Group Therapy

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Chapter One


"Alice. No. Absolutely NOT! Don't ask that of me. Please!" I begged.

"Jasper. I've SEEN it! You can do this and you'll be in total control or the Thirst! Don't you see!" Alice said excitedly. I sat down and put my head in my hands. I really don't like this plan AT ALL!!

"I really don't like this Alice. Not only because it's extremely dangerous and a total risk if I lose control to badly. Even if Isabella agrees as dose Carlisle and Esme. Edward would never go for it. I feel badly about this already.." I said pulling on my hair.

"Soon it won't matter what Edward, Esme or even I feel about it. Carlisle is a Doctor. He can control himself. He's strong enough to help you and Bella."

"Not if I fully lose it Alice! I have human AND Vampire military train'. I can overpower Carlisle and if he stands in my way and I really want her blood.." I whisper.

"Then don't want her blood." Alice chirped happily.

"Oh, Yes. Because that was so much help at her birthday party." I said sarcastically.

"Well, if your so sure you could get to her if you really wanted to, why didn't you get to her then? Was Emmett too strong? Was Edward really that much of a threat? Did you really truly want her blood at the cost of her life?" Alice said softly.

"No to all of the above. I've killed bigger stronger vampires than Emmett during the war. Edward is no match for me. I could so easily kill him in a fight. I really don't want to harm Isabella. At all. It's just her blood calls me so strongly. I've never faced this so strongly before. I was sure I had a better hold on my Thirst than this..." I said frustrated. How could this be? Can a human be more than one vampires singer? I've never heard of that before. It almost felt like all of us were fighting the Thirst for her blood at the same time just as strongly. At least for Carlisle and I. But multiply the Thirst by seven... Damn I hate being an empath!

"God! Fine! As long as Isabella AND Carlisle agree and know ALL the dangers I will do this. But know this. I'm not happy about putting her life in danger to try to control this Thirst." I growl at Alice.

"Yay!! Time to tell Esme." Alice said and bound downstairs. I sigh again. What have I just done?