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"Come on! Alice is waiting!" Roma said pulling me out of the door. It was Friday, but we were taking the day off to go shopping, not that I cared. "Can't she wait for me to eat?!" I said. Roma sighed and started to tap her foot impatiently I sighed, dumped my bowl of cereal in the sink and walked out with Roma, we got in the Volvo with Alice and she sped down the highway.

We entered the mall and Roma smiled, she loved shopping, I didn't mind it, but I didn't see it as a sport or something as she does. Alice ran up to a shop and me and Roma followed behind, it went like this for a while. I guess when I think about it Roma isn't that bad she isn't so hyper with her shopping like Alice is, Alice is just well . . . overwhelming.

After a long day I was forced into buying 4 new outfits, I have no idea where I'm going to fit them though. Roma went off and ran to the Cullen's and I read some more then went to bed.

I woke up and put on the outfit I got the day before, it was Friday, I had no plans but Roma was telling Chase today so . . . I am guessing it's going to be an eventful day.

RPOV (Roma)

I was waiting in the forest far away from the Cullen's place, not too far but far enough that no one would hear us talk, Chase came into my line of view and I smiled, he smiled in return, his smile was so perfect, it lit up my day like the sun.

"You wanted to talk?" He asked coming over and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Yes, I discussed it with Bella and I'm going to tell you . . . what she is" I said trying to phrase it correctly.

"Ah . . . I'm guessing she's more than human, yes?" he said smiling.

I nodded. "Yes that's right she's a . . . well . . . she's a vampire" I said looking into his eyes.

He laughed "She's not a vampire, she has a heart beat! And blood! She couldn't be a vampire" he said still chuckling. I crossed my arms over my chest. "She is, I'll call her right now" I got my Cell out of my pocket and dial Bella's number.

"I'm on my way." She sighed and hung up; I guess she thought this would happen. Two minutes later Bella was with us.

"Roma why did I follow your trail around in a circle!?" she said coming up to me.

"I was wondering what was taking you so long" I said, smirking.

"So . . . I'm guessing he doesn't believe I'm a vampire, yea?" Bella said putting her hands on her hips.

"Yup, that's right" I said.

"Right well . . . we may as well tell the rest of them as well, unless you want to repeat the same thing to them?" She asked me raising an eye brow.

"Uh . . . no thanks, I don't like to repeat myself so let's go to the house and tell the rest as well." I said. She sighed.

"Way to ruin my fun Sis" She said pouting as we ran, a very confused Chase followed behind us, I ran in my human form, so it took us a bit longer to get there then it should of, we slowed to a walk as we came into view of the house.


When in the living room Alice called out for everyone to get down stairs, "Where's Edward?" Roma asked,

"Hunting" Alice responded.

"Well, either Roma or I will fill him in when we see him next" I said.

"Chase sensed that Bella was a bit more than human, and he is correct" Roma started, she was purposely dragging this out, for dramatic effect.

"What are you then?" Carlisle asked me.

"A vampire" I said smiling, they all smirked,

"Very funny, but we can see that you're not a vampire" Jasper said chuckling, like I was a joke I smiled and ran up to him at full speed. "Actually you might want to double check your facts there" I said he was wide eyed and his eyes went black, to ease his discomfort I took away the scent of my blood, his eyes went back to gold and I went to sit down.

I smiled. "I am a vampire, it's you who are not vampires," I said

"What do you mean?" Carlisle said leaning in intently.

"My kind, our history goes back far," I said getting into the formal stance I do whenever I tell of vampire's history. "The first of the Vampire's, like I, used to record history, as did the Demons, so I have both sides,"

"Demons?" Carlisle interrupted.

"Yes Demons, like you all." I continued smirking. "When humans first saw the Vampires, and the Demons, they started to make up a concept a concept that the Demons found suited their species more than ours, so they sort of adopted our name, and as more of your kind came to be, you forgot about this little ruse, and you soon thought you were really Vampires,"

"Why haven't your kind told our kind?" Carlisle asked sounding a bit confused,

"We didn't want to burst your little Bubble, not just yet anyway" I said smiling, showing my teeth. They gasped, my eye brows furrowed in confused and my tongue traced over my teeth to see my fangs were half extended. "Oh sorry, happens when I get thirsty, or feel threatened, or in awkward situations." I explained.

"So you have fangs, do you burn in the sun light? And what about garlic?" Emmet asked grinning,

"Nothing happens to me in the sunlight and garlic tastes great on bread." I said smiling.

"You eat?" Carlisle asked.

"Yes I eat, and I grow, which it a good thing, you see I was born a vampire, I'm a pure blood, I will age until I am 18 years of age from then on I will be immortal." I explained,

"So the Vampirism is genetic?" Carlisle asked,

"Yes or you can be turned, they are known as half bloods." I explained.

"I see." He said leaning back into his chair. "This is allot to ponder" He said folding his hands,

"Yes, well I'm going to go hunting, Bye!" I called cheerfully, "Bella wait! You do hunt animal's right?" Carlisle asked, I laughed "Yes I do, I can bite and drink from humans without killing or changing them but . . . I . . . uhh . . . prefer to hunt animals" I finished, I was not ready for them to know what I have done in the past, I went out the back door of the house and ran, I jumped over the lake and ran at full speed, I caught the scent of some elk and took off in that direction, I jumped on one and snapped its neck I lowered my head to the animal's neck and my fangs extended, I bit down and drank from the animal until there was no blood left to drain. "Bella?" I heard someone whisper, I looked up to see Edward, I used the back of my hand to wipe away the blood that was dripping from my mouth. "I guess I have some uh . . . explaining to do" I said I stood up and discarded the dead animal.

"Yea, you do" he said coming over he seems hesitant.

"Long story short, I'm a vampire" I said.

"But you have fangs and, you bleed," he said.

I rolled my eyes, "Yes I have fangs, I'm thirsty right now, and I bleed when I want to, I can sort of turn it on and off to for say." His eyes went wide as I spoke, I smiled.

"Now if you don't mind, you just interrupted my hunt" I said and started to run off. Edward came up next to me and ran beside me, "Yes?" I asked, and stopped running.

"If you're a vampire, what am I?" he asked.

"You my friend are a Demon." I asked

"Right, do you have any 'extra talents'?"

I looked at his strangely "why do you think I would?" I asked

"Well I do so does Alice, Jasper and Chase, well we are Demons, and so . . . I don't know" he said still processing the fact he isn't a vampire.

"Well the basic talents are the speed, strength and the changing of appearance," I said

"What do you mean 'changing of appearance'?" he said leaning against a tree.

"I can change my appearance, we stop aging at 18 so it lets us look older, or if we want to completely freak people out" I said smirking. To prove my point I changed my looks to look like Rosalie, right down to the last detail. He went wide eyed and I smirked again.

"See like that." I said.

"Do you have any idea, that if Emmett saw that he'd want you to do so many pranks for him?" he said composing himself,

"Do now" I said changing back so I look like myself, "So that's your real form?" he asked.

"No, I tone it down most of the time."

EPOV (you shall see why)

"No, I tone it down most of the time" she said.

"What do you mean?" I said taking a step towards her, to answer my question she started to change, her hair got darker and longer, it was down to her waist. Her eyes went darker and her lips were blood red, she was practically glowing. She smiled, and I saw her now fully extended fangs. "This is what I mean" she said smirking, right before I was sent flying into a tree by a giant black wolf.

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