Takeru's Thoughts

When I first understood what divorce meant, I was sad. I thought, didn't they care? Don't they know how hard it is for a kid to not know his father or brother that well? If I had never gone to the Digital World at camp, I may have never bonded with Matt that well. It's almost like the Digimon were trying to bring us closer together. But, still, why did they do it?

I was young when my parents split up. I was four, I think. Who cares? The point is that my mom took me and Dad took Matt. I use to cry myself to sleep without my older brother's comforting words. I remember when me and Matt would sneak in to the hallway when we were supposed to be asleep, and we would hear them yelling at each other. I used to ask Matt why they were fighting. He replied that they hate each other.

When my parents divorced and I was separated from my brother, I was mad at my mother. I would throw tantrums and everything that I could do to get her to go back to Dad. Whenever I saw Matt during the summer, he appeared to be mad at both of them. Then, one summer, Matt and I were sent to the same camp, and that's where we went through the portal to the Digital World.

Matt was way over protective and after that crazy Puppetmon kidnapped me, and I escaped, Matt left the group. I never understood why. I sometimes wondered if he hated me like Mom hated Dad. Then, when he came back, Joe told me that Matt was just confused on his place in this all. He was still thinking about the divorce and since I was obviously getting older, he didn't think he was a good brother any more either. It didn't make sense to me at the time, but now I see that I wasn't the only one sad over the divorce. Sometimes, the older brother needs an older brother of his own for guidance.

Three or four years after we saved the Digital World the first time, me, Kari, and three new tamers came with us to the Digital World the second time to save it from the evil Digimon Emperor. Even if the Emperor was just some kid named Ken, I beat him up real good when he created Kimeramon. Still, even after Ken joined the team, we still had stuff to save. One of the new tamers, Cody, a serious and quiet nine year old, always seemed to be looking at me .Probably because of my behavior.

Cody asked Matt about me, and basically Matt told him my life story. Great brother. It turned out that Cody and I were DNA partners, meaning that our Digimon could morph together to become even stronger. Cody and I understand each other and are good friends even though we are opposites.

Now, twenty years from then, I am happily married to Kari and we have two kids. After writing my Digimon novels, I wrote my memoir of my life. Now that I've shared my stress, I feel it no longer. And that is what I think.