Group Therapy

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Chapter 8


I set Isabella down and took the phone from Carlisle. This isn't going to be good. I thought as I answered the phone.

"Alice? Whats wrong?" I ask.

"Jasper! I have something I need to explain to you. I was out hunting after talking to Edward and I was sitting in a tree thinking away from the house. Well anyways, I was near the REZ when I feel a werewolf approaching." she said as I frowned. Werewolves? This is really going to be difficult.

"Well he turned back into a human and started saying that I shouldn't be so close to the boarder and whatnot. Anyways, the point of the story is that he imprinted on me. Or, at least, thats what Sam and Jacob tell me." She explained in a rush. What? Imprinted? What that? Whatever it is it doesn't sound like it will bode well for me.

"What? Who are Sam and Jacob? What the hell is imprinting?" I ask tightly.

"Who Imprinted on whom?" Carlisle asked tightly stepping closer with Isabella's hand in his. I look at their hands and answer, "Paul, a werewolf from the REZ, on Alice. What is imprinting?" Carlisle sighed shaking his head.

"Imprinting is like finding the other half of one's soul. When a Werewolf finds his or her Imprint, they stay with that person for as long as they live. It becomes their life to protect and love that person. It just happens. No one has any say in whom or when it happens. It just is. Like our blood lust. It just happens to be there." He answered as Isabella walked closer to me still holding Carlisle's hand.

"What do we do?" I ask. I loved Alice. I didn't want to give her up.

"There's nothing we can do. If Alice rejects him he will die of a broken spirit and heart. And if Alice has already accepted nothing at all can be done. She would already belong with Paul for as long as he lives. Even her marriage to you would be null in void so she could be with him. You really wouldn't even need to get a divorce because we change our whole life every five to seven years. Your marriage would just cease to exist. Did she accept him already?" Carlisle asked worriedly. I was worried too.

"Alice? Did you accept him?" I asked even though I was sure I already knew the answer. She didn't like seeing anyone in pain or hurt in front of her. So if he was dying in front of her because of her refusal...

"Yes..." Alice said confirming my fear. I sank to the floor. Well, I can't do anything about it now. So I will just accept it and move on.

"Alice?" I say quietly.

"Yes Jasper?" she replied just as softly and very sadly.

"I release you. You are now free to be with the wolf. I will call you later about the divorce papers. Even if we really don't need them... I do." I answer steadily staring at the floor grasping the phone tightly.

"Alright. I'll be waiting for your call then. And Jasper?" Alice asked.

"What?" I say softly.

"I want you to know that whats about to happen on the Isle is for the best. What you do with your feelings and thoughts are between you three. No one else matters. Don't forget that." she said cryptically and hung up. What the hell was that about? I feel a hand on my shoulder and look up into deep chocolate brown eyes. Isabella was knelt at my level and staring at me. She was feeling pain, understanding, caring, and small amount of pity.

"Jasper? Do you want to talk about it?" she asked softly staring into my eyes.

"Not right now. We have other problems. Apparently, Edward is home and found your letters. Also we need to discuss just who is this Sam and Jacob." I sigh.

"Jacob Black and Sam Uley?" Isabella asked. We stared at her questionably. She sighed and sat on the floor in front of me. But that just made her skirt rise again. Damn that skirt! I need to be concentrating on the conversation! Net Isabella's underwear! I think shaking my head clear.

"All Alice said was Sam and Jacob. Do you know any others?" I ask weakly. I'm not good at the whole gentleman thing if I keep looking at her ass and other exposed private parts!

"On the REZ no. I only know one Jacob but I know a few Sam's. It must be who I think it is though. Sam and Jacob always run together. Why? What about Jacob and Sam?" she asked worried.

"Well, how much do you know about the legends of the REZ tribes?" Carlisle asked softly. She frowned.

"Jacob said that the 'cold ones' made a pact with the tribe that was descendants of wolves or something. But not much. Why?" she replied. I smirked. She was right. Jacob and Sam were the ones she was talking about but didn't know they were werewolves.

"Well, we can't tell you the answer. You have to come across it on your own." Carlisle said smiling.

"Like I did yours." she said flatly.

"Correct my sweet. " Carlisle replied leaning against the banister. She thought quietly for a while. Then her face brightened. Then darkened with a deep frown.

"I'm going to kill Jacob!" she muttered angrily. She pulled out her phone, from where I will never know since there were no pockets in her outfit, and hit a speed dial number. She listened for a minuet before someone answered.

"Jacob Black!! How dare you keep secrets from me!! I have never hidden anything from you yet you hide this from me!" she was quiet for a few seconds before she yelled again, "Don't you 'Now Bella' me Jacob Black! I swear! Sometimes I think some men never got common sense when they were born! I mean you keeping secrets, Edwards possessiveness to a fault and men treating my like I'm made of glass! I'm not that fragile! Yea the whole mythical creature thing with 100 times more strength than me is one thing but to purposely keep from me that your a fucking Werewolf! I can't even talk to you right now! I'll call you back later! Bye." she muttered angry and snapped the phone closed and threw it across the room. She was red from yelling but to me, and Carlisle too from the looks of it, she was even more beautiful angry.

"What?!" she snapped.

"Um, are you alright Isabella, my sweet?" Carlisle asked kneeling next to her.

"Miss Isabella. What's wrong?" I asked as I felt anger give way to hurt then sadness. I smelt tears forming. Oh Hell! Please don't cry! I Hate crying females! I thought frantically. I scooted closer to her and lifted her face in my hands to look at her. Carlisle sat on the other side on the floor.

"I'm suppose to be his best friend. Why didn't he tell me? I wouldn't have thought any different of him. I always told him everything about my life. Now I haven't seen him in a little while, but you don't just forget to tell your best friend about turning into a wolf on command." she asked watery. I sighed. Carlisle answered.

"Isabella, Honey. Some things are not ours to tell. I am a Vampire. But I can never just tell humans that. I would be hunted. We have a whole royal vampire family in charge to keep our existence a secret. Really your not suppose to know what we are. The only reason you do is because the Vultori don't know about you yet. If they did, they would have either forced us to turn you of kill you. We need the secret protected. Perhaps your friend is in the same position." he said quietly while running a hand from her shoulder to her wrist softly.

"Who are the Vultori?" she asked forgetting about the werewolves for the moment. I laughed silently. So easily distracted...

"The Vampire royal family if you will. But that can be discussed another time. If we are to start our sessions tomorrow we need to unpack and get settled tonight. If you need anything I'll be in the room on your left and Jasper on your right. I'll carry your trunk up shortly. You should rest now, my sweet." he replied as he helped her up I stood too. I kissed the back of her hand then Carlisle did the same as she nodded and walked up the stairs.

"Don't think for a second either of you are off the hook. I'll get my answers tomorrow." she said as she walked up the stairs. Carlisle and I watched as she got higher on the stairs we could see glimpses of her ass. Damn thats hot. I thought as we both tilted our heads slightly to the side to get a better glimpse of it.

She looked over her shoulder as she reached the top of the stairs and smiled as us before disappearing. She didn't even relies we were watching her almost bare ass while she walked up those stairs. I thought in amusement and lust. Well, at least I don't feel as guilty for watching her now. Alice and I are no longer together. I'm free to play a little... I smiled as Carlisle and I go to our rooms to unpack.

Tomorrow will definitely be interesting...


Isabella, Jasper and I only moved on this Isle today! And already things are falling apart! Paul imprinting on Alice, Jasper and I lusting after my "son's" girlfriend and Esme is avoiding me. What else could happen today?! I thought in frustration as opened my suitcase. There on top is a letter with my name on it. From Esme. I picked it up with a shaking hand. I slowly opened it. It read,

'My Dearest Carlisle,

I must tell you something I have felt for a while now. But whenever I'm about to tell you, I see you happy and I just can't. But I have to tell you somehow. So if this is the only way I can get it out to you I will tell you this way. I just want to apologize in advance for the pain this will cause you.

I have fallen out of love with you. I still love you, but I'm no longer In Love with you. I'm sorry I have to tell you like this. But I have already fallen in love with someone else. I know in time, you will find what it is that you will not be able to live without. But that something isn't me. I hope this doesn't sound cruel to you. That is not my intention at all. I just want you to know you will move on from me. I hope we can still be friends. I feel this is what needs to be done. In your other suitcase is the paperwork. I'm sorry again.

And thank you for all the love and care you gave me to help me though the bad times along with the good.


I opened the other case and inside was a manila folder with divorce papers in it. I picked up the folder and letter and sat on the bed. I just stared at them numb. Divorce. She's leaving me. After everything we've been though, she's just going to move on? And she even already loves someone new! I was angry. But more than that I was relived. Mad that she couldn't talk to me about this. Relived because... because I am now free to flirt with my "son's" girlfriend...damn I'm going to hell. I need to take a walk. I thought as I got up and set the papers on the desk.

As I was walking past the door I listened for Isabella's breathing. I didn't hear it from inside the room. I frowned. Where was she? I thought as I listened for her heart beat. It was outside. I walked to the balcony and looked out at the shore line. She sat at the edge of the water with her feet in the surf as the waves washed in. She stared into the dark water.

"She's been like that for sometime now. Is this normal for her?" Jasper asked coming to stand next to me. I glanced at him then back out.

"Can't you feel her emotions? How is she feeling? This could be normal but I'm not sure." I said quietly.

"She's calm. But also a mixture of different things I can't place. They change to quickly." he answered leaning on the railing next to me. He looked at me.

"Do you want to talk about it? I feel your sadness and self-bitterness. "

"There is no help for me Jasper. Nothing can ever make me feel OK with this situation. First Alice, then Esme and Edward still hasn't been contacted yet. He's sure to be very angry with everyone involved. Well, maybe not Isabella." I answered gazing back out at the water.

"Oh, very angry is an understatement. He will be positively furious with everyone. Only slightly with Miss Isabella. But I was asking about your feelings in general. Not about this. What happened with Esme?" He asked quietly watching the water and Isabella.

"Let's talk about everything tomorrow with Isabella. That way we can come to terms with everything first and be prepared for the morning. Come now." I say moving away from the rail.

"Come inside please Isabella. You'll need your rest for tomorrow." I called out to her. She looked up and smiled softly and nodded. She stood up and started walking to the back porch slowly.

"OK. So we will meet on the veranda at 7:30am. I just hope one of you know how to make breakfast." she said as she came inside. We both smiled.

"Of course we do. It will be ready for you when you come down. Now go rest up." Jasper said as she stopped next to us. She smiled and leaned up to kiss both of our cheeks softly.

"Goodnight." She said walking up the stairs softly.

"Goodnight Isabella." we both said quietly.

"And thats something we will be talking about tomorrow. Just to let you know." She smiled as she closed the door to her room.

Interesting. We shall see what tomorrow holds then.

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