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Uchihacest. ItaSasu
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Okay, so this story is a little weird, but it was inspired by the song "Walking On Air" by Kerli. The ending didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it to, so if I have a chance I might go back and fix that.

I have a lot of ideas for short stories, an idea for the chapter 3 of Wrong Turn, and some ideas for the next age of One Through Twenty and One. However, I've started college again and since I'm an English major, I read off my ass. Therefore, I probably won't be writing a lot. Sorry friends, but I'll try my hardest.

At first glance the building was a beautiful piece of architecture. Gleaming white marble made up the large building with high arches and tall columns. The lawn was a lush green and looked like crushed velvet. Flowers lined the sidewalk leading up towards the towering edifice and along the edges of it. A substantially sized fountain featuring an angel stood proudly in the middle of the rolling lawn. Hedges could also be seen on either side of the building, twice the size of an average man. Here and there people could be seen milling around the front of the building, either walking to or from the building or simply enjoying a short stroll.

It was upon looking at the building more closely that one could see it for what it truly was. The letters stamped across the front of the building said it all: Konoha Psychiatric Hospital. An insane asylum for all intents and purposes. A closer look at the people walking about showed most of them in long white jackets with mint green scrubs. Many, in pairs, were escorting others in plain white scrubs and nothing else, not even shoes. A few people were visitors and those walking from the building were silently crying, either for themselves or the ones they visited. The visitors walking towards the building were bracing themselves for their visit.

Sasuke was one of the few people walking towards the building and the only one not bracing himself. He has been going to KPH for so long that he already knew what to expect. He could make his way through the Hospital with his eyes closed without any problems. Sasuke had been navigating the halls of the Hospital for nearly thirteen years now. The employees all knew him by face now and he could even count some of them among his friends.

An orderly by the name of Shino gave a small nod to Sasuke as they met at the door to the Hospital. Shino opened the door for Sasuke and waved the boy through first, always polite in his mannerisms. Sasuke gave a simple nod of thanks before strolling through and heading to the sign in desk.

The receptionist looked up at Sasuke's approach and flashed a smile, buzzing open the large steel doors leading into the Hospital's main patient lobby. "Uchiha-san, I believe Itachi-san is out in the back garden. Sakura-senpai and Naruto-kun were with him earlier today." Sasuke gave a nod of gratitude and made his way through the set of heavy double doors. He didn't even have to sign in anymore since all the receptionists knew him and took care of everything for him.

Sasuke walked quietly the patient lobby, recognizing some of the patients sitting around playing cards and watching TV. One patient in particular caught his eye and he stopped to wait for her. The blue-purple haired patient gave a small, shy smile and excused herself from her conversation with another one of the patients. She made her way quickly to Sasuke's side and lopped her arm through his. The two took off silently down a hallway leading toward the back of the Hospital.

"Hinata. I didn't see you last time I was here," said Sasuke quietly, glancing down at the girl on his arm. Hinata's pale eyes flickered to Sasuke's face before she glanced off to the side. "I was in my room Sasuke-kun. I-" here Hinata paused and tugged on one of her bangs nervously, "I had an a-attack."

Sasuke bowed his head shortly, taking in what Hinata said about her attack. It was a reminder of what the Hospital was, not that he needed it, but there was a reason Hinata was locked in this place. She may not have been the most dangerous person in KPH, but she was still a danger to herself and others around her.

Hinata had come to Konoha Psychiatric Hospital nine years ago at the age of eighteen. She was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder upon admission and evaluation to the Hospital. The dissociative state was triggered by aggressive males and was caused by a childhood trauma. Thus far, Hinata had killed one person and severely injured seven others, six of which were in the hospital.

Sasuke took in Hinata's meek appearance and thought that she was the epitome of appearances being deceiving. Looking at her, Sasuke would guess she would have trouble killing even a spider. "How is your counseling going with Ace?" Ace was her dissociative state's identity.

"I'm starting to recognize his presence," replied Hinata pressing her forefingers together, another nervous gesture. Sasuke nodded his head in appraisal and gave a small smirk at Hinata's embarrassed blush that lit up her cheeks.

Taking his gaze off of Hinata, Sasuke realized that he was coming upon the back nurse's station. He took Hinata up to the window and gained permission for the both of them to exit the heavy doors that lead out to the back. Together, he and Hinata walked quietly through the garden looking for Sasuke's brother.

"There," spoke Hinata quietly, pointing towards a blooming cherry blossom tree. Sasuke squinted slightly and indeed saw Itachi sitting on a bench under the tree, a person on either side of him. Sasuke was glad Hinata had come with him because she seemed to be able to see everything. He probably would have walked around for another ten minutes before spotting Itachi. The two walked in silence towards Itachi and his escorts on the bench at a leisurely pace. None of the others had notice them approaching yet.

Sasuke and Hinata were about twenty feet away before one of the three noticed them. A set of dark red eyes darted to Sasuke's own and locked. Sasuke broke the mini staring contest and took in his elder brother's appearance. Itachi was pale as usual and in white scrubs like the other patients. The only difference than any other day was Itachi's long raven hair was loose and fell around his shoulders.

The other two with Itachi stopped their conversation when they noticed Itachi's change of interest. The pink haired doctor gave a smile to Sasuke and stood up, followed closely by the blonde haired orderly whose smile was a little sadder. Both walked towards Sasuke to greet him.

"Sakura-san. Naruto," greeted Sasuke as he gave a nod, "How is he doing today?"

"He's…alright," said Sakura slowly, "He's hasn't done anything wrong, but there just seems to be something off today about him."

Sasuke nodded, "What makes you say that?"

"He let us touch Alyse." It was Naruto who spoke this time.

Sasuke's eyebrows shot into his hairline in surprise. Alyse was Itachi's doll and he didn't let anyone touch her. Sasuke wasn't even allowed to touch her most times.

Naruto's head bobbed to show his surprise too. "We'll let you alone with him now, but if anything happens, anything at all, call for us." Sasuke grunted to show his understanding and looked to Hinata. She smiled, said a quiet "good luck" before looping her arm through Naruto's and walking away with Naruto and Sakura.

Sasuke made his way towards Itachi and sat down next him on the bench. The whole time Itachi's dark red eyes never left Sasuke's face. Sasuke let out a sigh and looked at the doll dangling from one of Itachi's hands. It was a creepy doll, but since the massacre, Itachi's always had it in hand. It had stringy red hair and hazel eyes, white material made up the body, and a black dress was its only piece of clothing. It was also bloodstained.

"Alyse says hi," said Itachi quietly, still staring at Sasuke's face. Sasuke takes his gaze from the doll and directs it at Itachi. Sasuke reached his hand out and tucked a piece of hair behind Itachi's ear, dragging his fingers lightly across Itachi's face before putting it back into his lap.

"I don't care about Alyse, Itachi. You know that," Sasuke said quietly, but harshly. Even though it was only a doll, Sasuke couldn't help but hate it. He threw a disgusted look at the doll for good measure.

Itachi finally pulled his gaze from Sasuke and directed it the doll. He turned her over in his hands, looking at it as if it held all the answers. "But you care about me." It wasn't a question.

Reaching out, Sasuke turned Itachi's face towards his own. He studied his brother's eyes for a second before leaning in to plant a small kiss on Itachi's cold lips. "You know I care about you. No matter what."

Itachi bobbed his head in acknowledgement, still facing Sasuke. "But you hate me." Again, not a question.

Sasuke thought about this for a minute before placing a hand on the side of his brother's head, tracing the lines on Itachi's face with the pad of his thumb. "Sometimes, but in the end I'll always love you."

Itachi pulled away from Sasuke and looked at Alyse again. He began fiddling with her once more. "You shouldn't, it's not right." Itachi picked at the doll and turned her over and over in his hands. He was doing it to annoy Sasuke.

"I know."

"Did I ever tell you how I killed them all? How mother begged me not to kill you? How father was nothing but a coward and pleaded for his life? How Shisui just closed his eyes like he was expecting? Why I did it?" Itachi smirked lightly. He was feeling cruel today and it was always fun to torture his little brother.

Sasuke knew what his brother was doing. Itachi had been doing it since coming to KPH. When Itachi had first begun torturing Sasuke, he would often leave in a fury. Now, however, he was pretty much immune to his aniki's cruelty. "Yes, you've told me multiple times how you killed them and why you did it."

"Alyse told me to kill you too. She's telling me to kill you now."

"But you're not going to." Sasuke really hated that stupid doll.

Itachi cocked his head slightly. His gaze remained on the doll that was smiling up at him. "What makes you think that, baby brother?"

In a blurred motion Sasuke grabbed Itachi's face in one hand and the doll with the other. He dug his nails into Itachi's jaw and crushed the doll's head with his other hand. A gasp escaped Itachi, more likely because of Sasuke's grip on the doll than his grip on Itachi's face. "Because aniki, if you meant to kill me, you would have done it before now."

Itachi's eyes flashed a brighter red and moved at a speed to rival Sasuke's. He let go of the doll and wrapped both hands around Sasuke's neck. With strength that one drugged as much as him shouldn't have, Itachi stood up with Sasuke dangling in his grasp.

"You don't hurt Alyse," spoke Itachi quietly, a deadly edge to his voice. His fingers tightened around Sasuke's neck. There would be bruises later. Sasuke, still in Itachi's grip, made no movement to force Itachi to let go. He simply hung from Itachi's cold hands like the doll that lay limp on the ground.

Itachi continued to stare at Sasuke, watching how his little brother's lips slowly turned blue. Sasuke stared right back at Itachi, black dots dancing in his vision, but still as calm as ever. And slowly, very slowly, Itachi's grip relaxed and he dropped Sasuke from his crushing grasps. Sasuke hit the ground hard and his hand flashed up to his throat to massage it as he took a gasping breath.

Sasuke remained on the ground as his brother turned from him. Itachi bent down to pick up his lost doll and Sasuke shifted his position ever so slightly. As Itachi was standing, Sasuke lashed out and kicked the back of Itachi's knee, just hard enough to make his elder brother lose his footing. Itachi fell hard to one knee and had to catch himself with a hand. He let loose a wicked snarl and whipped around to face Sasuke, his hair fanning out behind him. Sasuke let a cruel, smug smirk cross his own face. Itachi's eyes narrowed as he dove at Sasuke and forced the younger to the ground, on his back.

Itachi hovered over Sasuke, his eyes flashing in indecision for a moment. Then in the next moment Itachi attacked Sasuke's lips with his own. The two brothers fought for dominance, Sasuke's fingers wounded in Itachi's hair and Itachi's own fingers buried in Sasuke's hair. Ripping his lips from Sasuke's, Itachi began attacking his neck. Sasuke conceded to Itachi and lolled his head to allow Itachi better access.

Like a man starved, Itachi worked his hand desperately down Sasuke's front until he reached the hem of Sasuke's pants. His hand trembled as he hurriedly fumbled with unbuttoning Sasuke's jeans. In one quick movement Itachi ripped Sasuke's jeans and underwear from Sasuke's legs as best he could and maneuvered himself between them. Itachi then worked to free himself from his own confines.

Sasuke, feeling Itachi work on his own pants, pulled himself from Itachi's lips and looked between their bodies. He reached out his own hands and helped Itachi untie the knot that held up his white scrubs. With the knot loosened, Itachi's scrub pants fell from his hips and Sasuke tugged Itachi's own underwear down to free his brother's erection.

Itachi spat quickly into his hand and smeared the saliva and pre-come over his throbbing dick. Sasuke moaned lightly at the sight of his brother and began to ravish Itachi's neck, placing nips and kisses to what he could reach.

As soon as Itachi felt that he was lubed enough, he placed his hand over Sasuke's mouth and pushed Sasuke flat onto his back. In one swift motion, Itachi pushed himself into Sasuke's unstretched entrance. Behind Itachi's hand, Sasuke let out a muffled scream of agony and shifted his head so that Itachi's hand slipped into his mouth and bit down in retribution. Itachi snarled and ripped his bloody hand from Sasuke's mouth. He then began to pound into Sasuke without mercy.

Sasuke let out a stream of obscenities and anguished moans before rearing up and harshly kissing Itachi. Itachi slowed down his motions minutely and pressed hard against Sasuke. He took a few shallow strokes when Sasuke suddenly pulled back and gasped "there!"

Angling his strikes towards Sasuke's gland, Itachi began to pound into Sasuke mercilessly once again. This time the pain blended together with the pleasure and Sasuke was quickly driven to the edge, even without any stimulus to his throbbing hard on. He sprayed his seed over his and Itachi's chests. Itachi followed close behind with Sasuke's heat milking him for all he was worth.

Itachi collapsed atop Sasuke for a few minutes before rolling off to the side, their legs entangled. Sasuke was breathing deeply in attempt to gain his breath, while Itachi had already regained his composure. Itachi disentangled himself from Sasuke and took his shirt off to try and clean Sasuke to the best of his abilities. Sasuke simply tossed his arm across his eyes and breathed deeply. He laid there as he felt Itachi cleaning him and then pulling his pants back to their rightful position.

After a few moments of reprieve, Sasuke removed his arm to watch Itachi who was once again fiddling with his doll. Sasuke let out a sigh of mixed emotions before crawling to Itachi. He tugged on Itachi's sleeve who was sitting cross legged on the ground. Itachi turned to look at Sasuke before motioning with his head. Sasuke scooted around to Itachi's front and placed himself in Itachi's lap, laying his head against Itachi's shoulder. Itachi wrapped his arms around his baby brother and placed his chin on Sasuke's head.

Alyse was still in Itachi's hands and he was fiddling with it again. Sasuke reached out and began picking grass and dirt from the doll, trying to clean her. Slowly, Itachi grabbed Sasuke's hand and placed the doll in it. Sasuke turned his head and gazed at his brother quizzically. Itachi let a puff of air go against Sasuke's lips and mumbled "burn her," before he placed a chaste kiss to them.

Sasuke nodded lightly as Itachi traced the bruises on his neck. Sasuke sighed lightly at the feeling and then looked at the doll in his hand.

He'd gladly burn the bitch just as Itachi burned their family.