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"Roy, meet Rachel." Roy stared at the attractive, smart young woman before him… and decided he didn't like her one bit.

Twenty Twenty

Chapter One

Roy Harper knew life wasn't easy, that it was hard and mean and would bite you if you weren't careful. He knew pain and he knew pleasure, and he also knew how alike the two could be.

Roy tried not to tie himself down, to be elusive and mysterious like the shadows in the night, that was his ideal, how he had planned to live his life.

But… as Roy soon learned, life doesn't always go according to plan. He got into trouble, did bad things, and was abandoned by his mentor. If Dinah hadn't been there for him, who knows what he might've become.

Eventually, Roy decided to move on. He was hired to go undercover, to infiltrate Cheshire's layer and worm his way into her trust.

Cheshire was a beautiful woman, his kind of woman. So when the offer came, he said,

"Why not?"

But it was a trap. He figured he would get in, learn her secrets, and get out. He had not planned on falling in love with the villainess.

And as each day passed, he realized more and more how much danger he was putting himself in, how much it would cost her in the end.

So, in spite of just how much he loved Cheshire… he left.

A few years later he was called on again, by Nightwing, the former Robin of his childhood team of superheroes. And it was to stop the woman he had loved.

Speedy was just a tad reluctant, but it had to be done. It was his foolishness that made him get captured.

...Or perhaps he secretly wanted to.

Either way, that was when he learned of his child, the one Cheshire bore him. Lian.

Cheshire disappeared shortly after Nightwing busted in and freed him.

Nightwing reprimanded him, telling him he had been an idiot.

Speedy told Nightwing that he had a daughter, Cheshire was her mother.

Nightwing didn't say anything else.

Roy was in shock to have a child, this was not part of his life plan, having a child could ruin everything.

But as he looked down at the baby girl in his arms as she slept peacefully, he had a feeling that it might not be so bad. Then she opened her eyes and smiled sleepily at him…

Then she began to scream.

Author's Note: I apologize for the first chapter. It may not seem very good, I admit, I'm not particularly fond of it. But this is as good as it's gonna get. I've tried so many ways of getting this out, in words, but it would not go willingly.

I think, the reason for this is, is because I never read the actual comics in which this scenario happened. I learned a lot of this information by doing research on websites and whatnot. So, it's probably not completely accurate, or accurate at all, for that matter.

I had no idea how to introduce Lian, since I didn't know how it happened. I never read anything about Cheshire taking her with her when she captured Speedy. So I assumed that was how it happened, despite how very little sense it makes. She told Lian to go to sleep, so she did, then she took her into the room that Speedy was being held and then told him the whole story and left. Then he had to take the sleeping Lian home with him, but when the little girl woke up, she didn't recognize where on earth she was, or who this stranger was carrying her. She, of course, screamed as all small children tend to do when feeling uneasy. I say she's about two, since that's the whole age when they turn into little monsters. In my opinion, anyway...

By the way! Dinah is Black Canary. If you didn't know. Yeah, so she's just sort of Speedy's mother figure, I guess… I apologize if there was any confusion.

Twenty Twenty is the name of a song by Wavorly, it's got nothing to do with the story really. It's just the song that was playing when I got the story for this idea.

Thank you so much for reading.