So I've basically decided to just add my short ficlets that I come up with in like two hours all under one title. These will be mostly ItaSasu. I might throw something in here that has nothing to do with that couple, or maybe just a different couple. Or maybe not. Maybe I'm forever doomed to write only ItaSasu. Hmmm...I can handle that. Anyways, enjoy loves.

Warning: ItaSasu. Fluffy.

Rating: T (because I don't want to admit that I might have written anything lower than that)

Disclaimer: Itachi and Sasuke and Mikoto all belong to Kishi. Who just loves to abuse them.

Word Count: 1,160


It was a refreshing and relaxing day; warm but with a light breeze playing by. Itachi was out by the pond found in the Uchiha district, having just finished his day's training. Leaning back on his hands, Itachi let his bare feet slip into the water, watching the koi glide by his intruding appendages. Letting out a sigh, he let his thoughts wander.

It had been an impossibly quiet day. No emergency missions had cropped up, his old team hadn't hunted him down for dinner, the Council hadn't hounded him for one reason or another (marriage!), and most surprisingly, he hadn't seen hid nor hair of his mother OR his brother. In fact, the last time he saw the two was at breakfast.

What had they been talking about? Ah, that's right. Cleaning. Mother had roped Sasuke into helping her clean the house from top to bottom.

Relaxing a bit more, knowing his okaa-san and otouto weren't planning some half-assed plan to trick him into doing something like they were prone to do, Itachi let himself fall back onto the deck, face towards the sky. And just like that, his serenity was broken. No sooner had his back hit the deck did Itachi hear a bloodcurdling scream.

Snapping back up, Itachi strained his ears, listening for a clue as to here it originated from. It sounded like the scream had come from his house, but that couldn't be right. Sasuke was home and more than capable of dealing with any threat that might come around. A moment later, another scream sounded, and it was definitely coming from his house's direction. With that, Itachi was running back like a bat out of hell, shoes completely forgotten. Itachi was only concentrated on the continuous, terror filled screams echoing around the Uchiha compound.

Sprinting up the stairs, Itachi broke the door down and flickered p the stairs, towards Sasuke's room, where the screams were coming from. Pulling out kunai and activating his sharingan, he blasted his way through the sliding door, sending wood flying. Tomoe spinning wildly, Itachi took in the scene before him, ready to defend his family at all costs.

However, what he expected was not at all what he saw. Before him was his mother and brother, screaming like banshees, perched on Sasuke's desk chair, clinging to each other as if their life depended on it. But, as far Itachi could see, there was no attacker to defend them from, nor a reason for their hysterical screaming. His two family members before him only continued screaming, nonsense words now that they had noticed him, and pointing towards Kami knows what.

Turning off his sharingan and crossing his arms, Itachi spoke, just loud enough to be heard, "What, may I ask, is going on here?"

The screaming gibberish only increased, but Itachi was able to catch snippets of what was being said.

"…cleaning the room…"

"…kill it!"

"…dusty boxes…"

"…how can you not see it!?"

"…explosion of webs…"

"…get it Aniki!"

"…one giant mother fu-"


Getting the gist of the hysterical chatter, Itachi scanned the room, finally setting his sight upon the current bane of his existence.

A spider. A friggin spider. Granted, it was bigger than your average household spider, but it was nowhere near tarantula size or, for heaven's sake, big enough to eat his face. If it wasn't for the fact that he was Uchiha Itachi, he would have sweat-dropped on the spot. As it was, he could only give a disbelieving look towards his mother and brother.

Giving a small shake of his head, Itachi walked over to the spot where the spider was. Squatting down, he reached his hand out and plucked up the spider by one of its legs. Straightening up, he noted the increased pitch of his mother and brother's voices, before striding over to the window and flicking out the spider.

"I hadn't realized you could get your voice that high otouto. Maybe I should call you imouto from now on?"

Sputtering on a reply, Sasuke could only work his mouth, slowly going read in the face. "Didn't you see the size of that thing!? It was huge! It could have bitten me, Aniki, and I could have died a violent death from its poison!"

Immediately sensing a fight coming on, Mikoto stepped in to avert this new disaster now that the spider had been taken care of, although she had to side with Sasuke on this one. "My brave baby boy! Thank you for taking care of that for me! What would I have done with you, my darling Itachi-chan!?" Scurrying her way over to Itachi, Mikoto grabbed her elder son's face and planted sloppy wet kisses upon either cheek, before giving him a hug. "Tell anyone about this and I won't be making you any onigiri or dango for the rest of your life!" Backing quickly out of the room, Mikoto flashed a smile at her two boys and exited the room.

Mother is evil. I should have left the spider.

Sighing, Itachi turned his attention towards his otouto, who was currently staring in despair at the shattered door. Running a hand through his bangs, he stepped up next to his Sasuke and gazed at the damage that he had caused.

Sasuke made a small noise in the back of his throat, "Couldn't you have at least opened the door properly?"

Casting an irritated glance at his brother, Itachi replied, "Well excuse me. I figured with all the screaming that it was an emergency. Not a big, scary spider." Sarcasm, very heavy on the sarcasm.

Sasuke just let out a small growl and tried to elbow his brother in the side. Itachi simply smirked and dodged behind his brother, wrapping his arms around his brother's waist. Pulling Sasuke flush against his chest, Itachi propped his chin up on Sasuke's shoulder. "I was worried, you know. I couldn't stop thinking, 'What if I don't get there in time? What if mother is hurt? What if my Sasuke is hurt?'"

Sasuke leaned away a bit and turned his head to regard his brother. Sighing at what he saw in Itachi's face, Sasuke realized that his brother had really been frightened at what he might find. Of course he wouldn't really come out and say it like that, he would only say he was worried, but Sasuke knew. He always knew. Turning completely in his brother's arms, forcing Itachi away from his shoulder, Sasuke threw his arms around his Aniki's neck and cocked his head to the side. "Thanks for saving me Aniki." And just to be a smartass, "you're my hero!"

Smirking softly, Itachi just tugged his brother closer to himself and lowered his head towards Sasuke's. "I'll save you over and over again if it means holding you like this." And with that he firmly planted his lips on his little brother's own, pliant, willing, and oh-so-welcoming ones.