Leah's pov

The next day I woke up in my bed,I sat up in my bed looking around because funny thing nothing looked familar to me,I dident know where I was or who I was.I tried to remember what happend last night but when I couldent think of anything,I got up and saw something shinny on the side of the bed,I went to go pick it picked it up clearly i could see that it was a crowbar,I let it fall from my hands to the floor,it hit the floor with a loud''CLUNK'' .

I walked from the room to the kitchen,hoping if I walked around the house somewhere I would remember more but once again I was outta I got into the kitchen the aroma of coffie and dougnuts,I then looked to my left where there was a gray tall table agenst the wall,on that gray table was a folded up piece of paper.I went to the table and picked up the folded up piece of paper,I opened up the folded piece of paper up it read...


If your reading this messange you have lost your night jason and mason captured you and took your memory away,then they brought you back home,but anyway other then that I hope your ok,ill be at your house to pick you up soon so I can help you get your memory back.

Your friend-Alice

I put the note down and then I began to thing to my self...Leah?Is that me?is that my name?Then all of a sudden theres three knocks at the front door,I jumped alittle and ny heart starts to beat fast,I put one if my hand on my chest to calm down and i walk to the front door and answer it,when I open the door a black girl sttod on the outside of the door,her black hair was in a poni tail she whore glasses,she had on a grren shirt with black skinny jeans with flats I know this girl?Then I remembered the note the girl that haad wrote that note said that she would be over to get me for school her name was ummmmmmmm.... thats it alice.

The girl looked at me in a strange way,all I could do was look back at her,her face dident ring a bell in my head of how I knew her.

Alice's pov.