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"Come on let's go!" my best friend, Roma Elliot, said while pulling me by the arm. "We are going to miss the mid day showing!" she exclaimed.

I sighed. "Roma, I do not want to go to another vampire movie!" I said pulling my arm out of her grasp. Those vampire movies always have it wrong! Here I am walking in the sun light, enjoying the smell of garlic coming from the pizza shop nearby while in the movies they are strange creatures that hate garlic and crosses and burn in the sunlight, I almost rolled my eyes.

"But Bella! It's fun to make fun of them!" she complained pouting.

"No, It's not fun it's annoying" I said glaring.

"Well you're no fun!" she said.

"Listen, you don't like going to those werewolf movies do you?" I said turning the situation around.

"No, but they get everything wrong!" she said crossing her tanned arms and taking an obvious defensive position.

"That's how I feel!" I said throwing my arms in the air. She checked her watch,

"We're late now anyway." She said walking back the way we came. "Let's go pack up the house."

The best thing is, my best friend is the person my mother adopted she kept her birth parent's name though. And we are moving, so I get to take my best friend with me.

We walked until we hit the forest, Roma shifted into her wolf form and we started to run, I cherished the way the wind felt on my face, Roma let out a wolf like laugh. I smiled, the fact she was a werewolf was a complete surprise to me and my mother, we were expecting a normal human child, and we got a werewolf instead, not that I'm complaining. We soon reached the house, well small cottage really, not much to pack up when you're going at vampire speed, or werewolf speed.

Roma phased back to human form and got dress and we walk back inside, everything was packed, the only thing that was needed to do was to load things on the truck.

"Mom!" we whined dragging out the word. She came running in looking worried, "What's wrong."

"Well Bella made us miss the movie" She paused to glare at me "So we thought we'd come home to pack but it's all done!" she said waving her hands around.

Mum smiled "Sorry?" she said it came out as a question.

I sighed. "What are we going to do now?" I asked,

"Well the removal truck company has the keys, they will come and take everything to the house, how about we get a early flight and take a few days shopping in Seattle since Roma made us burn all our clothes." She said shaking her head smiling.

"Sounds like fun!" Roma said grinning. I laughed, typical.

Soon we were on a flight to Seattle, Roma was snoring lightly beside me and I had to help from laughing as I snapped a picture of her, she was drooling slightly. I took another picture and turned the camera off, I giggled lightly.

Not soon after, we touched down at Seattle, "Roma," I shook her, "Roma! Wake up" I shook her dramatically. "What? Huh?" she said dazed her blue eyes swimming, I laughed. "Not funny, why'd you wake me?"

"Uh . . . we're landing" I said

"Oh right" she said laughing.

xXxX time warp 3 days xXxX

We pulled up to our new house, Roma grabbed the key and ran up to the door, I laughed, when I got inside she was spinning in circles her shoulder length brown hair flying around and the knee length skirt she was wearing flew out in all directions. "What are you doing?" I asked, stifling my giggles.

"This is so much bigger than the cottage!" Roma yelled. I smiled; glad to see my sister happy.

"Got school tomorrow" I commented as I took the cover off the couch and started to move it around to different places.

"See that right there" She said pointing to me moving a large couch by myself. "That's not normal" I laughed.

"Right and morphing into a giant wolf is normal." I said still moving the couch.

"Damn right it is" She said sitting down on the couch while I was moving it, "Do you mind?" I asked "Oh right sorry" she said then laughed, I finished moving the couch and started to move the T.v and book case, after that I ran up stairs, Roma followed we moved the furniture around in the room we shared and then went down stairs to do the dining room and office, "Well I'm going to sleep" Roma said.

"Think I might skip the whole sleeping thing tonight, and study" I said.

"Nerd," Roma muttered,

"Heard that!" I yelled.

"Love you!" she yelled back innocently.

xXxX Time warp next morning xXxX

I heard Roma get up so I put my book away and ran upstairs, she had a pile of clothes in her hand "Hi" I greeted

She grunted in response, I laughed as she slammed the bathroom door.

I got dressed and wore a plain white shirt with a gray trench coat overtop, some black skinny jeans, and some black boots, and a scarf to top it off. Roma came back in wearing a deep blue turtleneck sweater and a pair of super cute jeans, with a tan belt and a pair of tan boots.

I smiled "Great outfit"

"Same for you" she smiled lets go.

We walked outside and started to walk to school, that's right walked; we don't own cars, not that we are poor, just that we have fun walking.

Soon we were at school. We went to the front office and got our schedules and looked them over, we then switched then switched back,

"We have English first class and Trig third class together" I stated.

"Yup" Roma said popping the 'p'.

"Well let's go." I said smiling we linked arms and walked to English. We handed our slips in and went to our seats, the teacher droned on about unimportant things that I already know until the bell rang, I met up with Roma in Trig, we met a girl names Jessica who invited us to sit with her, we agreed to be polite, and after the bell rang Jessica showed us to the cafeteria. As soon as I entered the room I knew something was off, so did Roma because I saw her searching the room with her nose all scrunched up, I looked around and saw what the problem was, Vampire wannabe's, Demons who think they are vampires, they sparkle in the sunlight and think they are the best mythical creature there is, ha! Of course real vampires like myself, haven't gone to the Volturi to burst their little bubble, not just yet anyway. I smirked, whenever I see a vampire wannabe I love to mess with their heads, I looked at Roma her smirked meant the same thing.

I walked, oh so slowly past their table to the salad bar I got a salad and started to walk back a few feet before I reached their table I 'tripped' making sure I cut myself on something. I let myself bleed, blood that smells like human blood it slowly trickled down my hand I looked up to see Roma running towards me and a blonde wannabe vamp –obviously holding his breath- run out of the room at a fast human speed, Roma crouched down in front of me. She was smirking as she handed me a bandage, I looked at her "Why do you have a bandage?" I asked her in a whispered. "You always fall over" she said with a slight laugh I rolled my eyes and started to bandage up my hand.

"Are you okay?" I heard one of the wannabe's call out I looked up and saw it was a small vampire wannabe with black spiky hair "Yes thank you" I said smiling showing my teeth.

Roma 'helped' me up, i saw the blonde one come back in. This is going to be an interesting 3 years.