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Twenty Twenty

Chapter Fourteen [incomplete]

"Carmandie's? You're going to Carmandie's? You're letting him take you to Carmandie's?" Raven turned and glared at the man lying on her couch, watching her put on makeup.

"Yes. Is there a problem with that?" she snapped.

Dick shrugged, "Well, I mean… Isn't that a little fancy and… expensive for a first date?"

"It's not a date!"

Dick scoffed, "Right, right. I think you mentioned that earlier." He turned on the TV and ignored the dirty looks Raven kept throwing at him.

"Besides, it's not like it was his idea. I wanted to go to Carmandie's." Dick sat up at that.


Raven set down her brush and sighed, "I don't know… How often do I get to go to places like that? I guess… I just wanted to be a little…"

"Selfish for once?" Raven's silence was enough of an answer, he supposed. Dick sighed.

"I'm still not so sure this is a good idea." Raven looked at him, honestly curious, "I'm just saying."

"What are you saying, exactly?" Raven asked, her tone carrying a hint of annoyance.

"It seems like he's going through a lot of trouble to please you… and well, Roy doesn't exactly have the best track record when it comes to relationships." Dick opened his mouth to continue, but Raven cut him off.

"All right, Dick? Before you start going off on things you don't understand, let me explain it to you. This is not a date. This is payment. Roy feels like he owes me, and I'm making the most of it. So sue me." Dick watched her closely and didn't say anything else until she was about to leave.

"You look nice." He remarked, walking her to the door.

"Thank you. And thanks for watching Sabbath tonight." The feline stretched lazily on the couch next to where Dick had been sitting.

"No problem. Oh, and if he tries getting into your pants, don't hesitate to call me, I'll be right over to-"

"Kick his ass, I know. I've got you on speed dial." Raven chuckled and gave Dick one last hug before hurrying down to her car. Roy was supposed to meet her at the restaurant because… well, it just seemed easier… and less date-like.

Speaking of Roy, he was already at the restaurant, arguing with the hostess that he did, indeed, have a reservation. "Look, lady. I called here. Two weeks ago. I spoke with Margot. Margot. About this reservation. I set it for today at eight o'clock. There has to be something there with the name Harper on it."

The hostess glared hard at Roy, sick of him and sick of the line that was complaining behind him. She checked, for the third time, to see if there was a reservation for Harper. "Damn Margot and her ridiculous handwriting." she muttered under her breath. Roy didn't care if Margot had poor penmanship, he needed to get into this restaurant, whether "Becky" liked it or not. And he would. One way or another, he would. It was his promise to Rachel.

With a final huff, Becky turned the book toward Roy and glared, pointing to a scribble. "Does that look like Harper to you?" She barked and Roy wrinkled his nose. All that was legible was H and er… So sure, why not.

"Yeah, as a matter of fact, it does." Becky slammed the book closed, hate never leaving her eyes.

"Is your date here?" She asked, her tone snooty as she looked around Roy, satisfied that he seemed alone.

"No, she's on her way."

"Sorry, can't let you in if your date's not present. Next!"

"Says who?" Roy held his hand up to the young couple behind him. Since when was this a rule?

Becky sneered, "Mister Harper, please don't make me call security." Roy was about to tell this woman off, when his "date" finally arrived.

"Jeez, Roy. You're not even in the restaurant and they're already threatening to call security on you." Rachel chuckled when Roy glared at her, anger rolling off him in waves. She smirked lightly.

"There, Becky! This is my date, she's here. Let us in." Becky looked murderous as she almost spat, "Right this way."

Rachel wondered what exactly had conspired before she arrived to put these two in such foul moods. It was making her skin crawl.

After Becky sat Rachel and Roy down at a booth, she spoke up, "So… what exactly did you do to piss that lady off, anyway?" Roy sighed exasperatedly and shook his head.

"You're lucky I'm doing this for you."

"Payment." Rachel waggled her finger in his face, picking up the menu and giving it a once over. She got a sly look in her eye that made Roy feel wary. While still eying her he picked up the menu, and gave it a quick glance. Then nearly collapsed. He knew the prices were high, but he didn't know they were that high! Roy quietly sighed, looks like he and Lian would be living on a serious budget for the next couple weeks till his next paycheck rolled in…

"So, Roy. What will you be having?"

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