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Bella, as you will soon notice, is way more sassy in my fanfic.

Charlie and her have a closer relationship because they are both mutants, and Renee and Phil both know what Bella is. She attended Xavier's school full time but would go home during the break. But now she's trying to live with Charlie, because Phil and Renee are moving.

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Okay, so let's get a few things straight.

My name is Bella Swan, even though I can hardly be called elegant. My mother remarried to a man called Phil, and my dad is the Police Chief of Forks. Phil plays ball for a living-strictly minor league though-and he moves around a lot. It breaks mum's heart not to be with him, so I'm moving to Forks, to live with my dad, Charlie.

It's not like I'm being forced to go there, the truth is, I want to go. You see, Forks is surrounded by thick forest, and you can reach it just by stepping out the back door of Charlie's house. Charlie's house is located on the outskirts of Forks, which is good.

Charlie and I are both mutants. We are really good at hiding our abilities, so we can live like normal people. Charlie can create fire, and manipulate it as long as it is attached to an object. I can unlock any lock just by thinking about it, and I can create unbreakable forcefields and push people backwards with a wave of energy. Charlie's adopted brother, my Uncle Logan, can heal and project steel claws from in between his knuckles. He will be able to visit more often, Renee and Phil wouldn't tolerate his rudeness to non-mutants, plus the fact Forks is closer to Xavier's School than Phoenix is.

I attended Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters for nine years, learning to control my abilities and other mutant related stuff. I made plenty of friends there, Pyro, Kitty Pryde, Iceman (Bobby Drake), Rogue, Angel and Colossus.

I sighed and looked around me, the plane interior was untastefully designed, and I let my head thud back onto the headrest.

"Please fasten your seat belts, we will be landing soon." The captains voice crackled over the P.A system. I fastened the seatbelt, and began to look out the window.

I stepped off the plane and looked around for a familiar face.

"Dad!" I yelled. A tall man whirled around and began jogging towards me.

"Excuse me, coming through." I muttered as I pushed through a thong of people and ran into Charlie's arms.

"Hey Bells." Charlie chuckled, patting me on the back, "I nearly didn't see you there!"

I pushed him gently, grinning wildly. "I could find you anywhere." I replied.

Charlie grinned at me and picked up my suitcase with one hand, slinging his spare arm around my shoulders.

"I'm glad to have you back, Bells." He said, steering me towards the airport exit.

"I'm glad to be here, Dad." I wasn't allowed to call him Charlie to his face.

We walked out into the rain and I instinctively lowered my face. Charlie opened the door of his police cruiser and put my luggage in the back seat. I hopped in the passenger seat and Charlie jumped in behind the steering wheel.

We pulled out of the airport and onto a highway. There weren't many cars so Charlie could talk without having to concentrate too much.

"I got you a homecoming present." Charlie said after a while.

I frowned. "What?" I asked carefully.

"A car." He replied.

I blinked. "What kind?"

"Well, it's a truck actually, a Chevy."

"No way! How did you know?" I squealed.

Charlie shrugged and tapped his forehead with his index finger. "A cops intuition." He said blandly.

"What color?"

"Red. Some of the paint is peeling, but-"

I whooped loudly. "Thank you so much!"

"And there is something else as well, Logan will be arriving soon-"

My draw dropped. "Seriously? Awesome!"

Charlie sighed. "I really wish you'd stop interrupting me, Bella."

I held my hands up. "Sorry!" I apologized. "This is just too cool!"

"And Logan is bringing some buddies. From the School."

"Yes!" I yelled, and clapped my hands together.

The trip home was pretty much cool, with Charlie pointing out interesting things and me just being happy to be with someone that I didn't have to lie to about my abilities.

"Home sweet home." Charlie sang as we pulled up in front of his house. It was exactly as I remembered it, with a thick pine forest reaching up to hug the back of the house, as if trying to swallow it whole. Parked out the front was my truck, which by the way was awesome! It was a faded red color and it was love at first sight.

"Wow Dad! This is awesome!" I squealed.

"Geez Bella, excited much?" Charlie muttered and stopped the car. I got out and mocked a glare.

"You have no idea!" I replied. Charlie grinned and got my stuff out of the cruiser, and I grabbed my backpack which had been my carry on luggage for the plane.

We walked up the front steps and Charlie unlocked the door, ushering me in.

"I cleared some shelves off in the bathroom." He told me, once we had reached my new room.

I smiled at him. "Thanks, Dad."

He shrugged. "No problem. Hey, there's a game on downstairs, I'm gonna watch it if you're interested."

"Nah, I'll be right. And besides, Professor X gave me some homework and I have to E-mail mum." I said.

Charlie shrugged and walked downstairs. One of the best things about Charlie is he doesn't hover. I was unpacking my stuff when my cellphone buzzed. I answered it, smiling in anticipation.

"Hey Bella, what's going on?" Angel asked.

"Not much, hunky boy. How's the studies?" I replied.

Angel sighed. I could imagine him running his hands through his short cropped blond hair. "They're okay. Training sucks without you."

"Aww do you miss me?" I asked playfully.

He snorted. "Yeah. Today Pyro tried to make me fly through a hoop of fire."

"Hit him for me." I growled.

Angel chuckled. "I will. Hey, did Charlie tell you about us coming down soon?"

I flopped onto my bed. "Yeah. He said in about two weeks, is Professor X giving you guys time off?"

"He's practically kicking us out. And it might be sooner, depending on where your uncle is."

I grinned. "Sweet. Just call me when you know."

"Sure, anything for you."

"Quit flirting, you suck-up!" I exclaimed. "And tell Pyro I said leave you alone, tell Bobby to not freeze my fish, say hi to Rogue, say hi to Kitty and-"

"Yeah yeah, tell Colossus to-"

"Make sure he looks after Kitty." I finished

"Who's going to look after me, anyway?" Angel asked.

I rolled my eyes. "I'll think of you everyday." I promised.

"Even when- I can't believe I'm saying this- cute locals are cracking on to you?"

I shuddered. "I'll think of you even more if that happens!"

"Ha-ha. Now look after yourself and if anyone has a go at you-"

"Hit them where it hurts most. Talk to you tomorrow."

"Talk to you then, Bella. Have a good time at normal school tomorrow." He teased.

"You're so lucky I'm in Forks and you're at The School." I threatened.

"Aren't I. Bye bye."

"Bye." I replied and ended the call.

I then got onto the computer and replied to my mums E-mails, and then got changed into my pajamas. I said goodnight to Charlie and then hopped into bed.

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