiled.

"What are you doing here?" Polly asked with a smile.

"I got...sent here" Jessie smirked. Polly's smile suddenly vanished.

"You said you would never come back" She stated.

"Just another lie" Jessie confirmed. "Hack into that website yet?" Polly's eyes suddenly widened.

"No, you remember that?" Polly asked.

"Of course, that's all we used to do" Jessie smiled.

"Ok, who are you?" Kelly asked. Jessie smirked and turned to face Kelly.

"You don't remember?" Jessie asked.

"No" Kelly admited.

"Have fun trying to figure it out" Jessie smiled and walked out of the room and towards the roof. Jessie sat in the corner and smiled before drifting off to sleep.


The next morning Jessie woke up and looked around. The sky wasn't the only familiar thing around here. Jessie used to go to St. Trinians. She went for her 2 first years until she had to leave and Kelly didn't remember her but others did. Kelly didn't want to remember her past and it was coming back to haunt her. Jessie got her uniform and went down to the showers. When she got in she disconnected the camera and had a long shower in the only working cubicle.

Jessie got out and blow dryed, straightened and then put up her hair before she walked down to the dining room. Just before she got in Taylors voice echoed from behind her.

"Who are you?" Taylor asked as Jessie spun around.

"Jessie" Jessie joked.

"Everybody just about knows who you are" Taylor walked down in front of Jessie and pushed her slightly.

"Good for them" Jessie mumbled. Taylor suddenly went to punch Jessie in the face before she quickly dodged it and Taylors fist hit the wall. Taylor screamed and Jessie grabbed Taylors arm and pushed her aganist the wall.

"Remember me now" Jessie whispered in Taylors ear.

"Jessie James"Taylor whimpered. "You could kick my arse then too" Jessie chuckled and let her arm go.

"Sorry about your fist" Jessie smirked.

"I could always tell Miss Frittion that your the one that drove her car into the middle of the hockey pitch and accidently blew it up with a rouge C4" Taylor smirked.

"Or you could not" Jessie smiled and they walked into the dining room. Taylor took Jessie to the other chaves and introduced them. Jessie already had the geeks and the Chaves remembering her but Jessie still couldn't understand why Kelly didn't want to remember her past. While strolling the halls after class Jessie bumped into a girl with frizzy hair.

"Oh, i'm sorry" The girl said quickly while trying to get the books that she had dropped on the floor.

"Oh, no. It's my fault I wasn't watching where I was going" Jessie told her.

"I'm Annabelle" She told Jessie. Jessie put out her hand and Annabelle shook it.

"I'm Jessie, Not so new person" Jessie smirked.

"What?" Annabelle looked confused.

"I came here a few years ago" Jessie explained. Annabelle's mouth formed into a 'O' shape and she nodded.

"I'll see you around" Annabelle said.

"Yeah" Jessie turned and headed towards the roof. Jessie sat with her legs hanging over the side of the roof as the wind blew through her hair. Jessie heard the door creak opened to see Kelly coming out.

"What do you want?" Jessie asked giving kelly a cold shoulder.

"I need to know who you are?" Kelly said.

"Do you want to remember your past?" Jessie asked.

"Just tell me" Kelly ordered. Jessie got up and stood in front of Kelly and looked into her eyes.

"Do you remember these eyes? The ones that would get you to cry" Jessie growled.

"Jessie James" Kelly whispered. "You toughened me"

"Because I broke you down" Jessie turned away.

"We were friends, Jessie" Kelly answered.

"Until Step-daddy took me away. Leaving no one to help you" Jessie complained.

"If you didn't leave I wouldn't be Head girl right now" Kelly whispered and Jessie turned in surprise.

"You're head girl?" Jessie asked and Kelly nodded.

"When you left I learnt to defend for myself" Kelly said.

"For the better?" Jessie whispered.

"For the better" Kelly confirmed. Moments of silence past until Kelly laugh.

"We blew up Miss Frittions car"

"Yeah, that was funny" Jessie smiled.

"Where did you move to?" Kelly asked.

"Australia" Jessie mumbled.

"You went to Australia!" Kelly yelled.

For hours Jessie and Kelly talked about their past and St. Trinians. When it got Dark Jessie removed her stuff from the wall and took it down to the dormitory. When Kelly and Jessie came in smirking everybody gaped at them. The new girl was now friends with the head girl.

"'Night kid" Kelly smirked. Jessie glared.

"'Night oldie" Jessie mumbled. Jessie quickly was thrown forward slightly as a pillow hit the back of her head.

"Jessie?" Jessie turned to see all the other St. Trinians looking at her.

"How do you know Kelly?" Andrea asked. Jessie set her mouth in a straight line and blinked quickly. Did Kelly want them to know about their past?


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